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Commercial Vendor Info

2019 Commercial Exhibits Manual

Commercial Vendor Application will be available January 2019


ATM MACHINES......................................................................... 3

ADHESIVE STICKERS..................................................................... 4

ADMINISTRATION OFFICE............................................................. 4

ADMISSIONS.............................................................................. 4

ALTERATIONS TO FAIR PROPERTY................................................... 5

AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA)....................................... 5

AWARDS PROGRAMS.................................................................. 6

BALLOONS AS GIVEAWAYS........................................................... 6

BENCHES................................................................................... 6

BICYCLES................................................................................... 6


BOOTH SUPPLIES........................................................................ 8

BOOTH SET UP........................................................................... 8

BUILDING MANAGERS.................................................................. 9

CHECKS.................................................................................... 9

CLEANLINESS & TRASH DISPOSAL................................................. 10

COMPUTER ACCESS FOR E-MAIL.................................................. 10

CONSTRUCTION AND IMPROVEMENTS........................................... 10

CONTRACT CANCELLATION BY THE FAIR......................................... 11


CONTRACT RENEWAL................................................................ 12

CONTRACT REPRINTING FEE......................................................... 12

CONTRACT SUBMISSION............................................................. 12

COPY SERVICE.......................................................................... 13

CREDENTIALS MAILBOXES........................................................... 13

CREDENTIALS PICK UP PROCESS................................................... 13

DAILY SCHEDULE OF EVENTS........................................................ 14

DELIVERIES/PRODUCT SHIPMENTS TO THE FAIR............................... 14

DONATIONS OR RAFFLES FOR A PRIZE DRAWING............................. 18

DRAWINGS.............................................................................. 18

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION................................................... 19

EMERGENCY PLAN..................................................................... 19

EMPLOYMENT OFFICE................................................................ 20

EXHIBITOR CONDUCT................................................................. 20

EXHIBITOR EVALUATIONS........................................................... 21


FAIR LOGO USE........................................................................ 21

FAX SERVICES........................................................................... 21

FIRE PREVENTION STANDARDS..................................................... 21

FIRST AID................................................................................ 24

FOOD & OTHER PERCENTAGE GUIDELINES...................................... 24

FORKLIFT SERVICES.................................................................... 31

GATE SCHEDULES...................................................................... 31

GIVEAWAY ITEMS/SAMPLING...................................................... 31

GRANDSTAND SHOW TICKETS...................................................... 32

INFLATABLES........................................................................... 32

INSURANCE.............................................................................. 32

KEYS TO BUILDINGS/CONCESSION STANDS..................................... 33

LARGE VEHICLES/STORAGE UNITS................................................. 33

LATE FEE CHARGE..................................................................... 33

LIABILITY................................................................................. 34

LONGEVITY PROGRAM............................................................... 34

MAIL--INCOMING FOR EXHIBITORS............................................... 34


MERCHANDISE/PRODUCTS.......................................................... 34

MOTORIZED SCOOTERS.............................................................. 35

NON-PERFORMANCE................................................................. 35

OPERATING HOURS................................................................... 35


OUTSIDE EXHIBITOR GUIDELINES.................................................. 38

PARKING HANGTAGS................................................................. 39

PETS ON THE FAIRGROUNDS........................................................ 40

PROBATION............................................................................. 40

RELOCATING EXHIBITORS............................................................ 40

ROVING VEHICLES..................................................................... 40

SALES TAX............................................................................... 41

SHUTTLE SERVICE - PUBLIC PARKING LOTS...................................... 42

SIGNAGE................................................................................. 42

SMOKING................................................................................ 42

SOLICITING AND ADVERTISING..................................................... 42

SOUND................................................................................... 43

SPACE CHANGE REQUESTS.......................................................... 43

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES.................................................................... 43

SUBLETTING OF SPACE............................................................... 44

SUNFLOWER SAVINGS COUPON BOOK.......................................... 44

SUPPLIES--DELIVERY/PICK UP....................................................... 44

SUPPORT UNITS........................................................................ 44

TELEPHONE SERVICE IN EXHIBIT BOOTH SPACE................................ 44

TENT CAMPING......................................................................... 45

TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT............................................................... 45

TRAMS................................................................................... 45

UTILITIES................................................................................. 45

WEAPONS............................................................................... 47

WEATHER................................................................................ 48

YELLOW PAINT LINES................................................................. 48


CONTRACTUAL PROVISIONS ATTACHMENT..................................... 48




The Kansas State Fair is hereafter referred to as the “Fair” and the Exhibitor, or Concessionaire, is hereafter referred to as the “Exhibitor.”All correspondence to the Kansas State Fair should be addressed to:

Kansas State Fair

2000 N. Poplar

Hutchinson, KS67502

Phone:(620) 669-3612 or (620) 669-3606

Fax:(620) 669-3617 or (620) 669-3640, ATTN:Rhonda Commercial Exhibits Coordinator or Commercial Exhibits Admin Assistant

The mission of the Kansas State Fair is “to promote and showcase Kansas agriculture, industry and culture, to create opportunity for commercial activity and to provide an educational and entertaining experience that is the pride of all Kansans.”

An Exhibitor’s Contract is subject to cancellation if a payment or signed Contract is not returned by the date shown.See CONTRACT CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY in these Guidelines.

Payments need to be received in the Commercial Exhibits Department by dates specified, or Commercial Exhibits Contract will be subject to cancellation and exhibit space reassigned.

The Fair reserves the right of final approval for all products or services to be rendered, before and during the Kansas State Fair.An Exhibitor shall exhibit, sell, or give away, only such items as listed on the Contract, or approved on the Drawing, Giveaway and Special Activities Form, located in the “Forms” section or online.See also MERCHANDISE/PRODUCTS and SOLICITING/ADVERTISING sections of this Manual.

The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to offer space based on product, building or area space is available, size of space required, maintaining a balanced program of products throughout the Fairgrounds, and attractiveness of the exhibit. The exhibit should be consistent with the Fair’s Mission and be in the best interests of the Kansas State Fair.


ATM machines are located at the following locations during the Fair:

23rd Avenue & Bison Boulevard

Bison Boulevard & Pride of Kansas Avenue (Restrooms)

Carnival Midway (3 locations)

Cottonwood Court (North side)

Expo Center

Information Center

Fort Riley Blvd & Grandstand Avenue (in front of KWCH)

Meadowlark Building

Grandstand – Inside Vendor Concert Area

Grandstand Ticket Booth (West side)

Between Sunflower North and Sunflower South

Lottery Building


No type of adhesive sticker, promotional or otherwise, may be given away on the Fairgrounds.Any evidence of stickers being attached to any property on the Fairgrounds, or that of any Exhibitor, is considered a violation, and can be grounds for cancellation of an Exhibitor’s Contract.It will be the responsibility and expense of the Exhibitor to remove stickers from any property on the Fairgrounds, or of any Exhibitor.Stickers must be removed to the satisfaction of the Fair.


The Administration Office is located just north of 20th and Poplar Street, just inside Gate #1.The following departments are located in this building:Commercial Exhibits, Livestock Competitions, Traditional & Creative Competitions, Finance, Special Events/Facility Rental, Education, Marketing and Sponsorship.Also located in this building are the Bank/Cashier, First Aid, Highway Patrol and the Ticket Office.Office hours during the Fair are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, except when otherwise noted.


Fair Hours:Open 24 hours a day throughout the Fair.

Highway Patrol Office is located inside the southwest entrance of the Administration Building.Highway Patrol personnel are responsible for Fairgrounds security, lost and found items, as well as lost children and adults.All emergency situations are also handled through the Highway Patrol Office.Contact the Highway Patrol through your Building Manager, if you are located inside a building.All emergency calls for incidents which occur on the Fairgrounds should be made through the Highway Patrol at 669-3627.If you are unable to remember the Highway Patrol’s number or it’s busy you should call 911 for immediate assistance.


The Ticket Office sells daily gate tickets, meal tickets, carnival wristbands, and ride tickets.This office also handles Corporate orders, Americans with Disabilities orders, Master Farmer orders and gift certificate.


Admissions will be issued on the following basis:

  • Exhibitor credentials are based on exhibit space cost only
  • Credentials for first year concessions are based on assigned minimums only.After the concession’s first year, credentials for all concessions are based on the percentage amount paid during the previous year only.

The following shows the number of credentials issued determined by exhibit space cost:






$0 - $399




$400 - $500




$501 - $800




$801 - $1100




$1101 - $2200




$2201 & over



A gate admission ticket is required starting at 11:00 am on Friday, September 6.No gate admission ticket is required after 9:00 pm, the first Friday through last Saturday, and after 6:00 pm on the last Sunday.

Duplication, alteration, or use of previous year’s tickets and/or hangtags is strictly prohibited.This offense will be turned over to the authorities and is considered just cause for cancellation of the Exhibitor’s Contract.

Individual Participant Admission Tickets

These tickets are for the exclusive use of employees or volunteers who work in an Exhibitor booth during the Kansas State Fair.The tickets are not to be resold, used as part of a promotion, or given to any person who is not an employee/volunteer necessary to the operation of an exhibit on the Fairgrounds.Any usage, other than for admission to work in an exhibit or concession is considered a violation of your Contract.If an Exhibitor is interested in purchasing tickets for promotional purposes, please contact the Fair Ticket Office about our Corporate Purchasing Program.

Additional Credentials - Individual Participant Tickets, Season Gate Passes and/or Parking Hangtags

Additional credentials can be purchased in advance if the request and payment are postmarked by August 1.Exhibitors may use the form in the back of this Manual or online, to purchase additional credentials for exhibit workers/volunteers.Exhibitors may also send or fax a written request with specifics and payment, as applies.

After August 15, all exhibitors and concessionaires will be required to purchase discount gate tickets for $6 each through the Kansas State Fair Ticket Office or Dillon’s Stores throughout Kansas through Thursday, September 5.Season Gate Passes may also be purchased at the Kansas State Fair Ticket Office through Friday, September 6.Parking hangtags (Reserved or Yellow Lot General Parking) will be available for purchase through the Commercial Exhibits Office until Thursday, September 5.

Additional gate tickets may also be purchased at the Kansas State Fair Ticket Office during the following times:

  • Monday, September 2, 20198:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • September 3-4, 20198:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • September 5, 20198:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • September 6 through September 158:00 am to 8:00 pm

Beginning Friday, September 6, adult general gate admission tickets may also be purchased at every

gate or from the Ticket Office.


Absolutely no one shall paint, change, alter or tamper with any Fair property, including, but not limited to, buildings, grounds, signs, piping, locks, conduits, electrical or gas connections, without the approval and supervision of the Fair.

No permanent floor/ground covering shall be used in any assigned space regardless if it is inside or outside.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it illegal to discriminate against anyone because of a physical or mental impairment.It is the responsibility of each Exhibitor and their employees to adhere to the requirements of the ADA.

The Kansas State Fair insists that all guests shall be treated in an equal and courteous manner so that they may participate in the fun and enjoyment the Fair offers, while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.For more information of the Kansas State Fair’s policies and procedures with respect to the ADA, please inquire by writing the Kansas State Fair at 2000 N. Poplar, Hutchinson, KS 67502.


The Kansas State Fair Commercial Exhibits Department has an Award Programs.The Commercial Exhibitors Awards are judged in the following categories:

Exhibitor Awards – Nominated

  • Outside Exhibitors
  • Inside Exhibitors-Single Booth
  • Inside Exhibitors-Multiple Booths
  • Concession/Percentage

Judging is based on the following:

  • Initial impression (booth attractiveness, imaginative or unique decor, customer attentiveness)
  • Exhibit Personnel (appropriate attire, attitude toward customers, knowledge of products/items)
  • Overall Exhibit Appearance (booth cleanliness, neatness, updated/clean decor, good lighting, etc.)
  • Demonstrations and/or Product Activity (demonstrations presented well, product/items shown well)
  • Exhibit Signage (professional, conveys nature of business/product, easy to read, prices clearly stated)
  • Fair Guidelines Compliance (Exhibitor abides by all guidelines stated in the current Manual, payments made on time, insurance submitted on time, etc.)

A Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion will be awarded in each category.The Grand Champion winners receive $100 off their Exhibitor Contract the following year, and Reserve Grand Champion receives $50 off the following year.Winners also receive a rosette ribbon and award certificate to display during the Fair.Exhibitors must meet policy guidelines established to be eligible for awards.The winners from the previous year are not eligible for the next year only.

Winners will be notified, and their awards will be presented during the Exhibitor Hospitality Breakfast and Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, September 10.


Exhibitors are not allowed to distribute helium filled or inflated balloons from their exhibit space(s).Balloons can be given away only if they are not inflated in any way.

Exhibitors who want to use inflated or helium filled balloons for booth decoration, display, or for advertising purposes, must submit their plan and/or design to the Commercial Exhibits Director by August 1 for approval.Balloon decorations or signage must adhere to all booth design guidelines as stated below.The decision of the Commercial Exhibits Director will be final on requests for use of balloons for this purpose.


These are placed throughout the Fairgrounds by the Maintenance Department, prior to the Fair, for use by our visitors. Please do not move benches from their set locations. They are not intended for use within commercial exhibit locations.Your cooperation is appreciated.


Bicycle parking racks are located at Gates 1, 3, 5 and 9.The use of bicycles on the Fairgrounds, during the Fair, however, is strictly prohibited.


Arrangement of an exhibit must be such as not to obstruct the view of exhibits on either side of your booth(s).A patron should be able to see all booths clearly from the end of the aisle.All exhibits must be acceptable and if deemed unsuitable by the Commercial Exhibits Director and/or Building or Area Managers for any reason, the exhibit may be removed from the grounds without a refund.In such an instance, a written notice will be received by the Exhibitor from the Commercial Exhibits Director.Space occupied by an Exhibitor must be as represented on the Commercial Exhibits Application and picture or sketch submitted and may be removed as stated above if deemed to be a misrepresentation.A new photo or sketch must be submitted for approval by August 1 for any changes to be made to exhibit space from what was originally submitted.

Backdrops for booth spaces will be no higher than 8', with the exception of Exhibitors located on outer walls.The side dividers are the responsibility of the Exhibitor, and can be no higher than 4', including any items that may be on a shelf, etc.Your display may be carried forward on the sides at a height not to exceed 8' and not to exceed half the distance from the rear of the booth forward alongside dividers.See Diagram on the following page for more detailed information.

Inside Exhibitors that have demonstrations, sampling, or have public participation, must provide a minimum of 3' at the front of their own exhibit space to accommodate this activity.

Exhibitors located on outer walls in exhibit buildings may exceed the 8' limit with prior approval, if the display does not interfere with emergency lighting required by the Kansas State Fire Marshal, but may not exceed 12' in height, or as approved.

An 8' curtain back drape is provided by the Fair in the Meadowlark, Pride of Kansas, and both Sunflower Buildings.The Kansas State Fair will supply an 8’ back drape in the Grandstand, where there is no wall, and only in the center section of the Eisenhower Building.While nothing may be attached to the drape itself, it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to supply hooks, etc. for the purpose of hanging signs from the pipe used to display the back drape.

No items of any kind may be extended from or to the ceiling of a building or area of the contracted space.Exhibitors must finish the back half of the booth so that exposed areas will not be objectionable to adjacent Exhibitors.

The Commercial Exhibit Director has final approval on interpretation and exceptions to booth layout.The decision of the Fair will be final.Please see the diagram on the following page and make adjustments based on your booth size.To determine the color of the back drapes for each building, please contact the Commercial Exhibits office.

All materials, fabrics, table coverings, etc. used in an exhibit must be flame resistant.For guidelines, see Fire Prevention Standards.Tables, chairs, and any other display items, are the responsibility of the Exhibitor and shall comply with all appropriate regulations and guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).No painting is allowed on any walls or floors of an assigned space.Exhibitors are not allowed to suspend any items from the ceilings in the exhibit buildings.

All tables used at the front of an Exhibitor’s booth should be neat and clean at all times.If items are stored under this table, the table must be skirted to the floor so items are not visible to the public.Supply and storage boxes must also be maintained so they are not visible to the public from the front of an Exhibitor’s booth or must be maintained on shelving in an orderly fashion and must adhere to the height and side guidelines established.

Pole/Pop-Up Tents-Inside Exhibit Buildings

Placement of pole/pop-up tents will be along outer walls, as permits, and must adhere to side restrictions and not interfere with any emergency lighting as stipulated in these guidelines.If space is assigned in an interior location, the following restrictions may apply.The decision of the Fair will be final.

  • No canopy on top portion of frame
  • If signs are placed on frame poles, they must be placed starting at the 8' height at center or sides, keeping in mind booth design as indicated under the topic ‘Inside Exhibit Booth Space’ guidelines (i.e. - cannot place sign from a side pole that would obstruct sight line.)


The Kansas State Fair provides only exhibit space during the Kansas State Fair.If you are in need of supplies (tables, chairs, skirting, etc.), please refer to the Service Vendors Listing at the back of the Manual or online at


Unloading of equipment and/or merchandise upon arrival to the Fairgrounds is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.See FORKLIFT SERVICE for more information.

Displays cannot be set up until a signed Contract, any payment due the Fair has been paid, and a proper Certificate of Insurance is received.All exhibits must be installed, ready and staffed by 11:00 am on Friday, the opening day of the Fair.

In the event the Exhibitor fails to occupy space by official opening time of 11:00 am on the first day of the Fair, the Contract may be terminated.In the event of termination, any payments previously paid shall be retained by the Fair as liquidated damages for breach of Contract and the Fair is authorized to resell said space to other parties.If the Exhibitor fails to remove their exhibit or any portion thereof, it is understood that the Fair may remove all or any portion of the exhibit at the Exhibitor's risk and expense.

Building Exhibitors

Exhibitors inside exhibit buildings may start setting up on Labor Day at 8:00 am.Most exhibit buildings will be open on Labor Day, but if your building is not, check at the Administration Office for assistance.All exhibit buildings will be locked at 5:00 p.m. on Labor Day or earlier if no one is setting up.

Tuesday through Thursday before the Fair, buildings will be open for set up.Exhibitors can move in earlier than Labor Day, with prior approval of the Fair.Vehicles that are to be part of an inside display MUST be in place by noon on Wednesday, prior to the start of the Fair.

Outside Area Exhibitors

Exhibitors that display outside may start setting up exhibits on Friday, August 23 if it does not interfere with grounds preparation for the Fair.Setup prior to this date, or shipments scheduled for delivery prior to this date, must be approved in advance by the Commercial Exhibits Director.


There will be a Building Manager available to all Exhibitors in all exhibit buildings, beginning on the Monday (Labor Day) prior to the Fair, with the exception of the Expo Center and Prairie Pavilion.The exhibit buildings will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Labor Day.If a building is not open, please contact the Commercial Exhibits Office to have someone assist you.

Exhibitors should check in with their respective Building Manager upon arrival regarding credentials, exhibit space assignment, booth setup/layout, unloading of merchandise, parking of vehicles, and security of merchandise.Additionally, Exhibitors should contact the Building Manager for any emergency situation.


If you have not prepaid for your RV Park reservation with the Facility Rental Coordinator, you will need to see about the possibility of getting in the RV Park by calling the Facility Rental Department at (620)669-3608. You may also visit our website at to obtain the RV Park Reservation form. The RV Park fills up early, so please contact the Facility Rental Department as soon as possible if you would like to make a reservation for the fair period. The following RV Park rates apply:


Full Fair Rate (09/04/19 thru 09/15/19 at 11:00 a.m.) $450.00

(Includes full hookups and gate admission for up to 2 people)

Additional days:

If you are unable to honor your reservation, please request any refunds before August 15th to guarantee you receive a full refund. Any requests received between August 15th and September 1st, will have a $75.00 handling fee deducted. No refunds will be issued after September 1st .

Additional dry camping space is also available, beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday prior to the Fair, public parking Lots “A” (northwest of RV Park, entrance at 27th & Plum) and “B” (northeast of RV Park, north of State Fair Road) and in Public Parking Lot “C” (east of Plum Street, enter at 20th and Plum). Dump sites are also provided east of Plum Street. No open fires are allowed on any campsite or on the Fairgrounds. Electric only camping spaces are available by either using part of your contracted outside space for the camper or reserving an electric only space at the north end of the Fairgrounds.The cost for electric only is $275.00.For more information, please contact the Facility Rental/Special Events Department at (620)669-3608.


If for any reason a payment check is returned by the designated bank, a certified check, money order, cashier's check or cash, in the amount of the payment, plus $30 to cover the returned check charge will be due.If an Exhibitor has any questions regarding a returned check, please call the Commercial Exhibits Director at (620)669-3612.All future payments must be made by the due date, and by money order, certified/cashier’s check, or cash.If payment is not received by the date specified, the Exhibitor’s Contract may be cancelled, and previous payments made will be forfeited.

All returned checks will be allowed 7 days from date of notification to make the payment.If payment is not received, and another notice is required, an additional $10 administrative fee will be added for a total of $40 on all returned checks.The Exhibitor will have 3 days after the second notification to send payment.If the payment is still not received, any previous payments made will be forfeited and the Exhibitor’s Contract will be cancelled.


Every exhibit shall be prepared in a neat and orderly style and shall be kept clean and neat by the Exhibitor.At the end of each day, the Exhibitor will clean exhibit area and place trash in the receptacles provided.

When the Fair is over, it is expected that the vacated space(s) will be left clean and free of debris.

Disposal of refuse shall be in the proper containers supplied.No refuse shall be placed in any Porta-Johns, stools, sinks, etc.If improper disposal is discovered on the grounds, a penalty may be assessed.This includes improper disposal of food, food products, and food by-products.


Should an Exhibitor require access to the Internet, please contact Commercial Exhibits office to obtain your own phone line (see Telephone Service) or any service vendor providing wireless internet access to obtain a wireless connection.Please refer to the Service Vendor Listing for wireless internet connection information or online at


The placement, construction or alteration of any privately-owned building, booth, or enclosure on the Fairgrounds must be approved in advance in writing by the Kansas State Fair.A person or entity intending to construct or alter such a facility shall submit a formal, written request along with plans and specifications to the Commercial Exhibits Coordinator, illustrating the proposed construction will be in compliance with applicable building codes and other regulations and will be of an acceptable design and appearance.

Construction and improvements are at the expense of the Exhibitor, and only with prior written approval of the Fair.In the event of cancellation of this Contract, such structures and any improvements made, shall revert to, and becomes the property of the State of Kansas, unless removal is within a specific limit of time, and with the approval of the Fair.

Buildings not specifically noted as being removed from the Fairgrounds may remain with no guarantee of length of stay as long as the building is maintained to meet Kansas State Fair criteria.

Criteria is defined as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Codes: All structures shall be in compliance with all applicable building codes, life safety codes, fire codes, ADAAG guidelines and health department regulations.
  • Signage: It is recommended any signs remaining after the completion of the annual Fair be removed from the structure and stored within the building.With prior approval, signs may remain within the confines of the building envelope, securely fastened and appropriate.Kansas State Fair staff will review signage with vendors and identify problems, which must be promptly rectified.
  • Exterior siding and facades: Building shall be enclosed on all sides by siding or other appropriate finishes for appearance, weather resistance, and security.Particle board, plywood, sheeting, corrugated tin or other non-architectural metal siding materials are not considered appropriate siding materials or finishes.Brick, stone, stucco, EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems) or other material reviewed and approved by the Kansas State Fair may be permitted.

If the Kansas State Fair deems your building is located in a “theme area,” the needed improvements would be required to be consistent with the designated area.

  • Roof: Including mansards, porticos, porches, or overhangs.Building roof shall be maintained with shingles, standing seam metal panels, or other approved materials.A low-slope roof may be EPDM (single-ply rubber) built-up asphalt as long as not visible from ground level.
  • Doors and Windows: All fixed and operable windows shall be maintained for normal usage and shall be neat, well-trimmed and weather tight.Windows are not to be boarded during non-fair period.Enclosure of windows should comply with item (c.)above.Doors shall meet same criteria and shall be secure.
  • Paving: All exterior paving shall be asphalt or concrete and shall have smooth, moisture-resistant surface and slope to appropriate areas for drainage.Any slope must comply with all applicable code requirements, including ADA.
  • Exterior fixtures including cooking appliances, seating, walk-in coolers/freezers, ice freezers or equipment shall be stored inside building within two weeks following completion of the Fair and should not be removed for use until no more than two weeks remain until the upcoming Fair.If room is not available inside of building, alternate storage arrangements must be made.
  • Painting: All appropriate exterior surfaces shall be painted and maintained; including siding, trim, doors and frames.Roof mounted equipment including hoods, ductwork, vents and piping shall be painted to match adjacent permanent surfaces.Kansas State Fair must approve color of paint to be used.

The Kansas State Fair will make the determination as to whether the upkeep of a location is up to standard.The Fair may order changes or modifications in the improvements as it deems necessary.If a location is not properly maintained, building vendor will be contacted and upgrades, repairs, or other improvements must be made within a mutually agreed upon time frame.Failure to make improvements within a specified time frame shall be grounds for forfeiture of location and contractual relationship with the Fair.

Privately owned structures on the Fairgrounds may not be used by owners during the non-fair period except for storage of commercial exhibit or concession material.Any other use must be covered by a separate agreement with the Fair.See STORAGE – CONCESSION TRAILERS AND EQUIPMENT for more information.Utilities to the buildings will be shut off during the Non-Fair period.

Fair-owned structures may not be used by any person or entity for storage or any other purpose during the Non-Fair period without a separate agreement issued by the Fair covering this use.

If operating in a Kansas State Fair-owned building, no modifications or structural changes shall be made to the building without prior written approval of the Kansas State Fair, the State of Kansas Division of Facilities Management, and the Office of the Kansas State Fire Marshal.

Once approval has been received, prior to any digging, please call 1-800-DIG-SAFE (344-7233), two (2) full working days before you dig.This is a FREE service. It is recommended that you pre-mark your dig areas with white paint, flags and/or stakes, prior to arrival of utility locator.


A Contract may be cancelled for violation of any guideline in this Manual, State Statutes, or Laws, and may be cause for not inviting an Exhibitor to return the following year.If the violation is of a serious nature, this may be cause for immediate closure of the exhibit for the remainder of the fair, forfeiture of all fees paid, and no renewal for the next year’s fair.

The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to terminate this contract for cause which shall be if COMPANY XYZ materially violates any term or condition of this contract or if COMPANY XYZ undertakes any action that would create an undue embarrassment or adverse publicity to the Kansas State Fair or its reputation.

If the Kansas State Fair does not receive the signed Contract, required deposit, and correct insurance certificate by the due date specified on the Contract, or if Contract balance has not been paid by the due date specified on the Contract, the Contract is subject to cancellation.

Commercial exhibits/concessions deemed unsuitable by the Commercial Exhibits Director for any reason will not be allowed and may be removed from the grounds without a refund, by written notice of the Commercial Exhibits Director.Exhibitors found vandalizing Fair property or the property of other Exhibitors will be removed from the grounds, without a refund and may be subject to criminal prosecution.Violation of any of the guidelines in the Manual may be cause for not inviting the Exhibitor to return the following year, or depending on the seriousness of the violation, may be cause for immediate closure of the exhibit during the remainder of the Fair.

Commercial exhibitors/concessionaires may have their following year’s contract forfeited due to documented violations and recommendations by the building/area managers.These businesses will be notified by letter after the Fair but before the contract renewal date.


An Exhibitor may submit a request for cancellation of Contract and refund in writing at any point during the year.Any requests for a full refund must be date stamped or postmarked by July 15.A $100 Administrative Fee will be assessed on all refund requests made on or before July 15 and a refund will only be made if the Fair is able to resell the exhibit space to another Exhibitor.Any cancellations made on or after July 16 until August 1 will only receive a refund equal to one-half of the contracted amount.Any late fees assessed will not be refunded.

Any Contract cancelled after August 1, FOR ANY REASON, regardless of when Contract was issued, will not receive a refund of any monies paid on the Contract.No invitation will be issued for the next year's Fair.


A Contract to participate in the current Fair does not guarantee a Contract for the next year’s Fair.The Fair reserves the right to refuse to Contract with any exhibitor or concessionaire, at their sole discretion, when such action is deemed to be in the best interest of the Fair and its patrons.Contracts are issued each year in January, based on the same company or individual, locations, and products/items from the previous year.A Change Request Form must be completed and submitted with the Contract each year for approval of any and all changes and/or additions to the Contract or from the Commercial Exhibits Dept.

All change requests will be reviewed by the commercial exhibits committee which consists of the Kansas State Fair General Manager, Commercial Exhibits Director, Physical Plant Manager and Sponsorship Director.

In the event a Contracted space should need to be changed, eliminated, or rearranged for any reason, the space for the affected Exhibitor may be reassigned by the Commercial Exhibits Committee as deemed appropriate.


A $25 Administrative Fee will be charged for any Contract that has to be reprinted and mailed and/or faxed by the Commercial Exhibits Department.This fee must be paid before Contract will be reprinted and mailed or faxed.


Every Exhibitor is responsible to review his or her Contract for errors (spelling, items/brands, number of spaces, size of spaces, correct exhibit locations on the grounds, electrical service, reserved parking, etc.).You must contact the Commercial Exhibits Department for approval on any other corrections needed to the Contract.Exhibitor is not allowed to add items to the Contract, as prior approval is needed by the Commercial Exhibits Director, and must be submitted on the appropriate form, which is enclosed with the Contract packet or can be found online at or requested from the Commercial Exhibits return the contract and pertinent documents to the mailing address or e-mail listed on page 1.

Please note that the space size is listed on the Contract with the FRONT footage first and the DEPTH second.

Exhibitors and Concessionaires must sign, date and return a copy of the Contract to the Kansas State Fair with either the first payment or full payment enclosed.Payments must be submitted in the amounts indicated on the Contract.See the ‘Forms’ section in the manual or online if you would like to pay by credit card.

Exhibitors and Concessionaires should retain a copy of the Contract for their records.If a full payment is not made with the return of the signed Contract, the balance is due by July 15.One advance notice will be sent for the final payment.Notices will be by e-mail, fax, or postcard (see Electronic Communication).Contracts completed after July 15 will have a different payment schedule.

Any overpayment received of $5 or less will not be refunded, so an Exhibitor is encouraged to pay the amount specified on the Contract.


Check with the Administration Office or the Commercial Exhibits Department for more information.


If an Exhibitor needs to distribute gate tickets and/or parking hangtags to additional employees/volunteers working in an exhibit space, please use the following procedure:

  • Place ticket(s) and/or parking hangtag(s) in separate envelopes for each employee/volunteer.
  • Label the outside of the envelope with the following information:
  • Take to Guest Services across from Gate 9.
  • A Credential Mailbox is also located by Gate 2 and 9 for late shift workers to use.
  • Do not leave any confidential or business documents and/or money with gate personnel and this service.This service is to be utilized for Kansas State Fair business only.The Fair is not responsible for lost or misplaced credentials.Replacement credentials will not be issued.

Note:Kansas State Fair employees are not responsible for pulling tickets, parking, etc. from one big envelope.If you supply one big envelope to the gate personnel, please put small envelopes, broken down by day, with individual names, on the inside.


Credential packets will only to those that have paid $15.00 for processing and special arrangements.All Exhibitors and Concessionaires should plan to pick up their credentials beginning, tentatively, August 19, 2019 at the Commercial Exhibits Department Office, located in the northwest corner of the Administration Building.At that time, all Exhibitors should have a signed Contract, all payments must be made, and valid Certificate of Insurance on file with the Commercial Exhibits office.

Any Exhibitor lacking a signed Contract, payment in full, or a valid copy of a Certificate of Insurance will have to produce the above paperwork and/or payment of the proper fees (including any late fees assessed) to the Commercial Exhibits Department prior to credentials being issued.

After Labor Day, any indoor Exhibitor, who has made all required payments and has a signed Contract and valid copy of their Certificate of Insurance is on file with the Commercial Exhibits Office should see their Building Manager for credential pickup.

An Exhibitor may request to have their credentials mailed to them for a $15 handling fee, payable to the Commercial Exhibits Department.Payment must accompany the Credential Mailing Request form. Both form and payment should be sent to the Commercial Exhibits Dept.Additionally, all required forms must be on file in our office (i.e. valid Certificate of Insurance, signed Contract, payments, etc.) before any credential packets will be mailed.

Any Exhibitor who requests to receive his credentials by mail and pays the handling fee will receive his credentials by Certified Mail and Return Receipt, ensuring proper delivery.Any Exhibitor who requests their credentials be mailed will have this charge added to their next year’s Contract.If an Exhibitor no longer wishes to pay for or use the mailing service, please contact (620) 669-3606 to request this change to their Contract or make an amendment on the Contract when returning it to our office.Requests for credentials by mail will not be accepted after August 21 and no credentials will be mailed after August 25.Any re-issuance of credentials will be at the expense of the Exhibitor.


  • February 15-1st half payment is due
  • February 22-Late Fees applied
  • July 15- 2nd half payment & signed contract is due
  • July 22-Late Fees applied to past due 2nd payments
  • August 1-Final date to receive WRITTEN NOTICE of contract cancellation.Any after this date will not receive a refund.
  • August 19- Credential pickup begins if we have your COI on file
  • August 23-Outside Exhibitors begin display set up
  • August 31-Fair Office is open 8am-5pm
  • September 1-Fair Office is closed
  • September 2-Inside exhibitors may begin setting up booth spaces.Exhibit buildings are open from 8am-5pm.
  • September 3, 4 & 5 - Exhibit buildings open from 8am-9pm for set up
  • September 6 thru 15- 2019 Kansas State Fair
  • September 16 thru 20-Fair Office open 8am-5pm
  • September 18-Inside Exhibitor displays/booths should be completely removed from buildings
  • September 19- Outside Exhibitor displays/booths should be completely removed from Fair grounds.


The complete Daily Schedule of Events will be available approximately mid-August.The fair’s scheduled daily activities are also located on our website printed schedule for specific daily events will be available at every Fair entrance for each corresponding day during the Fair.


United States Postal Service, UPS, and Federal Express deliver to all locations, by roving vehicle, depending on an Exhibitor’s location beginning Friday, September 6 through Gate 7.Courier services do not typically deliver to the Fairgrounds on Saturday or Sunday.

Company Name (Including any DBA’s) as it appears on your Contract

Location on Fairgrounds *

c/o Kansas State Fair

2000 N. Poplar Street

Hutchinson, KS 67502-5598

* "Location on Fairgrounds" should be the specific building/area and space number identified on your Contract.(i.e. Sunflower North Building-Space 10 or 101 Ft. Leavenworth Blvd.)

For any billing purposes, please use Exhibitor/Concessionaire company address, and NOT exhibit space address.

No shipments will be accepted prior to Labor Day .The Fair will not store merchandise for an Exhibitor. No deliveries will be accepted upon which there are charges of any kind.Shipments received prior to Labor Day (without prior approval from the Commercial Exhibits Department) will be returned to the sender.Exhibitors must make arrangements for merchandise shipped to the Fair that will require a forklift for unloading.The Fair is not responsible for any shipments received, stored, or held.

There will be a package center inside gate 7 that will be the responsibility of the vendor to pick up your packages from. Packages coming through Fed Ex or UPS will be the only ones delivered to your booth space. You will be required to sign for your packages please make sure that you have the name of your space as we have you listed with Commercial Exhibits.



Date:November 7, 1990 Policy & Procedure 1-7

Rev. 01/24/01

Rev. 01/09/18

Subject:Service, Delivery and Freight Vehicle Access During the State Fair

PURPOSE:To devise a system which is fair to the companies who are making deliveries, or providing a service, during the period of the State Fair, whether it be to the State Fair, vendors, exhibitors, or fair patrons.

PROCEDURE:The following categories have been established, with guidelines to follow for each.

VEHICLE DEFINITION:A piece of mechanized equipment or motor vehicle that has a means of transporting or carrying people or product that has a plate or tag attesting that a license has been secured and bears a registration number.


Those individuals/companies who have a state contract with the State Fair for a service, etc., and those who are paid to provide a service during the State Fair, will be issued the appropriate hangtag(s) and can purchase paid participant tickets in advance of the Fair or are provided participant tickets by KSF departments.

Deliveries and/or service by these individuals/companies may be made to the Maintenance building located at Gate 7 or at Gate 11, at any hour during the Fair. Seasonal & permanently assigned employees of the Commercial Exhibits & Maintenance Department can accept deliveries.

After 8 a.m. and until 12 midnight, no vehicle traffic is allowed on the fairgrounds proper, except for those authorized golf carts and/or motorized vehicles used by State Fair officials, the Highway Patrol, and the Traffic Department, during an emergency.Roving vehicles with proper hangtags displayed will be allowed on the fairgrounds proper.

State Fair Contractors and/or service companies paid by Kansas State Fair must have proper hangtag on all vehicles entering the Fairgrounds, and are permitted to access most areas of the fairgrounds, by vehicle, from 12 midnight until 8 a.m.Deliveries can be made to the concessionaire/exhibitor as we allow deliveries directly to buildings prior to 8 a.m.After 8 a.m. and until 12 midnight, concessionaires/exhibitors that cannot be accessed from the backside of their location should have all deliveries, etc., made by hand cart.

High Traffic/Pike Areas defined:300-400 block of Pride of Kansas Ave, and areas which include addresses in the following ranges:300 block of Ft. Riley Blvd and 400 block of Bison Blvd; 300 and 400 block of Grandstand Ave; and 300 and 400 block of Cottonwood Ave.Please refer to attached map for further identification of areas.

There may be some exceptions to the above rule, but each case will need to be handled as they arise.

A vehicle making a delivery at the Fair's request, or providing a service at no cost for the Kansas State Fair, will be provided an outside gate admission ticket for the driver of the vehicle, as well as a "Delivery/Release" hangtag.The hangtag should be filled out with the day and time entering the grounds, to allow for their service or delivery.The hangtag and gate admission ticket may be picked up at Gate 1 during the fair period, or in some cases will be handled in advance of the Fair.

Deliveries and/or service by these individuals/companies may be made to the Maintenance building located at Gate 7 or at Gate 11, at any hour during the Fair. Seasonal & permanently assigned employees of the Commercial Exhibits & Maintenance Department can accept deliveries.

Service Vendors must have the Vendor Vehicle Hangtag on all vehicles entering the fairgrounds, and are permitted to access most areas of the fairgrounds, by vehicle, from 12 midnight until 8 a.m.Deliveries can be made to the concessionaire/exhibitor as we allow deliveries directly to buildings prior to 8 a.m.After 8 a.m. and until 12 midnight, concessionaires that cannot be accessed from the backside of their location should have all deliveries, etc., made by hand cart.

High Traffic/Pike Areas defined:300-400 block of Pride of Kansas Ave, and areas which include addresses in the following ranges: 300 block of Ft. Riley Blvd and 400 block of Bison Blvd; 300 and 400 block of Grandstand Ave; and 300 and 400 block of Cottonwood Ave.Please refer to attached map for further identification of areas.

With each Vendor Vehicle Hangtag purchased, the Vendor will be issued ten (10) outside gate admission tickets.Any additional gate tickets needed can be purchased through the Commercial Exhibits Department at the current rate for advance tickets if purchased by August 15.

After 8 a.m. and until 12 midnight, no vehicle traffic is allowed on the fairgrounds proper, except for those authorized golf carts and/or motorized vehicles used by State Fair officials, the Highway Patrol, and the Traffic Department, during an emergency.Roving vehicles with proper hangtags displayed will be allowed on the fairgrounds proper.

There may be some exceptions to the above rule, but each case will need to be handled as they arise.

No shipments will be accepted prior to Labor Day unless special arrangements are made with the Commercial Exhibits Department.The Fair will not store merchandise for an Exhibitor.No deliveries will be accepted upon which there are charges of any kind.Shipments received prior to Labor Day (without prior approval from the Commercial Exhibits Department) will be returned to sender.Exhibitors must make arrangements for merchandise shipped to the Fair that will require a forklift for unloading.The Fair is not responsible for any shipments received, stored or held.

Any other service and/or delivery may be made to the Maintenance building located at Gate 7 or at Gate 11, at any hour during the Fair. Seasonal & permanently assigned employees of the Commercial Exhibits & Maintenance Department can accept deliveries.

After 8 a.m. and until 12 midnight, no vehicle traffic is allowed on the fairgrounds proper, except for those authorized golf carts and/or motorized vehicles used by State Fair officials, the Highway Patrol, and the Traffic Department, during an emergency.Roving vehicles with proper hangtags will be allowed on the fairgrounds proper.

Any other service and/or delivery individual or company must have proper hangtags on all vehicles entering the Fairgrounds, and are permitted to access most areas of the fairgrounds, by vehicle, from 12 midnight until 8 a.m.Deliveries can be made to the concessionaire/exhibitor as we allow deliveries directly to buildings prior to 8 a.m.After 8 a.m. and until 12 midnight, concessionaires that cannot be accessed from the backside of their location should have all deliveries, etc., made by hand cart.

High Traffic/Pike Areas defined:300-400 block of Pride of Kansas Ave, and areas which include addresses in the following ranges:300 block of Ft. Riley Blvd and 400 block of Bison Blvd; 300 and 400 block of Grandstand Ave; and 300 and 400 block of Cottonwood Ave.Please refer to attached map for further identification of areas.

There may be some exceptions to the above rule, but each case will need to be handled as they arise.

A vehicle making a delivery or providing some service for the Carnival, will be provided an outside gate admission ticket for the driver of the vehicle, as well as a "Delivery/Release" hangtag.The hangtag should be filled out with the day and time entering the fairgrounds, to allow for their service or delivery.Carnival deliveries must use Gate #7.

Service to vehicles on the fairgrounds is limited to the contractor having the wrecker service contract.If a fair patron, exhibitor or vendor should incur some vehicle problems while parked in the reserved parking lots or public parking lots, and require some assistance, the wrecker service should be contacted.

If the wrecker service is unable to provide the service needed, any other vehicle entering the fairgrounds proper for the benefit of the fair patron, exhibitor or vendor would need to be issued a "Delivery/Release" hangtag, and the driver would be required to purchase a gate ticket if they do not already have one. They should be advised of this in case they want to pass this charge on to their customer.


please see map


The Exhibitor must complete Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities Application, located in the ‘Forms’ section of the manual or online, and obtain approval from the Commercial Exhibits Director, by August 1, or donation/raffle will not be allowed.The Fair reserves the right of final approval for all products or services to be rendered, before and during the Kansas State Fair.An Exhibitor shall exhibit, sell, or give away, only such items as are listed on the Contract, or approved on the Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities Application.

The Attorney General's Office has supplied the following information.If you have any further questions you can contact the Attorney General's Office at (785)296-2215.

In Kansas, lotteries or "raffles" are illegal, both by statute and the Kansas Constitution.A lottery is defined as an enterprise in which a prize is awarded on the basis of chance for which consideration (usually money) is given.Thus, an individual or an organization may not sell tickets for a drawing or a prize.Nor may an organization sell an item, such as a pen, and "give" a raffle ticket to those who purchase the pen.In either instance, the element of consideration is present.

An organization may have a drawing for a prize if the element of consideration is eliminated.The organization may request a donation, but may not require a donation from a person to participate in the drawing.

If a person requests a ticket, but does not wish to make a donation, the person must be given a free ticket.The ticket itself and any advertising should state:"Donations requested, but no donation or purchase is necessary to participate."No specific amount of donation should be printed on the tickets and, additional tickets may not be given to individuals giving larger donations.For example, if a person donates nothing, $.25, $1, or $10, the person should be given one ticket.Persons working on the project may suggest a donation amount, but should make it clear tickets are available without a donation.


Drawings are permissible with approval from the Fair ONLY.The form to register your Drawing is located in the ‘Forms’ section of this Manual, or online, and must be received in the Fair Office for approval by August 1, or the drawing will not be allowed to take place.The Fair reserves the right of final approval for all products or services to be rendered, before and during the Kansas State Fair.Exhibitor shall exhibit, sell, or have a drawing, for only such items as are listed on the Contract, and approved on the Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities Application.When offering free prizes or drawing items, full disclosure must be made.There can be no hidden or undisclosed charges or deposits on the item(s) being offered.If the offer says “free” it must be completely without cost.If Commercial Exhibits Director determines that full disclosure is not being made, any drawing forms already collected will be confiscated, drawing will be discontinued, and Exhibitor may not be invited to return.A card or e-mail will be returned, indicating the drawing item(s) that have been approved.For more information see DONATIONS OR RAFFLES FOR A PRIZE DRAWING.

Guidelines on the Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities Application must be followed.Names, addresses and phone numbers obtained during the Fair are for the exclusive use of the Exhibitor only.No sale or transfer of names allowed.

Signage at the exhibit space must indicate date, and place of drawing, if not being held at the Fair.All drawings for items must be public and held by 5:00 pm on the final day of the Fair, unless it is a national drawing and so indicated on signage at the booth, as well as on the registration forms used for the drawing.If an Exhibitor is holding a "national" drawing which will be held after the Fair, Commercial Exhibits Director must be notified of the specifics for the drawing.If there is a local winner, this name must be submitted and then the "national" winner turned in immediately after the drawing.All others must provide the name(s) of winner(s) on the proper form, to the Kansas State Fair Office, by 8:00 pm on the final day of the Fair.

Exhibitors cannot offer discount vacations, free vacations, free trips or drawings for vacations, or national drawings of any kind without special written approval from the Commercial Exhibits Director.Complete information on this type of contest must be submitted to the Commercial Exhibits Coordinator by August 1. Information to include, company name and address of drawing provider, number they can be reached at, number of years they have been in business, and any other information to help verify the status of the company.

The Drawing Winners Form can be obtained at the Commercial Exhibits Department, located in the Administration Office, or from your Building/Area Manager.Only the names of winners on items valued at $25 or more need to be reported.The winners, as turned in, will be contacted by the Fair to insure receipt of the item as listed.


In an attempt to move toward an all-electronic format, we are requesting all exhibitors and concessionaires notify our office of a working e-mail address for their business.We will begin sending all payment reminders and various documents to the e-mail address on file with our office.Please forward this information to our office as soon as possible.Additionally, exhibitors/concessionaires will need to add the following e-mail addresses to their address listings to ensure all documents and reminders do not end up in a spam or junk mail folders.The addresses are as follows:

It is the exhibitor and/or concessionaire’s responsibility to ensure our office has a working e-mail address on file, as all correspondence (payment reminders, requested receipts, invoices, etc.) will be sent by e-mail. Any late fees incurred, due to an incorrect e-mail address on file with our office, are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor/concessionaire and will not be waived for non-receipt of any correspondence.


The Kansas State Fair has a written Emergency Plan with anticipated responses to a variety of crisis situations that could threaten the integrity, reputation or safety of the event or its attendees.An emergency may include, but is not limited to, accidents, animal welfare events, weather events, facility-based events, threats, and regional, state or national emergencies.

You are encouraged to monitor the events and make the appropriate plans to respond to the situation.You may be notified by Kansas State Fair staff, this includes Building Managers and Sector Managers, of the type of incident and either the potential response plan or the current response plan.

All media communication will only be handled through the office of the Kansas State Fair General Manager.

Below is the list of facilities that are acceptable emergency storm shelters:

BuildingSuggested Safe Area

  • 4-H Centennial HallRestrooms
  • Administration OfficeRestrooms
  • Cottonwood CourtRestrooms
  • Domestic ArtsRestrooms
  • EisenhowerRestrooms
  • EncampmentRestrooms and basement
  • Expo CenterRestrooms
  • MeadowlarkRestrooms
  • Oz GalleryRestrooms
  • Prairie PavilionRestrooms and meeting room
  • Pride of KansasRestrooms
  • Rabbit/Poultry BarnRestrooms
  • Sheep/Swine/Goat BuildingRestrooms
  • Sunflower NorthRestrooms
  • Sunflower SouthRestrooms
  • GrandstandLower level


The employment office is located in the Eisenhower Building, first door under the awning on the south side of the building.

Please make arrangements in advance if you need assistance on the last Sunday or Monday following the Fair for exhibit/display removal as the last day for the Employment Office is the final Friday of the Fair. (Extended days may be required and determined with the Facility Rental and Special Events Coordinator on an as needed basis.) Employment office hours vary slightly and are listed below. Should you have any questions, please contact the Employment Office at (620)669-3887 during that time.

  • Hours include the following:
  • Friday August 31: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday September 5: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Thursday September 6: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Friday September 7: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Saturday September 8: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Sunday September 9: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Monday September 10: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday September 11: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday September 12: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Thursday September 13: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Friday September 14: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


The Exhibitor's responsibility can be summed up very simply:"Be a good neighbor."All Exhibitors are equal regardless of booth size and should be given an equal opportunity, to present their product to the public.

All complaints/inquiries received will be addressed, and if not solved to the customer and the Fair's satisfaction, the Exhibitor will not be offered a Contract the following year.Exhibitor shall deal honorably, fairly, and practice no fraud or misrepresentation.Any violation of KSA 50-626, Deceptive Acts and Practices, will be immediate grounds for cancellation of a space Contract.

The Exhibitor and all the Exhibitor's employees shall be neat and clean in their dress at all times.Shirts must be worn at all times during operation of exhibit.The Exhibitor and/or any of the Exhibitor's representatives, shall not have in their possession, or sell any intoxicating liquors (unless approved to sell by Contract), controlled substances, obscene materials, engage in obscene conduct or be intoxicated,while operating from an assigned booth space, or while on the fairgrounds property.What constitutes obscene materials and obscene conduct will be determined by Fair Management.

The Fair shall be allowed access to any exhibit area or other premises, at any time for any reason.The Fair reserves the right to cancel a Contract and/or have the property of the Exhibitor removed from the Fairgrounds for any violations of this Manual.In such event, all payments previously made under the Contract shall be forfeited, and retained by the Fair.The Fair also reserves the right to require any representative of an Exhibitor to vacate a building and/or the fairgrounds if determined necessary.

Each Exhibitor is responsible for any wages or expenses of any employees of the Exhibitor and/or any debt incurred by the Exhibitor, in the fulfillment of this Contract.The Fair will not be held liable for any obligation of the Exhibitor.All exhibitors and concessionaires shall abide by the FSLA rules and regulations.

Exhibitors are not to provide derogatory information, or have signage or products that might be derogatory to another Exhibitor in any way, or have used products/items for show relating to another commercial Exhibitor at their assigned space.See also MERCHANDISE/PRODUCTS for more information.

Our primary audience consists of family and youth.The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to reject any exhibit and/or contents that may be considered objectionable by that audience.


Exhibitors are encouraged to set up booths and/or concessions in an appealing, professional manner and abide by all Fair guidelines.In an effort to continue upgrading the appearance of the Fair, each Exhibitor and concessionaire will be evaluated during the Fair.Evaluation will include: performance, payment of fees, compliance with guidelines in this Manual, appearance of exhibit/concession, revenue generated (if applicable), and any complaints received from the public relating to goods and services provided during the Fair.You will be notified verbally and/or in writing of any issues.


The annual Exhibitor Hospitality Breakfast and Awards Ceremony is held in the Encampment Building, Dillon Hall. This annual event is sponsored by C/J Griffin Concessions and the Kansas State Fair and is a full breakfast, open to all Exhibitors.The awards presentation will begin at 8:00 am, with the breakfast line closing at 8:30 am.Please make plans to join us to honor the award recipients.


Any business, association, group, Exhibitor, or individual, proposing to use the "official" Kansas State Fair Logo or artwork, must make a request in writing, stating the usage specifics.The Kansas State Fair will have final authority in granting or disallowing a request to use the Fair's Logo.

  • If a request to use the Fair's Logo is for commercial use, such as imprinting on novelty items(t-shirts, hats, cups, etc.), is approved, a percentage of gross sales after taxes will be determined and paid to the Kansas State Fair.If a request is not approved, the items cannot be sold.
  • The Kansas State Fair retains the option to allow products to carry the Kansas State Fair Logo, in exchange for promotional or advertising gain, in lieu of a financial compensation.
  • An Exhibitor may use the words "Kansas State Fair" in most all instances, but if the word "Official" is applied to the name designation, then the Fair Management must first authorize and approve in writing what is to be allowed.


Please check with the Administration Office or the Commercial Exhibits Department for the location and cost of this service.


The following are BASIC RULES pertaining to all exhibits and Exhibitors at the Kansas State Fair.This brief outline does not, by any means, cover completely the rules and standards contained in the Kansas Fire Prevention Code.It does, however, provide the Exhibitor basic rules governing exhibits in all buildings open to the public.

Of primary concern with structures, large or small, is maintenance of exits and exit passageways.The Kansas State Fair building managers are responsible for a variety of concerns within particular buildings.They are responsible for maintaining the exit capacity.Exhibitors shall neither attempt nor permit expansion of an exhibit(s) and associated materials to obstruct, obscure, block, or complicate access to any exit location.

No display or exhibit shall be so installed or operated as to interfere in any way with access to any required exit or with visibility of any required exit or any required exit sign; nor shall any display block access to fire fighting

equipment or electrical panels.Access to exits also requires the ability of the occupants to move safely away from the building to an area of refuge a reasonable distance from the building.

Other safety related requirements include the following:

  1. Secure all propane bottles and ensure proper regulators and coupling are installed, as required by LPG.The hose used to supply equipment must be marked for LPG usage and connections must be as required for propane usage.Propane bottles must not be “ganged”.
  2. Flammable liquids, such as gasoline, must be stored in approved containers and amounts exceeding five (5) gallons will require the installation of a flammable liquids storage cabinet.
  3. Cooking equipment placed under a vent hood extinguishing system must be realigned with the suppression equipment for proper extinguishment.
  4. Any electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician.Any electrical cords used in the operation of an Exhibitor’s booth space/concession must be properly sized, secured, and prepared for the use intended.Any extension cord used outdoors must be for heavy duty use and appropriate for wet/damp locations.All concessionaires must use GFCI-protected extension cords and shall comply with NFPA 70, National Electric Code.
  1. All fuel tank openings shall be locked and sealed in an approved manner to prevent the escape of vapors.
  2. There is no more than two (2) gallons of fuel in tank or the minimum required for positioning the vehicle.
  3. Battery cables shall be disconnected and taped.
  4. Fueling and de-fueling of vehicles shall be prohibited.
  5. Vehicles shall not be moved during show hours.

Preventing Electrical Hazards

There are various ways of protecting from the hazards caused by electricity, including insulation, guarding, grounding, and electrical protective devices.People can significantly reduce electrical hazards by following some basic precautions:

These are BASIC RULES with which every Exhibitor must comply before the scheduled opening of the Fair.For assistance, please contact the Commercial Exhibits Department.

If the Kansas State Fire Marshal notifies the Exhibitor and/or the Fair of unsafe materials or conditions in an Exhibitor's booth, then the same must be removed or corrected by the Exhibitor.

The Kansas State Fire Marshal Department Inspectors will have proper identification which shall be presented at the time of inspection.Inspectors will be in the buildings and on the grounds throughout the Fair to encourage and enforce the provisions of these rules and any other standard as set forth in the Kansas Fire Prevention Code.Routine inspections will be conducted on all facilities and exhibits during set-up operations as well as throughout the duration of the Fair.If necessary, follow-up inspections will be conducted and timely corrective action will be required.

NOTE:Any issue or condition which is deemed “distinctly hazardous” will result in immediate corrective action or removal from the fairgrounds.

If you have questions regarding these standards or other fire prevention regulations, please call the local Fire Marshal at or contact the Kansas State Fire Marshal by phone at (785)296-3401, or by mail at 800 SW Jackson, #104, Topeka, KS66612-1216.


The First Aid Station is located at the southwest corner of the Administration Building.Basic first aid can be provided during the following business hours:

10:00 am to 10:00 pm First Friday

8:00 am to 10:00 pmFirst Saturday

8:00 am to 9:00 pmFirst Sunday through Thursday

8:00 am to 10:00 pmFinal Friday and Saturday

8:00 am to 8:00 pmFinal Sunday



The Fair reserves the right to audit sales of percentage concessionaires.The Kansas State Fair may use any form of audit technique it deems necessary.Such audits will not unduly harm or hinder normal sales activity.


The outside of concession trailers should be kept in repair and appealing to the public.Concession trailers must have professional skirting.If hitch on trailer is not removable professional skirting should obscure the hitch.Soft drink canisters, equipment, product, etc., stored outside concession must be concealed with professional looking tent/canvas screening or attractive fencing.


Adjustments will be made immediately for any discrepancies found during the fair, whether it be in favor of the Exhibitor or the Fair.The adjustment being made will be explained to the Exhibitor.Any discrepancies found of $5 or more, when balancing receipts after the Fair, will be taken care of immediately.If in favor of the Exhibitor, a refund check of payment due will be mailed directly to the Exhibitor’s address on file.If the discrepancy is in favor of the Fair, an invoice will be sent to the Exhibitor, with payment due no later than 15 days after receipt of invoice.Discrepancies found of $5 or less will not be refunded or collected.


The following is in addition to the Fire Prevention Standards in the Exhibitor Guidelines and pertains directly to all Food and Drink Concessionaires at the Kansas State Fair.An issue requiring attention is the protection of commercial cooking equipment.

  • If no more than two grease producing appliances are in use (griddle-deep fat fryer, 2 deep fat fryers, a char-broiler and deep fat fryer, etc.) and Exhibitor should provide an easily recognizable and accessible fuel shut off, i.e. hand-turn valve or electrical breaker, plus a 40-BC rated portable fire extinguisher.
  • If more than two grease producing appliances are present, an Exhibitor should provide a hood system with compliant fixed suppression system with fuel shut off. If cooking equipment is protected, a K-type portable fire extinguisher is required for the kitchen.
  • If an Exhibitor owns a mobile trailer cooking units, three (3) such qualifying type grease producing appliances may be used without requiring the fixed extinguishing system, but a recognizable and accessible fuel shut off and a 40-BC fire extinguisher are required.
  • Any food preparation or cooking equipment modifications, changes, or replacement by any Food Concessionaire will result in the requirement of an approved ventilation hood as well as installation of an approved automatic extinguishing system, including automatic fuel shut off devices.
  • Changes in exhibit owner(s)/operator(s) of an existing food concession facility will also result in the requirements listed in number 4 above.
  • The Kansas Fire Marshal and the Kansas State Fair require all fume hoods be professionally cleaned annually.This cleaning needs to be conducted by a third party vendor.The concessionaire may be required to provide documentation of the cleaning upon request by either the Kansas Fire Marshal’s office or the Kansas State Fair.


The Fair has a program established which uses $1 food tickets.All Concessionaires are required to accept these tickets. If it s brought to the attention of the Commercial Exhibits Department that a concession is not accepting the food tickets , said concession is in jeopardy of losing their space for future Kansas State Fair. Food tickets are not to be used for the purchase of any alcoholic beverage.When a Concessionaire receives a food ticket(s) for payment, he is required to give change back up to $1.Concessionaires will be reimbursed for the meal tickets turned in at the conclusion of the Fair.Be sure all Concession employees are aware of this program.The meal tickets a Concessionaire receives each day MUST be included in your gross sales on your percentage form, and brought in when reporting for that day.

Concessionaires need to gather and contain their meal tickets together for each day, writing the concession name, number of tickets and date visibly on the bundle.Be sure you enter the meal tickets on your percentage form each day.

A payment voucher will be issued when you report your final Sunday’s gross sales, which will be for the total number of meal tickets you have collected during the Fair. The voucher will be taken to the Cashier window for reimbursement.Purchase of alcohol is exempt from the meal ticket program.Any concession accepting meal tickets for purchases of alcohol will not be reimbursed.Reimbursement for the meal tickets will be made by the Cashier if you have reported by noon Monday, following the Fair.Any concessionaire reporting after this time will have their reimbursement made by check.


This service is free of charge, and has been arranged by the Kansas State Fair.If an Exhibitor does not have a grease barrel on their exhibit space, please contact the Commercial Exhibits Department for the location of the nearest one.

Grease, liquid, or solid waste will not be dumped in the sewage or storm drainage system.A $300 fine will be levied to each concessionaire in the area of a drain clog caused by the above.If the clogged drain is in the area of more than one concessionaire, all concessionaires in that area will each be assessed a $300 fine, as there is no way of determining the perpetrator.Grease will not be disposed of in the regular trash pickup.

Grease disposal barrel/vat placement will be communicated to each concessionaire exhibit space prior to the Fair.


All concessions provided a grease trap in a Fair-owned building MUST clean the trap as part of your post fair cleanup.All post fair cleanup should be accomplished by October 1 each year.

To properly clean the grease trap, skim off any grease inside the trap into a bucket(s).Vacuum all remaining water then thoroughly clean and rinse trap, disposing of any cleaning materials and/or liquids into a separate container.All grease contents must be dumped in the grease barrels located inside the trash enclosure on the south side of Cottonwood Court.The containers of used cleaning liquids must be removed and taken to the camper dump station at the northeast corner of the trash enclosure.After all contents have been removed from the trap, place a shallow amount of clean water in the trap to curb any foul odors.Replace but do not secure the lid.Fair staff will secure the lid after an inspection is made.


Concessionaires operating a concession in a building owned by the Fair are required by law to have their hood inspected twice a year.The Fair has made arrangements to have this done by a local company in the months of February and August.Once the inspections are completed, each respective Concessionaire will be billed accordingly for the inspection and parts as applies.


The Commercial Exhibits Department will conduct inspections of all concessions on the Fairgrounds.These inspections will be conducted after October 1 each year.Concessions to be inspected will be those remaining on the Fairgrounds, year-round, and those remaining on the grounds at the time of the inspection.The intent of these reviews is:

  • To insure there are no physical plant issues
  • To discourage any insect and/or rodent infestation
  • To discourage mold, mildew, fungus or any other issue produced by food and/or food by-products

Each concession inspected will receive a letter of our findings.Any defects and/or changes will be noted with a date of the second inspection.


Concessionaires serving food/drink items shall be governed by the rules of the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA), and the Fair. All regulations and fees are subject to change without further notice.

Food Establishment License Requirements and Renewals

The following is a partial summary of important food safety requirements. A complete listing of the Food Safety Regulations is available by contacting KDA at 785-564-6767 or . You may view and download a copy of the Kansas Food Code at:

Food establishment, per K.S.A. 65-656, means any place in which food is served, prepared, or offered for sale or service on the premises or elsewhere. Food Establishment does not include roadside markets that offer only whole fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables for sale. Food Establishment includes, but is not limited to: eating or drinking establishments, fixed or mobile restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, short-order cafes, luncheonettes, tea rooms, grills, sandwich shops, soda fountains, taverns, private clubs, roadside stands, industrial-feeding establishments, catering kitchens, commissaries, and any other private, public, or nonprofit organizations routinely serving food; and; grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries, locations where food is provided for the public with or without charge.

The food establishment licensure and inspection program is mandated by state law (K.S.A. 65-689) and requires all facilities operating for seven or more days in a calendar year, regardless of location, to be inspected and licensed. In order for any food establishment to obtain a license, compliance with certain standards must be determined through on site evaluations. Licenses must be renewed or postmarked by March 31, 2019. Licenses renewed or postmarked between April 1st and April 30th must pay a $25 late fee. Licenses that are not renewed or postmarked by April 30th must reapply and pay the license fee and application fee.

Inspectors will inspect all licensed food facilities at the Fair. The Fair requires an Exhibitor to purchase a valid Kansas Food Establishment License unless exempted by law. An Exhibitor’s facility must comply with food safety regulations before a license will be issued. Failure to comply with food code standards could result in the closure of your food establishment and removal from the Fairgrounds. Facilities that are exempt from licensure are still subject to inspection.

All new applications for food establishments must be submitted to the Kansas Department of Agriculture by Friday, August 30, 2019. Food establishment license and renewal fee information is available at If you are a new vendor or your license is expired, you must also pay the appropriate application fee. To expedite processing, please write ‘State Fair’ on the application. Please mail applications and fees to:

Kansas Department of Agriculture

Food Safety and Lodging

1320 Research Park Drive

Manhattan, KS 66502

Phone: 785-564-6767

Credit card payments may be made by completing and faxing the credit card payment form and license application form to 785-564-6779. The credit card form is available at

No license is transferable from one facility to another, nor is a license transferable from one owner to another. Construction of a new food establishment requires prior submission of building plans for approval to the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

Any new vendor without a Kansas Food Establishment License must call the Kansas Department of Agriculture prior to opening at the Fair, to schedule an appointment for a license inspection.

All licensing inspections will occur on the morning of Friday, Sept. 6, 2019. Please contact the Kansas Department of Agriculture at 785-564-6767 to schedule an appointment.

Food Sampler exhibitors are not required to have a food establishment license, but will need to make sure that their stand or area is adequately equipped to provide the ability to wash hands and to wash, rinse, and sanitize utensils as needed for safe food preparation. Food samplers may only provide a small quantity of food (not a meal or entrée) without charge in order to promote, advertise, or compliment the sale of food or associated food preparation equipment.

Minimum Facility Requirements

  • All facilities must have a potable water supply, with hot and cold water under pressure.
  • All establishments must have accessible hand washing facilities with hot and cold water under pressure, within their facility.
  • Food preparation areas must be totally enclosed. Openings to the outside shall be protected in some manner, i.e. screening, walls, ceiling, etc., unless approved by the Kansas Department of Agriculture.
  • There shall be no “open air” or outside food preparation areas, unless adequately protected and approved in advance by the Kansas Department of Agriculture.
  • Adequate dish washing facilities must be provided within each facility. A three-compartment sink is required. Each compartment of the sink must be large enough to submerge the largest piece of equipment or utensil unless alternative methods or procedures are approved in advance by the Kansas Department of Agriculture.
  • Food products must be adequately protected at all times from any potential source of contamination.
  • All facilities must have an adequate waste water disposal system. Liquid wastes must be disposed of in a sanitary sewer, not a storm sewer or on the ground.
  • All facilities must not have any imminent health hazards, such as sewage backup, lack of hot water, pest infestation, etc.
  • Demonstration of knowledge is required of the person in charge, with knowledge of food borne illness prevention, applications of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, and the requirements of the Kansas Food Code.
  • Capacity to maintain proper food temperatures, including hot holding, cold holding, reheating, cooling and cooking.
  • All facilities must have proper food thermometers and sanitizer testing methods (test strips or test kits).

Food Safety Requirements

  • Keep all potentially hazardous foods (any food that requires time and temperature control for safety, such as meat, dairy products, eggs, poultry, fish, heat treated vegetables, sprouts, cut melons, cut tomatoes, and cut leafy greens) at 135°F or above or 41°F or below at all times.
  • Wash hands as often as is necessary to keep them clean and to prevent contamination of food. Hands should also be washed before starting work, after eating, after drinking, after smoking, after touching the face and/or hair, after handling raw meats, after using the restroom, before dawning gloves, or after any other activity in which the hands may have been contaminated. Hand sanitizing gels, creams, lotions, etc. does not replace hand washing.
  • All food handlers must be free from any open or infected cuts, lesions, or abrasions on their hands or arms. The most frequent causes of foodborne illness are ill food handlers and poor hygienic practices.
  • Ill food workers must be restricted from handling food, utensils, dishes, or other food equipment as specified in the Kansas Food Code.
  • Bare hand contact with any ready-to-eat food is prohibited.
  • Do not handle any ready-to-eat food with any utensil that was in contact with raw animal foods. Avoid cross-contamination by juices from uncooked meats with any ready-to-eat foods or food contact surfaces, such as cross contamination by hand contact or with equipment and utensils. This includes food storage containers. You may not use a raw animal food box to store cooked, ready-to-eat foods.
  • Adequately clean and sanitize all food contact surfaces after each use.
  • Cook all intact (not ground or tenderized) fish and meat (beef and pork) to a minimum internal temperature of 145°F.
  • Cook all non-intact fish and meat to a minimum internal temperature of 155°F.
  • Cook all poultry to an internal temperature of 165°F.
  • Reheat potentially hazardous foods rapidly to 165°F within two hours of removing from cold holding.
  • All potentially hazardous foods must be cooled from 135°F to 41°F within six (6) hours and the food must cool from 135°F to 70°F in the first two (2) hours. Improper cooling of foods is one of the leading causes of food borne illness.
  • Date marking is required for any refrigerated, ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food held for more than 24 hours. Food may be kept up to seven days at 41°F or lower. The day of preparation is day one.
  • KDA has the authority to restrict the operations of any food establishment when the operation presents an unacceptable risk to public health.

Focus on Food Safety materials can be viewed online at:

If you have any questions about food safety or Kansas licensing requirements, please contact the Kansas Department of Agriculture at kda.fsl@ks.govor 785-564-6767.


K.A.R 41-719 addresses the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages during temporary events such as the Kansas State Fair.This regulation states alcoholic beverages may only be sold and/or consumed at spaces or locations designated by the State Fair Board through its General Manager.

  • Alcoholic beverages are identified as beer and wine products only.
  • Each Concessionaire with a space contract to sell beer and wine on the fairgrounds shall hold a liquor license issued by the State of Kansas, and must make proper application each year.They shall comply with all Kansas statues and administrative regulations and state fair policies.
  • All sales, possession and/or consumption of beer and wine will be confined within the designated vendor area for that purpose.
  • The percentage charged to each Concession at each location for the sale of beer, wine, food and non-alcoholic drinks will be 30%.The percentage commission will be paid on gross sales of beer and wine, food and non-alcoholic drinks, less applicable taxes, with a guaranteed minimum.
  • The Concession will report beer, wine and food/non-alcoholic drink sales separately on the Percentage Reporting form provided by the Commercial Exhibits Department.The reports will be made daily by noon, at the Commercial Exhibits Department and will include any and ALL beer and wine delivery tickets.
  • Alcohol sales will occur only between 10:00 am to Midnight.
  • Each Concession location will be required to offer for sale, at least, one Kansas wine (for those concessions selling wine products) and one Kansas beer product (for those concessions selling beer products).
  • No glass containers will be allowed to be given to the public.Cup sizes are not to exceed 24 ounces.
  • The prices of all beer, wine, food and non-alcoholic drink items must be submitted to the Fair by August 1 each year.If price changes are not submitted and approved by August 1, price(s) listed from the previous year’s menu will be considered firm.These prices must be posted on a sign or card (indicate whether or not sales tax is included) where they can be easily read by the public when the concession is approached.All signs should be professional in appearance.


The prices of all food/drink items, and the amount of admission charged to rides under operation by contract, must be submitted to the Fair by AUGUST 1, unless an earlier date is identified on your Contract.These prices MUST be posted on a sign or card (indicate whether or not sales tax is included) where they can be easily read by the public when the concession is approached.ALL signs should be professional in appearance.No hand written signs allowed.

Any price changes made in admission charges or menu items must be submitted to the Commercial Exhibits Director for approval, by AUGUST 1.If price changes are not submitted and approved by August 1, price(s) listed in the current Additional Percentage Provisions or previous year’s menu are considered firm.

Concessionaires not selling bottled water shall not charge the public for water being supplied by the Kansas State Fair.Concessionaires may, however, charge for the cup and ice and this should be indicated as such on their respective menu(s).

Food concessionaires shall not advertise special sales (i.e. two for ones, daily specials, etc.) unless it is indicated on the menu form, and approved by AUGUST 1.Copies of ads for discounts, coupons, etc. must also be submitted for approval by the Commercial Exhibits Director by August 1.


The Percentage Log Form for reporting daily gross sales will be supplied by the Commercial Exhibits Department.Concessionaire will report each day between 8:00 am and 11:00 am for the previous day’s gross sales, for verification of percentage at the Commercial Exhibits Department.Any payment due will be made at the Cashier windows.The Cashier windows will initial, date, and return the Concessionaire’s copy of the Percentage Log Form to the Concessionaire as verification of payment.Any disputes of payment will be based on whether or not the Cashier has initialed a Concessionaire’s form.

A Concessionaire’s final percentage payment is due no later than noon Monday following the Fair.If a Concessionaire has not surpassed the assigned minimum per the respective signed Contract, payment will be made to reach the amount identified along with the previous day’s percentage payment.


All Electrical appliances must be turned off no later than two (2) days after the Fair.Utility service to the buildings on the Fairgrounds will be disconnected by October 1 after the Fair.

Food concessionaires have been charged for electrical service based on the previous year's requirements.All concessions that remain on the Fairgrounds year-round were checked by the Fair's Electrical Department for the number of amps/volts and phases at their location(s).This is the amount of electrical service that the Concessionaire has been charged for on the Contract.


Any concessionaire considering the sale of their trailer or concession operation is strongly encouraged to notify Kansas State Fair management.Per the Policy and Procedure 7-10 adopted by the Kansas State Fair Board the following steps must be completed prior to finalizing the sale:

  • Prepare a letter of intent with the asking price and a list of all items and equipment included in the sale.
  • Once the Fair receives your letter, a response to your letter will be drafted and a meeting to involve the appropriate Fair staff, the buyer and the purchaser will be scheduled.
  • At this meeting, the Fair will provide the purchaser an Application for Space and Menu Listing form to complete and return.
  • After the meeting, if the sale is approved, a letter will be sent with a Sales Agreement.The seller will be responsible to gather the purchaser’s signature.The Right to Do Business Fee amount, which is one-half the prior year’s rent, will be due on the date assigned when the Contract is issued.

Any type of signage which advertises the sale of the concession during the Fair is not permitted.Signage during any Non-Fair event can only be posted with prior permission by Kansas State Fair staff.


The goal of this event is to improve Tuesday’s attendance, traditionally a day with lower attendance, and improve concession percentages. All concessions are to create and prepare $2.00 portions of 2 items to be available only on Tuesday. Every menu presented to concessionaires in January, with their contract, will already reflect the “$2 portion on Tuesday only”. All concessionaires WILL participate in the event. We will need your 2 choices by August 1st.Exempt from event: alcohol products only.


Forklift services will be available for those Vendors who need assistance offloading materials/product beginning August 23 through the morning of September 6, during business days/hours by appointment only.Forklift services will also be available on the final Sunday, beginning at 7:00 pm, by appointment only.If a drop needs to be made during the Fair, you will need to schedule this service in advance.All offloading will be conducted at Gate 7 ONLY during the Fair.Please contact our office at least two weeks prior to needed offload date to schedule an appointment.

Exhibitors will be responsible to pay the charges incurred prior to leaving on the final Sunday.Payment arrangements need to be made before or at the time of scheduling.Please be sure to note your specific location on the fairgrounds and the contact information when making arrangements for forklift services.


For up-to-date information on gate schedule information, please contact the Commercial Exhibits Department or visit


Giveaway items are permissible, with the approval of the Commercial Exhibits Director, and if such giveaways do not conflict with another Exhibitor's privileges.Giveaway items must be in good taste, and not be derogatory in any way.The Fair has the final authority to determine what is considered in good taste.The form to register your giveaway items is located in the ‘Forms’ section of this Manual or online, and must be received in the Fair Office for approval by August 1, or the giveaways will not be allowed to take place.The Fair reserves the right of final approval for all products or services to be rendered, before and during the Kansas State Fair.The Exhibitor shall give away, only such items as are listed on the Contract, or approved on the Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities Application.Literature that pertains to your company does not need to be listed.All items such as pens, pencils, magnets, etc. should be registered on the form.An email, postcard or fax will be returned to you indicating the giveaway item(s) that have been approved.

Samples may be given away from your booth as long as they do not exceed four (4) ounces in quantity/size, and are approved on the Giveaway form.This applies to food, merchandise, cosmetics, etc.Samples can only be given out from your assigned space, and all guidelines in this Manual apply to sampling as well.This includes food handling safety guidelines.Please see the KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE section for more information regarding sampling.


The following applies to government agencies:


Please sign, date, and return the Commercial Exhibitor Contract as soon as you receive it, so we know you plan on being an Exhibitor at the 2018 Kansas State Fair.Federal Agencies not paying by credit card will be sent an invoice, if requested, to ensure the proper paperwork is submitted for payment to the Fair.If you have special instructions, please advise us ahead of time.

STATE AGENCIES will make payment by using the SMART system. The Fair will begin the process by completing the receipt portion and sending the SMART voucher to each State Agency after July 1, but before July 15.All State Agency Exhibitors will be notified with an email from our office prior to these vouchers being initiated and, again, once the voucher has been generated.All vouchers need to be approved and paid by July 15, unless prior arrangements have been made.The Fair reserves the right to change State Agency payment due dates to be in line with all non-State Agency Exhibitors should it be deemed necessary.

Refer to the Admissions Section to determine the number of individual participant tickets you will receive based on your space cost only.If an Exhibitor should need additional tickets for the operation of his exhibit space, use the Gate Ticket Request Form in the ‘Forms’ section online.Return the form with your signed Contract so the total amount due for additional tickets can be added to the voucher (State Agencies) or the Invoice (Federal Agencies) for payment.


Exhibitors may order Grandstand show tickets in the following ways:

  • By Mail:Kansas State Fair, Ticket Office, 2000 N. Poplar, Hutchinson, KS 67502-5598
  • By Phone:(620)669-3618 (Local) or 1-800-362-3247
  • Internet: or
  • Walk-in:2000 N. Poplar, South side of Administration Office


All Exhibitors/Concessionaires must have a gate ticket for entry beginning at 11:00 am, the first Friday of the Fair.An Exhibitor/Concessionaire must obtain a hand stamp at the gate, prior to exiting the Fairgrounds, if he is leaving but plans to return to the Fair the same day.


Any item(s) or device(s) filled with air or gas and used within an Exhibitor’s outside exhibit space, whether for advertising/marketing purposes or actual display, must submit a picture of how they will be used for approval by the Commercial Exhibits Director.Pictures must be turned in by August 1 for approval.The decision of the Commercial Exhibits Director will be final.Any inflatable approved must be anchored or tethered so it remains within the exhibit space assigned at all times, keeping in mind the wind conditions.Any inflatable item that may interfere with overhead lines, other structures, or activities of the Fair will not be approved.Should any approved inflatable come loose and bring about damage to any other Exhibitor’s property, property of the Fair, or become tangled in overhead lines, etc., requiring the Fair to remove it, the Exhibitor will be responsible for any expenses incurred to repair damage(s), or remove from overhead lines.Small inflatable novelty items do not need prior approval, but must be listed on the Exhibitor’s Contract.


Exhibitor shall be responsible for the safety of any exhibit against fire, water, robbery, accident, or any cause whatsoever, and the Exhibitor must insure, at his own expense, in the limits outlined.A postcard with the information on the following page is available upon request:

A standard ACCORD form Certificate of Liability Insurance must be issued to the Kansas State Fair, showing the Exhibitor has a Commercial General Liability policy with $1,000,000 each occurrence and $1,000,000 in products and completed operations.Those who have been approved to sell Alcohol also need to provide proof of liquor liability.All certificates received must have an authorized agent’s signature.Renewal Certificates will NOT be accepted.

The Kansas State Fair AND State of Kansas must be added to your policy as an “Additional Insured” and the phrase “Kansas State Fair and State of Kansas are listed as Additional Insured” needs to be stated on the Certificate of Insurance.The Fair dates do not need to show on the Certificate, but the expiration date on the Certificate must cover the fair period:

  • A Commercial Exhibitor’s Contract will not be considered valid, and Fair credentials will be withheld until a valid Certificate of Insurance is received.
  • No Exhibitor will be allowed to operate during the period of the Fair without proof of valid insurance coverage.
  • The insurance requirement as stated above, does not apply to Federal or State Agencies.
  • The name on your Commercial Exhibit Contract and Certificate of Insurance must be the same.If your insurance is under your personal name or another Company Name, the certificate issued must show that you are “Doing Business As” whatever Company name is shown on the Commercial Exhibitor Contract.This ensures the Certificate is on file for the correct Exhibitor.
  • Any Exhibitor that has a building and/or equipment on the Fairgrounds, all year, must maintain yearly insurance coverage to include the Kansas State Fair as “Additional Insured.”
  • A valid copy of an Exhibitor’s Certificate of Liability insurance must be on file by prior to credentials pick up.
  • A proper Certificate of Insurance must be received with the first payment in February, or the Exhibitor will be required to purchase the insurance offered through Haas & Wilkerson.
  • Payment must be made to Haas & Wilkerson by money order, cashier’s check, or Western Union Quick Collect ONLY before coverage will be bound.For Western Union Quick Collect payments, an Exhibitor/Concessionaire may call Western Union at 1-800-325-6000.

The Fair reserves the right to contact an Exhibitor/Concessionaire’s insurance agent to verify coverage presented on the Certificate of Insurance.Any altered or fraudulent certificates submitted to the Fair will result in immediate termination of your Exhibitor/Concessionaire Contract and no refunds will be issued.


The Fair reserves the final right to interpret rules and guidelines and to settle and determine all matters, questions, or differences with regard to the Fair.The Fair also reserves the right to add to or amend these guidelines as needed.


Exhibitors/Concessionaires that have a building or concession stand on the Fairgrounds should check with the Commercial Exhibits Department to ensure a key to their building(s) is on file.If not, the Exhibitor/Concessionaire will be required to supply a key(s) to the Fair Office.At times, it becomes necessary to enter a concession, building and/or refrigeration/freezer equipment.If the Fair staff does not have a key, many delays are incurred, which could result in damage to an Exhibitor/Concessionaire’s concession or building.If an Exhibitor/Concessionaire loses the key to a Fair-owned building, the Exhibitor/Concessionaire will pay a $25 replacement fee.Failure to provide the Fair with proper keys could result in termination of your Commercial Exhibitor Contract.


During the Fair, any Exhibitor with large vehicles, storage trucks, or trailers need to use the designated public parking lots, A or C, which contain marked areas for trailer/storage unit parking.Lot A is located between Main and Plum streets on the north side of State Fair Road (northwest corner of the Fairgrounds) and Lot C is located just off 19th and Plum Street (east of the Grandstand).


An Exhibitor will receive an advance notice for his first and last payment, in order to ensure timely payment by the due date specified on his Contract by mail, email, or fax.

If an Exhibitor’s first payment is not received within 5 days following the due date, a $50 late fee will apply.If the first payment is not received within 15 days after the due date, the Contract will be cancelled and exhibit space reassigned.

If an Exhibitor’s final payment, Certificate of Insurance, and signed Contract are not received within five (5) days after due date specified on the Commercial Exhibits Contract, a $50 late fee will apply.Payments not received within 15 days of due date specified, may have Commercial Exhibits Contract cancelled, and any payment(s) made will be forfeited. Please see the “Dates to Remember” calendar at the front of the Manual for specific due dates.All late fees must be paid before the release of any Exhibitor credentials.


It is hereby understood and mutually agreed that the State of Kansas and/or Kansas State Fair Board and/or its Management shall not in any way be liable for any personal injury or property damage that may occur from any cause whatsoever to an Exhibitor or his employees, or for any public liability from any cause sustained within the space of his exhibit.

The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify, save and hold harmless the State of Kansas, the Fair Board, its General Manager, Assistant Manager, Physical Plant Manager, agents and employees, from any responsibility of any and all claims for compensation, social security, or any other personal liability or property damage that may arise from the fulfillment of this agreement.


Once an Exhibitor has been at the Fair for 10 consecutive Fairs and every ten Fairs thereafter, an Exhibitor receives $1 off his space cost for the appropriate number of consecutive fairs the exhibit has been here.For example, if this year is an Exhibitor’s 10th consecutive Kansas State Fair, they will receive $10 off their Commercial Exhibits Contract in the following year. If this year is an Exhibitor’s 30th Fair, they will receive $30 off, and so on.Also, during the Fair, the Exhibitor will receive a respective Longevity Certificate and rosette ribbon to display.Only Exhibitors who celebrate their 10th, 20th, 30th, etc. consecutive Fair will qualify for Longevity Awards.These awards will be presented during the annual Exhibitor Hospitality Breakfast and Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, September 10. The annual breakfast is held in the Encampment Building, Dillon Hall, and is sponsored by C/J Griffin Concessions and the Kansas State Fair.We appreciate the support of all Exhibitors and look forward to rewarding them with a token of our appreciation.


Mail for Exhibitors, through the postal system, is delivered to the Fair Administration Office.Exhibitors should check for mail at the Commercial Exhibits Department, between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, located in the Administration Building.Mail not picked up by the Monday following the Fair, or not properly identified, will be returned to the sender.Please address your mail as follows:

Your Company or Individual Name (Including DBA)

Location on Fairgrounds (Including Building and/or space number as it reads on Exhibitor Contract)

c/o Kansas State Fair

2000 N. Poplar Street

Hutchinson, KS 67502-5598


Check with the Administration Office or the Commercial Exhibits Department for more information.


All items for sale must be listed on your Contract and approved by the Commercial Exhibits Coordinator.Any item found to be objectionable by the Fair, whether advertised or offered for sale by an Exhibitor, shall be immediately withdrawn and removed from the premises at the time the request is made by the Fair.If an Exhibitor does not remove said items immediately as requested, the Fair may close the space and remove the Exhibitor without liability or refunds.

Exhibitors cannot display or sell any merchandise/products that are not listed on the Contract without prior approval of the Commercial Exhibits Director.Merchandise/products not listed/authorized on your Contract are subject to removal at the discretion of Fair Management. The Fair reserves the right to sell exclusive privileges on any merchandise/product it deems necessary.All merchandise/products placed in an exhibit area will be placed at the risk of the owner/Exhibitor. No requests for additions/changes of item/products to your Contracts will be accepted after August 1.

Fair Management reserves the right to determine whether merchandise/products are offensive or in poor taste and to prohibit the sale or display of such items.Any merchandise/products found to be objectionable by the Fair shall be removed immediately from the Exhibitor’s booth/space at the request made by the Fair.If the item(s) are not removed immediately, the Fair may close Exhibitor’s booth/space and remove Exhibitor without liability.Brand/logo merchandise that is not properly licensed shall not be sold at the Fair.No price fixing/undercutting will be allowed between any Exhibitors that have competing merchandise/products.

Any Exhibitor who sells large merchandise during the Fair must advise the customer that the merchandise can be released for pick up either after the building/area closing time (please see OPERATING HOURS-MANNING BOOTH for more information), or before 9:00 am, daily. Any special arrangements made are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.No special credentials will be issued by the Fair for this purpose.

All products/items sold at the Fair must be new. Used and/or remanufactured items are allowed, but must be stipulated and approved on the Commercial Exhibits Contract.The brand names of the products/items must be those normally carried by the company, and listed on the Contract.


Motorized scooters cannot be used on public streets, highways, or sidewalks; therefore, they will not be allowed to be used on the Kansas State Fairgrounds during the period of the Kansas State Fair.This does not apply to the mobility carts specifically required to assist the disabled.


It is understood and agreed between the Exhibitor and the Fair, that neither party shall be liable for non-performance of this agreement caused by strikes, lock-outs, flood, pestilence, acts of the elements, civil commotion, or by order of competent authority, disaster, epidemic, fire, Act of God, or arising or occurring before or during the Fair period, which shall render necessary a cancellation of such Fair in whole or in part.

In such an event, the Contract will stand cancelled, and as far as practical, we will refund to the Exhibitor any deposits, charges or payments, under the terms of the Contract, but it is distinctly understood and agreed that the Fair shall in no such event be liable to the Exhibitor for any damage or loss of expense incurred by reason of cancellation.


The Fair shall have the right to use or sell the Exhibitor's space(s) if not occupied by 11:00 am on the first Friday, and Exhibitor shall forfeit any and all payment(s) made.For last Sunday, see Operating Hours (Last Sunday)/Release Times.

Exhibitors must have at least one adult (18 years or older), at their space/exhibit/concession during the operating hours specified below.Spaces left unattended for long periods and multiple times throughout the Fair period, is grounds for cancellation of their Contract.The chart found on the following page lists the building hours for all inside exhibit buildings and Cottonwood Court (Food Court):

Ad Astra Pavilion, Eisenhower, Meadowlark, Pride of Kansas,

Day of Fair Sunflower North and South Buildings_________

First Friday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

First Saturday through Final Saturday8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Day of Fair Grandstand

First Friday11:00 am to 9:00 pm

First Saturday through Final Saturday10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Day of FairCottonwood Court

First Friday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

First Saturday through Final Saturday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Exhibitors may access the buildings one hour prior to the scheduled opening if they provide the Building Manager with approved identification and they must leave within 15 minutes of the scheduled closing.Any earlier entry into a building must be approved ahead of time by the Building Manager.

  • Entrance into Sunflower South and Sunflower North during above times will only be through the east front or south doors.
  • Entrance into the Grandstand during above times will only be through north end, south end, or west side center entrances.
  • Entrance into Meadowlark Building during above times will only be through the south side entrances, either east or west.
  • Entrance into Pride of Kansas Building during above times will only be through the southeast or the west entrance doors.

OUTSIDE EXHIBIT AREAS (with the exception of the High Traffic and Pike Areas)

Day of FairHours

First Friday11:00 am to 8:00 pm

First Saturday through last Saturday8:00 am to 8:00 pm

  • Must remain open until at least the time indicated above, but hours may be extended if you wish to remain open and the traffic warrants.

HIGH TRAFFIC/PIKE AREAS - 300-400 block of Pride of Kansas Avenue, and areas which include addresses in the following ranges:300 block of Ft. Riley Blvd; 300 and 400 block of Bison Blvd; 300 and 400 block of Grandstand Ave; and 300 and 400 block of Cottonwood Ave.

Day of FairHours

First Friday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

First Saturday through last Saturday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Food concessionaires will be permitted to begin operation before the first Friday of the Fair, if prior arrangements are made, and utility fees are paid.If you plan to open your concession early, please contact the Fair Office at least one week in advance of your opening.Gross sales made prior to the first Friday will be reported separately but at the same time your gross sales for the first Friday.

* Must remain open until at least the time indicated above, but hours may be extended if you wish to remain open and traffic warrants. Opening hours may be earlier for food concessionaires serving breakfast.


Loading of equipment and/or merchandise is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.For more information, see FORKLIFT SERVICES section.

Release time is defined as the time when an Exhibitor can begin to tear down and transport their exhibit from the fairgrounds.Booths should not be dismantled or loaded for movement before the release time specified.To gain access to the Fairgrounds, all vehicles must have the proper credentials.At 6:00 a.m. Monday following the Fair, parking credentials will no longer be required.Any Exhibitor that dismantles, removes, or vacates their booth, space, location, etc., before the assigned time, will not be invited to return to the Kansas State Fair.

The Fair assumes no risk or responsibility for any exhibit, equipment, product, etc. not removed from the fairgrounds after scheduled release time.

Inside Exhibit Buildings

All booths and materials/items in an Exhibitor's space must be dismantled and removed by noon, Tuesday, September 17, unless prior arrangements are made with the Building Manager or the Commercial Exhibits office. Any materials/items remaining after that day will be considered abandoned and will become the property of the Fair.Any costs incurred due to storage and/or removal of stated materials/items will be billed to the Exhibitor.

Outside Exhibitors

All equipment, structures, or other items must be removed by noon, Thursday, September 19, unless written approval is received from the Fair.At the close of the Fair, all items outside of an Exhibitor's building or space, must be removed or placed inside, if they are to be retained.See CONSTRUCTION AND IMPROVEMENTS-COVENANTS, 2 (b) covering signage.

Any materials/items remaining after Thursday, September 19, not properly provided for, will be considered abandoned and will become the property of the Fair.Any costs incurred for removal of stated materials/items will be billed to the Exhibitor.

Outside Exhibitors should supply a list to the Commercial Exhibits Department of any equipment, structures, or other items that will be left on the Fairgrounds until Thursday, September 19. This list should include the Company Name, location, a description of the item(s) that are to be left on the Fairgrounds, and a removal date.Description should include a brand name, color, name of item, etc.The Fair is not responsible for any items/products during the week after the Fair, or those that remain after Thursday, September 19.Please see the following for a map of release times on the final Sunday of the Fair.

Building Name

Release Time

Building Name

Release Time

Ad Astra Building

8:00 pm

Most outside areas

7:00 pm

Ag Products/Industrial Areas

6:00 pm

High Traffic/Pike Areas

8:00 pm

Cottonwood Court

8:00 pm

Pride of Kansas Building

6:00 pm

Eisenhower Building

7:00 pm

Pride of Kansas Avenue

7:00 pm

Expo Center

6:00 pm

Sunflower North Building

6:00 pm

Meadowlark Building

6:00 pm

Sunflower South Building

6:00 pm


7:00 pm


The following are additional items that pertain directly to Outside Exhibitors:


Ag Exhibitors must maintain 50% of their exhibit space assigned with agriculture-related products to retain the lower agriculture exhibit space rate.If it is determined an exhibit does not meet this specification, the additional charge will be assessed and paid at the Commercial Exhibits Department before the end of the Fair.


Display units can be moved out and replaced after 10:00 pm and before 8:00 am, daily, as long as prior approval of the Commercial Exhibits Department is received.All vehicle rotations (restocking, purchase pick-ups) should be done according to instructions given by the Commercial Exhibits Office.All vehicles on display must be NEW and comply with state regulations.


If an exhibitor needs to dig on the Fairgrounds, for any reason, at their exhibit location/space, prior approval must be obtained from the Fair.If approval is received for the digging, it is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to call 1-800-DIG-SAFE (344-7233) or use the website (select “Kansas”), at least two (2) full working days prior to the Exhibitor digging.This is a FREE service.It is recommended an Exhibitor mark specific dig areas with white paint, flags and/or stakes, prior to the arrival of the utility locator.The Exhibitor is expected to return the ground to its original condition, immediately after the Fair, if applies.


Kansas statutes provide for a Kansas new vehicle dealership the opportunity to display new vehicles at a location other than their licensed place of business.The “Display Permit” is valid for 15 days.The application for the permit must be received by the Dealer License Bureau in Topeka no less than 10 days prior to the first day on which the display is to begin.A new vehicle dealer must complete the following to obtain a permit:

  • Only Kansas licensed new vehicle dealers may apply to display at the fairgrounds in Hutchinson.
  • Complete a Display Show Application and Extension Request, form D-12B.The zoning portion of the application must be properly filled out.
  • Must be complied with the bond and insurance requirements in the Dealer Licensing and Manufacturing Act.
  • The completed D-12B along with the $15.00 permit fee is to be submitted to the Dealer Licensing Bureau in Topeka, Kansas.

Only dealers with the required Display Permit may display vehicles at the authorized location during the dates listed on the permit.No negotiations and/or sales of vehicles shall take place at the display location at any time.

The Display Show Application & Extension Request, form D-12B, is available online at under the forms and publication button, or by calling the Dealer Licensing Bureau in Topeka at 785-296-3621, press 6.


Display units can be moved out and replaced after 10:00 pm and before 8:00 am, daily, as long as prior approval of the Commercial Exhibits Department is received.All unit rotations should be done at Gate #3 (23rd and Main) only.

New, late model units (not over two model years back from current year) may be displayed, if they look like new, comply with state regulations, and qualify as no more than 10% of the total units on an exhibit space.


If an Exhibitor wishes to put down wood chips at their exhibit space before the Fair, it will be at the Exhibitor’s expense.Removal of the chips following the Fair will also be the Exhibitor’s responsibility, and must be removed by Thursday, September 19.An Exhibitor will be charged $50 for any chips remaining in his assigned exhibit space after this date.Payment of this charge must be made by due date specified, or issuance of a Contract for the next year’s fair will not be issued.

If periods of rain occur during the Fair and assistance is requested by an Exhibitor due to standing water, the Fair will then be responsible to remove the materials used after the Fair is completed.A log is kept during the Fair of where the materials are delivered.


Parking Hangtags are color coded for the personal vehicle parking lot(s) to which an Exhibitor is assigned.These hangtags should be placed on an Exhibitor’s vehicle rear view mirror and remain in place for the duration of the Fair or span of time the vehicle will be parked in the lot.Issuance of parking hangtags is based on space cost (see the ADMISSIONS section), but does not guarantee a space in the lot assigned. The Fair reserves the right to determine the number and color of lot assignments issued. The parking hangtag covers the full period of the Fair.Additional parking hangtags may be purchased for the Yellow Lot, northeast of the Carnival area, for $100 each or $10 daily at Gate 6.

Vehicle access to your exhibit building or location will be allowed until 8:00 am, with the proper hangtag.After 8:00 am, all vehicles must be parked in their assigned lot or in a public parking area.Vehicles parked illegally after 8:00 am, will be towed at the owner’s expense, to the impound lot located in the northeast corner, south of Maintenance Facility of Public Lot B.To retrieve your vehicle from the impound lot, an Exhibitor/patron needs to report to the Traffic Department, north of the Grandstand in the Maintenance Building and pay the tow charge fee.

Exhibitors are encouraged to begin using parking hangtags beginning on Thursday, September 5.Please arrange to pick up Exhibitor credentials packets prior to this date.This will help minimize unauthorized vehicle traffic prior to the Fair.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle parking is provided in a designated area south of 23rd Avenue and north of the Grandstands upon entering Gate 7 only.A Tan-7 hangtag must be used for the designated lot.This particular hangtag will only be issued as a part of an Exhibitor’s credential packet and should be requested prior to credentials being issued.Any Exhibitor who wishes to park a motorcycle in the designated area will be responsible for securing a hangtag to their motorcycle and The Kansas State Fair will not be held responsible in the event the hangtag is lost or stolen and the hangtag will not be reissued.

Reserved Parking

The fee for reserved parking is $200 and is included on an Exhibitor’s Contract.If an Exhibitor purchased Reserved Parking for the 2018 Fair, Reserved Parking fees will be reflected on the 2019 Contract and space will be assigned (if you do not see this on your contract please contact our office at 620-669-3600).Spaces are assigned in a “first come, first served” manner each year and are recorded in the order of payment received.If an Exhibitor would like to purchase a numbered reserved parking space or wish to forfeit Reserved Parking for the 2019 Fair, they should contact the Commercial Exhibits Department to check on availability.This space is to be used for regular sized vehicle parking only.Overnight camping or storage vehicle parking in a Reserved Parking space will not be allowed.Spaces are assigned based on the Contract date or request date.Additional requests will be filled based on date request is received.Hangtags for Reserved Parking MUST remain in a vehicle at all times while parked in assigned space or be subject to towing and/or assessed fines.


K.A.R. 116-2-1 states that no dogs, cats, or other pets, except seeing-eye dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and dogs trained to assist the handicapped shall be permitted on the fairgrounds during the annual Fair, except in areas designated by the Board.For information on the areas approved, contact the Commercial Exhibits Department prior to bringing any pets to the Fair.


Any exhibitor or concessionaire found to be in serious or chronic violation of any rules set forth by the Kansas State Fair, including, but not exclusive to this manual, shall be placed on probation.Written notification of the probationary status will be sent and compliance will be monitored.Non-compliance consequences will be designated by the Fair, which may include termination of the next year’s contract.


There are several blue recycling containers located on the Fairgrounds.Please put all cardboard, plastic, glass and paper items in the recycling container nearest your exhibit location.Break down all cardboard boxes and place them in the slot provided, leaving nothing outside of the recycling receptacle.Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


The Fair reserves the right to require any Exhibitor to move to some other location if found to be in the best interest of the Fair.


Roving vehicles are considered golf carts, small, or similar type and size of vehicles.Any roving vehicle being driven for personal use will be confiscated. The media, service vendors, and authorized Exhibitors are to supply their own roving vehicles.No advertising of any type is allowed on the roving vehicles.Roving vehicles are to be used only for the purpose implied.Absolutely no other use is authorized.All roving vehicles shall not exceed normal walking speed and must be operated in a safe and responsible manner at all times.Exhibitor is responsible for the insurance as stated in the Manual (see INSURANCE for more information).

The charge for each roving vehicle permit is $300 each.An Exhibitor should apply to the Commercial Exhibits Department if they wish to purchase this permit so the request can be considered and, if approved, the necessary payment can be made as a part of the Contract.This permit must be displayed on the roving vehicle at all times.If Roving Vehicle Permit fees were not included in the Exhibitor Contract, an Exhibitor should contact the Commercial Exhibits Department for more information.

Roving vehicles must ONLY access the lined area indicated on the map on the back of the roving vehicle tag before 9:00 am and after 9:00 pm.After 9:00 am, access is restricted to the areas shown on the back of the Roving Vehicle permit. Any roving vehicle caught in any restricted area outside of stated hours of access will forfeit their permit and a towing fee will be charged.The vehicle will remain in the tow lot for the duration of the Fair.

No refund will be made on any Roving Vehicle permits cancelled after August 1.A $10 administration fee will be deducted from any refund on Exhibitor Contract cancellations received prior to August 1.

Roving vehicle hangtags will NOT be in your credential packet or given until you have come to the Commercial Exhibits Department and sign the agreement.

***********Roving Vehicle Rules & Regulation Agreement:*************

The Kansas State Fair deeply values the safety and well-being of our employees and patrons who visit the Kansas State Fair each year. Due to the heightened risk of accidents during the Fair, resulting from extensive foot traffic congestion, unsafe driving habits and distraction, the Kansas State Fair is instituting clear boundaries as to the use of such vehicles by employees, service/delivery vendors, sponsors & commercial exhibitors.

* Utility vehicle, work vehicle and Golf cart traffic should be kept to a minimum inside the boundary, indicated by the dotted line on the provided map, only using such vehicle inside boundary for emergent needs that serve to advance the operation of the KSF or that provide a service to KSF Vendors, Exhibitors, Administrative staff, etc.

* If a roving vehicle is required to be utilized in the performance of a job inside this boundary, marked by dotted line, please use the route indicated on the map and gain access as close to the job as possible adhering to a reduced safe speed to maximize the safety of patrons and other employees. Please exit from the job in the same manner as you entered.

* Speed inside the outlined boundary should be based on foot traffic and other potential cart traffic. Please reduce speed to maximize everyone’s safety.

* The grayed-out area in the middle of the map is strictly off limits to vehicle traffic from 8 a.m. – midnight to Utility vehicles, Work vehicles & Golf Carts unless authorized to proceed by KSF personnel. Otherwise, this area needs to be accessed by walking only.

* These vehicles are not to be used for joyriding during the Fair to look at the sites. Vehicles are to be used for Fair business only.

Employees, service/delivery vendors, sponsors & commercial exhibitors that pay for and have been issued a roving vehicle hangtag and use these vehicles during the Fair are expected to operate them in a safe and courteous manner. We are here to perform a job and ensure the patrons who come to the Fair have a wonderful experience.

All utility and golf cart roving vehicles used in connection with the Kansas State Fair (“KSF”) are required to have a KSF issued operation roving permit while on the KSF

grounds, parking lots, and campground. Permits are required during move-in, during the KSF, and move-out. Permits are only issued for utility and golf cart vehicles that serve to advance the operation of the KSF or that provide a service to KSF vendors, exhibitors, administration staff, etc. Permits are not issued to the general fair going public. Permits are $300 and are non-refundable. Staff, service/delivery vendors, sponsors & commercial exhibitor permits are issued by the Commercial Exhibit Department. Permits are issued at the discretion of the KSF. A Certificate of Liability Insurance evidencing the insurance required in this Agreement, naming the Kansas State Fair Board as additional insureds (collectively, the “Additional Insureds”), is required for the utility or golf cart vehicle at the time the undersigned applies for a permit. Utility/golf cart Vehicles without a roving permit will not be allowed on KSF grounds at any time. High-powered motorized sports vehicles and utility vehicles over 120” and that have an enclosed cab are not permitted.

KSF has the authority to revoke roving permits, impound any roving vehicle permit issued by the KSF and require any privately - owned utility vehicle or golf cart to be removed from the KSF grounds, in their sole discretion.

The following requirements exist in order to receive a roving permit: 1) Agree to the terms stated above, sign, pay for permit and abide by the KSF Roving Vehicle Rules and Regulations Agreement, which includes a mandatory roving vehicle path map, included. 2) Provide a valid driver’s license issued by a state entity and kept on file with the signed roving Agreement.


Kansas imposes state retailer’s sales tax, plus applicable local taxes on the following:

  • Retail sale, rental or lease of tangible personal property
  • Labor services to install, apply, repair, service, alter or maintain tangible personal property
  • Admissions to entertainment, amusement or recreation places in Kansas

In general, all retail sales are subject to the Kansas Retailers’ Sales Tax. That includes businesses and individuals making retail sales of tangible property at the Kansas State Fair. In an effort to ensure that all vendors (Exhibitors and concessionaires) at the Kansas State Fair comply with the Kansas Statutes and to help create a level playing field for you, the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) teams with the Kansas State Fair to assure all vendors selling tangible property are current with their Kansas state tax obligations.

The KDOR is made aware of those signing a contract to participate in the State Fair.Collection efforts on vendors not in compliance by KDOR accelerate.If required, actions may take place during the Fair.Therefore, your voluntary compliance is encouraged.To be successful, make certain this obligation is given full attention.

The Kansas Department of Revenue’s expectations of a Kansas State Fair vendor (Exhibitor or Concessionaire)

  • Make certain all past due taxes are filed and paid in full prior to you participating in the Fair
  • Have a current sales tax certificate and agree to remit the tax collected immediately after the event. (KSA 79-3608).
  • If you do not have a sales tax number because sales are made less than four times per year, stop by the fair office and acquire a special event sales tax packet. A sales tax certificate specific to the State Fair will be included.
  • If you sell more than four times per year in Kansas, you can apply on-line for a sales tax number at
  • Be aware of the current sales tax rate for the 2018 Kansas State Fair. Current rates and bracket cards are found at
  • If selling tangible personal property at the event have your records from sales at the event available during business hours. (A requirement of KSA 79-3609).

KDOR Agents will be on-site to answer questions and collect event taxes. Dates and times will be posted upon arrival to the event.Please cooperate fully with the KDOR Agent who may be in contact with you.

You may email your tax related question to ; fax to 1-866-743-4812 or mail to KDOR Special Events, 1883 W 21st St N, Wichita, KS 67203-2104.Contact a KDOR Special Event Agent by calling 785-207-4972 in Wichita or 785-207-1572 in Kansas City.

If an exhibitor is out of compliance at any time prior to the beginning of the Fair, the Fair reserves the right to cancel the exhibitor’s contract with no refund issued.


This service makes continuous rounds to transport fairgoers to the nearest entrance gate.Operating hours are from 9:00 am until 30 minutes after the last Grandstand event ends.


The following applies to all Exhibitor signage during the Kansas State Fair:

Inside Exhibits

All signs placed in an Exhibitor's booth, must be within the space assigned.No signs of any type will be allowed to exceed the 8' height of the booth, with exception of those exhibit spaces along an outer wall.All signs must be removed from the exhibit buildings by Tuesday following the Fair.Exhibitors in an exhibit building are not permitted to drive any nails, hooks, tacks, staples, screws, tape, etc. to walls, ceilings or doors for the purpose of hanging signs, or other items.

Exhibitors located on outer walls in exhibit buildings may exceed the 8' height limit with prior approval, if the display does not interfere with emergency lighting required by the Kansas State Fire Marshal.Signs on outer walls may not exceed 12' in height.The decision of the Fair will be final.

The Fair reserves the right to regulate the commodities and services offered by Exhibitors, and the type and location of price signs Exhibitors post for the benefit of patrons.

Advertising by means of posters, handbills, etc., on buildings, trees, posts or other locations on the fairgrounds is not permitted.See K.A.R. 116-3-2 on SOLICITING AND ADVERTISING for more information.

Outside Exhibits

Signs placed on the exterior of an Exhibitor's building/display must be installed within the space assigned, to include A-frame type signage.Any type of signage will not be allowed to protrude outside the actual space assigned, nor allowed to exceed the height of a building or display, without written permission of the Fair.No signage will be permitted on any type of fencing owned by the Fair.

For more information on Signage, see CONSTRUCTION AND IMPROVEMENTS, 2 (b).


All buildings are designated as "No Smoking" per K.S.A. Law 21-4010.Violation of this act is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $20 for each violation.


Exhibitors shall exhibit, sell, or give away, only such items as are listed on the Commercial Exhibits Contract.Exhibitors are to operate only within the confines of the assigned area authorized by their Commercial Exhibits Contract.Signs or advertising material of any kind that is deemed objectionable by the Fair will be removed without liability to the Fair.Exhibitors will not provide derogatory information regarding another Commercial Exhibitor or product that is being displayed or sold at the Fair.

K.A.R. 116-3-2 covers soliciting and advertising.All persons, groups or firms that desire to sell, exhibit or distribute materials during the annual Fair or any non-fair event shall do so only from a fixed location on the fairgrounds as authorized by lease or agreement with the Kansas State Fair.

  • The sale, posting or distribution of any merchandise, products, promotional items, printed or written material, except as authorized by Contract or agreement with the Kansas State Fair shall be prohibited.Authorized merchandise, products, promotional items and printed or written materials may be offered to any Fair patron, employee, guest or visitor from the fixed location.
  • Kansas State Fair requests that all Exhibitors maintain a reasonable return/refund/exchange policy for patrons during the fair. If refunds are not offered by exhibitors, signage must be prominently displayed in the exhibit booth/space stating that refunds are not offered. Kansas State Fair does not support or condone a “no refund” policy by Exhibitors.
  • The operation or parking of any sound trucks, or vehicles upon which any advertising signs, political or otherwise, have been affixed in any manner shall be prohibited inside and outside of the fenced-off areas of the Fairgrounds.Nothing in this rule shall be construed as applicable to lettered service trucks advertising a firm or its products while making necessary deliveries of merchandise or service to concessionaires, commercial or institutional Exhibitors on the Fairgrounds, or the normal advertising on bumpers and windows of motor vehicles.Violation of this K.A.R. is grounds for cancellation of space.


It is the goal of the Fair to maintain a sound/noise level in all exhibit areas so as not to disturb others.The Fair reserves the right to control the use of, and volume of, any loudspeakers, radios, musical instruments, or any noise making devices that might interfere with Exhibitors or others in the immediate area.This also includes individuals that might be too loud verbally and disturbing other Exhibitors or patrons in the area.Exhibitors must have prior approval for use of a public address (PA) system, or any type device used for sound and/or that makes noise.We encourage Exhibitors to be considerate of their neighbors in this respect, but do understand that some Exhibitors use sound as part of their operation.

Those items approved for sound must be kept at a reasonable volume, so as not to disturb Exhibitors in the same area from conducting business.The Fair has final authority as to what is objectionable and any decisions pertaining to the sound level, or individual being too loud, will be final.

If an Exhibitor does not comply with sound notices, an Exhibitor may be asked to discontinue use of sound device, or as applies to the situation.If the complaint has been on a specific individual, they may be asked to vacate booth/space/trailer/building being occupied.


In order to be non-discriminatory to all Exhibitors, the following is the procedure followed when requesting additional space, or a change in location. Complete the “Contract Change Request” form, which is found in “forms” or may be obtained from Commercial Exhibits office.Please return it with the signed Contract, along with your first half or full payment, immediately for consideration of your requested change. Your request will be addressed by the date an Exhibitor’s signed Contract, payment, and request form are all received in our office.Once all Contracts are returned, we will determine what spaces are available and address your request.Completion of this form does not guarantee your request will be accommodated.


Any Exhibitor planning to use any kind of entertainment or special attraction, including characters in costume, bands, or individual musicians, in an assigned exhibit space, must have said entertainment approved in writing by the Kansas State Fair.You will find a request form for this purpose in the ‘Forms’ section in this manual or online.Requests must be received by August 1 and should include a schedule that lists the names of entertainer(s) or attraction(s) and the date(s) and time(s) performances are scheduled for each.The Exhibitor will be notified if the request is approved.Any APPROVED entertainment or special attraction MUST REMAIN IN THE ASSIGNED EXHIBIT SPACE during the Fair.The Exhibitor is responsible for all gate admissions, etc. for entertainment or attraction personnel admittance into the Fair.Any approved entertainment must abide by the rules and regulations contained in this Manual.


Storage space on the Fairgrounds is available to Exhibitors/Concessionaires during the winter, if needed.Any Exhibitor/Concessionaire who wishes to store concession trailers, exhibit equipment, etc. for the winter should contact the Special Events/Facility Rental Department at (620)669-3608.A Storage Contract will be filled out and payment for storage will be due at the time the Contract is signed.Prior to the Fair, everyone with storage Contracts will be notified of a date and time for their items to be removed.


An Exhibitor shall not sublet, sell, assign, or apportion the whole or any part of the space(s) assigned.An Exhibitor shall not allow any other party to exhibit any goods or advertising matter, other than those manufactured, distributed or sold by the Exhibitor in the regular course of business, from their assigned space(s).

Representatives from a firm or company not exhibiting at the Kansas State Fair are not permitted to solicit business or take orders from an Exhibitor's assigned space(s).Any violations will be grounds for cancellation of the Contract.


The pickup and delivery of supplies and materials, to outside areas, by vehicle, will not be permitted between the hours of 8:00 am and 12 Midnight during the duration of the Fair.


Any Exhibitor who wishes to use a stationary trailer or vehicle, used for product stock and supply on their exhibit space during the Fair, is considered to have a Support/Supply Unit.Units approved for placement will be required to pay the $200 fee in advance and display the proper hangtag. An Exhibitor/Concessionaire should notify the Commercial Exhibits Department they would like to purchase a Support Unit hangtag to generate a copy of the increased Contract fees to the Exhibitor.Support Units must fit within the purchased booth space.Support Units will be in place by 11:00 am the first Friday of the Fair and will not be moved from the Exhibitor/Concessionaire exhibit space until the assigned release time, the final Sunday of the Fair.

Electrical service required for any Support Unit must be paid for in advance according to established rates.

Support Units will not be used as living units.If an Exhibitor/Concessionaire intends to use a Support/Supply Units as a dwelling during the Fair, a $275 Camper as a Living Unit fee applies, rather than the $200 fee.The proper hang tag will be issued for this unit and placed with the credentials or issued at the time of request/approval.


If an Exhibitor requires a phone line at your exhibit during the Fair, it is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to initiate the installment and pay for telephone service.This service is a temporary commercial service, and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of the Fair.To schedule temporary commercial service, please contact AT&T at 800-485-1160 and tell them you need to establish temporary service for a special event.When speaking with AT&T, be sure to inquire about all charges that may apply and advise the customer service representative you will need a phone jack, since this is a temporary service from year to year.No alterations will be made to existing phone lines, without prior approval, to accommodate Exhibitor phone service after August 15.

Additionally, you must provide AT&T your specific location and the company name (including DBA) as listed on your Commercial Exhibits Contract when ordering to ensure the service is connected in the correct location.For billing purposes, the Exhibitor should provide the customer service representative a home or business address to avoid any delay in mailing the service bill.After the temporary phone line is installed on the Fairgrounds, please notify the Fair's switchboard ((620)669-3600) of the number so inquiries can be directed to you.Do not leave your phone line unattended.For repairs on phone service during the Fair, call 1-800-286-8313 (24 Hours).You will need to hold on the line so an operator can assist you, do not select a number to pass.


K.A.R. 116-4-1.Definitions."Fairgrounds Proper" means any area on the Kansas State Fairgrounds, located in Hutchinson, Kansas, that is enclosed by the security fence.This area is approximately one hundred ten (110) acres and contains the major physical plant, exhibit, show, and attraction facilities.

K.A.R. 116-4-2.Tent camping on the Fairgrounds proper shall not be permitted during the period of the annual Kansas State Fair.


There will be traffic control personnel on the grounds beginning on Labor Day through 8:00 am, Monday following the Fair.All traffic questions, including those regarding towed vehicles, should be directed to the Traffic Office, located in the Maintenance Building at the northeast corner of the Fairgrounds.The direct phone to the Traffic Office is (620) 669-3838 and is only operable during the Fair.


Tram service is in operation daily during the Fair.The trams travel a loop of the perimeter of the fairgrounds.They begin operating at approximately 9:00 a.m. and cease at sunset.


The following applies to Exhibitor utility services:

Electrical Service

The Fair does not assume responsibility or liability for electrical failures of any kind, nor for damage to equipment/property caused by drops or increases in power supply, low voltage or power surges and shall not be liable for loss of profits or revenue, loss of use of equipment, cost of capital, cost of temporary equipment (including additional expenses incurred in using electrical facilities), claims of customers of the Exhibitor, or for any special, indirect, or consequential damages due to interruption or fluctuation in service on the grounds.

If it is determined by the Electrical Department that an Exhibitor is using more power than they are entitled and creates a power overload in any exhibit area(s), said Exhibitor will be required to purchase additional electrical service or possibly asked to move to a different location if the increase in electricity is not available in the original location.Positively no one shall tamper with or change any electrical circuitry, general illumination, electric connection or installation without the approval and supervision of the Fair Staff.Padlocks will remain on Electrical Panel boxes.If the locks are removed by any Exhibitor, a fine of $50 will be assessed.

If electrical service is above the amount contracted for, charges for labor, equipment, and materials for the hookup or upgrade on electrical service, will be at the expense of the Exhibitor prior to use of the electric service.

Building Exhibitors

The Fair will furnish the Exhibitor one (1) 30 amp, 110 volt electrical outlet per exhibit booth.Availability and cost of any additional service requested above the 30 amp, 110 volt service supplied will require approval by the Commercial Exhibits Director.

Outside Area Exhibitors, and Concessions

The Fair does not include electrical service for outside Exhibitors with their contract. If an outside Exhibitor requires electrical service before the Tuesday after Labor Day, an Exhibitor must notify the Kansas State Fair Commercial Exhibits Department to schedule the hookup. If you are requesting to increase or add more electrical hook ups it will be dependent on availability in that area and will be assigned first come first serve. No electricity will be hooked up without the colored electrical slip. If you do not have your slip with you or you are not at your space at the time of request you will not be connected. If you miss place or left your electrical slip in another area, no other slips will be recreated. YOU MUST HAVE ELECTRICAL SLIP FOR CONNECTION. For outside electrical service rates, please contact the Commercial Exhibits Office at 620-669-3612 or 620-669-3606. Service size will be determined by the size of the main disconnecting unit, and will be checked prior to hookup. If type of electrical service needed is not available, all costs to bring service to Exhibitor's location will be at the expense of the Exhibitor.

Every Exhibitor must provide proper size and approved cable to connect to an existing service outlet, or pay the electrician for any equipment/materials needed for the hookup.Extension cords used outdoors must be for heavy duty use and appropriate for wet/damp locations.All vendors must use GFCI-protected extension cords.The Electrician reserves the right to refuse to connect any electrical service to equipment not considered safe.

Most outside exhibit areas at the Fair have been upgraded and will require a 30 Amp RV Adaptor in order to plug into a 110 Volt, 20 Amp plug.These can be purchased from the Electrical Department upon your arrival or you can bring your own.

The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to determine electrical load maximums on transformers and limit service as necessary.

The wire sizes required for each size electrical service (in accordance with National Electrical Codes) is as follows:

If electrical service has not been used and is cancelled by August 1, an Exhibitor will receive a refund, less a $10 service charge.Electrical service cancelled after August 1 will not be refunded.

If electrical service was paid with the Contract, an Exhibitor should notify the Commercial Exhibits Department when they are ready for the electrical service to be hooked up.

If the electrical service was not included on your Contract, service may be available.An Exhibitor should make arrangements for electrical service with the Commercial Exhibits Department.

All wiring and materials, except that furnished by the Exhibitor, or actually purchased by the Exhibitor, shall remain the property of the Fair.All electrical work done on the Kansas State Fairgrounds is at the expense of the Exhibitor and must be done by a qualified, bonded contractor per the Kansas Department of Labor.All work must be done under the supervision of the Electrical Department of the Kansas State Fair.

If an Exhibitor has made changes in electrical service that the Fair is unaware of, or an Exhibitor feels the amps or volts are not correct, please notify the Commercial Exhibits Department immediately. The Electrical Department can recheck the service before the Fair is over.

Gas Service

Exhibitors using gas will be charged a flat fee and the fee will be included on the Contract.Each Exhibitor is responsible for the maintenance of the lines from the point where they hook into existing Fair main lines, for as long as the Exhibitor uses the service.If the service is not available, the Exhibitor is responsible for extending service to the location, with prior approval of the Fair.Once installed it becomes the property of the Fair.

All utility service must meet or exceed Hutchinson City Code.The Fair reserves the right to shut off or disconnect any utility if it is determined by the Fair that the lines do not meet its standards, or if any relocation is deemed necessary.The Fair is not responsible or liable for any gas failure.

Water and Sewer

Any exhibitor/concessionaire requiring the use of water for their exhibit will be assessed a flat fee.

In the event these services are not available, the Exhibitor will be responsible for extending the services to their location, with prior approval of the Fair.The Fair is not responsible or liable for any water failure.For more information, see Water Hoses & Hose Bibs.

All Exhibitors are responsible to see that all water and sewer lines have been drained and winterized within two weeks following the last day of the Fair.The Fair is not responsible for any water or sewage lines inside of a building/concession used by the Exhibitor.An exterior shutoff, with a bleed-off faucet, must be provided and installed by the Exhibitor.

By law, all gray water must be dumped or pumped into a sanitary SEWER DRAIN (NOT A STORM DRAIN).Please plan accordingly if you will need to use a holding tank.Any Exhibitor found dumping or pumping into/onto anything other than an authorized sanitary sewer drain will be assessed a fine.The fine will reflect all labor and materials required to repair any damage with a minimum of $300.

Any Exhibitor/Concessionaire that connects to an outside water source, with either their concession trailer or an approved recreational vehicle, must provide a hose bib vacuum breaker.If an Exhibitor does not own a hose bib, it can be purchased from the Commercial Exhibits Office.

Water Hoses & Hose Bibs

Concessionaires should bring sufficient water hose(s) to connect to nearest water source.The Kansas State Fair asks that you use a 3/4" rubber hose, and not vinyl as rubber is more flexible.If a Concessionaire installs a water hose over a walkway, street, or through an Exhibitor's space, it must be approved by the Commercial Exhibits Director and/or covered with rubber mats, etc., to prevent any possible accidents that may occur.

All Food/Drink Concessionaires connecting a water hose to an outside water outlet must use a hose bib vacuum breaker.This is required for each hose connected at the water source and is a requirement of the Kansas Department of Agriculture.Hose bibs can be purchased from the Commercial Exhibits Office, if a Concessionaire does not have his own.

Once any utility is installed, it becomes property of the State of Kansas, and will remain under the control of the Fair.The Exhibitor will continue to be responsible for the maintenance of the lines from the point where they are hooked into the existing Fair main lines for as long as the Exhibitor uses the service.All utility service must meet or exceed Hutchinson City Code.The Fair reserves the right to shut off or disconnect the utility when it is determined by the Fair that lines do not meet the Fair's standards, or if any relocation is deemed necessary.


Exhibitors are not allowed to have weapons of any kind on the fairgrounds during the Fair.A weapon is considered anything that is used for fighting or a means of attack or defense.Weapons are not allowed as part of an Exhibitor’s booth.If any weapon is found, it will be turned over to the authorities. Exhibitors given approval to sell decorative-type weapons must keep them in some type of covered, securable display case.


An Exhibitor should be prepared for inclement weather at any time.It is recommended an Exhibitor state if they have product(s) and/or item(s) needing protection from any inclement weather on the Exhibitor Contract.When an Exhibitor knows they have product(s) and/or item(s) which need protection from the elements, they should bring something to the Fair that attempts to raise products/items two (2) to three (3) inches off the ground in the event of rain.A suggestion would be a floor made with pallets or other wood materials.Exhibitors are fully responsible for their own products/items and any damage that may occur from the weather.


A yellow paint line at the front, sides and, in some cases, the back of your location indicates the placement of an Exhibitor’s space or concession items.No Exhibitor or its respective items should protrude past these lines, including any awnings when assembled, trailer hitches, A-frame signage, etc.Should an Exhibitor or Concessionaire have any specific questions regarding the above, please check with the Commercial Exhibits Department before placing any concession trailer(s), building(s), or concession items, etc.

State of Kansas

Department of Administration

DA-146a(Rev. 06-12)


In accordance with HB 2409.2017Legislative Session, the State of Kansas shall not enter into a contract with any individual or Company to acquirer or dispose of services, supplies, information technology or construction, unless such individual or Company submits a written certification that such Individual or company is not currently engaged in a boycott of Israel.


Important:This form contains mandatory contract provisions and must be attached to or incorporated in all copies of any contractual agreement.If it is attached to the vendor/contractor's standard contract form, then that form must be altered to contain the following provision:

"The Provisions found in Contractual Provisions Attachment (Form DA-146a, Rev. 06-12), which is attached hereto, are hereby incorporated in this contract and made a part thereof."

The parties agree that the following provisions are hereby incorporated into the contract to which it is attached and made a part thereof, said contract being the 1st day of January, 2014.

1.Terms Herein Controlling Provisions:It is expressly agreed that the terms of each and every provision in this attachment shall prevail and control over the terms of any other conflicting provision in any other document relating to and a part of the contract in which this attachment is incorporated.Any terms that conflict or could be interpreted to conflict with this attachment are nullified.

2.Kansas Law and Venue:This contract shall be subject to, governed by, and construed according to the laws of the State of Kansas, and jurisdiction and venue of any suit in connection with this contract shall reside only in courts located in the State of Kansas.

3.Termination Due To Lack Of Funding Appropriation:If, in the judgment of the Director of Accounts and Reports, Department of Administration, sufficient funds are not appropriated to continue the function performed in this agreement and for the payment of the charges hereunder, State may terminate this agreement at the end of its current fiscal year.State agrees to give written notice of termination to contractor at least 30 days prior to the end of its current fiscal year, and shall give such notice for a greater period prior to the end of such fiscal year as may be provided in this contract, except that such notice shall not be required prior to 90 days before the end of such fiscal year.Contractor shall have the right, at the end of such fiscal year, to take possession of any equipment provided State under the contract.State will pay to the contractor all regular contractual payments incurred through the end of such fiscal year, plus contractual charges incidental to the return of any such equipment.Upon termination of the agreement by State, title to any such equipment shall revert to contractor at the end of the State's current fiscal year.The termination of the contract pursuant to this paragraph shall not cause any penalty to be charged to the agency or the contractor.

4.Disclaimer Of Liability:No provision of this contract will be given effect that attempts to require the State of Kansas or its agencies to defend, hold harmless, or indemnify any contractor or third party for any acts or omissions. The liability of the State of Kansas is defined under the Kansas Tort Claims Act (K.S.A. 75-6101 et seq.).

5.Anti-Discrimination Clause:The contractor agrees: (a) to comply with the Kansas Act Against Discrimination (K.S.A. 44-1001 et seq.) and the Kansas Age Discrimination in Employment Act (K.S.A. 44-1111 et seq.) and the applicable provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.) (ADA) and to not discriminate against any person because of race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin or ancestry, or age in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities; (b) to include in all solicitations or advertisements for employees, the phrase "equal opportunity employer"; (c) to comply with the reporting requirements set out at K.S.A. 44-1031 and K.S.A. 44-1116; (d) to include those provisions in every subcontract or purchase order so that they are binding upon such subcontractor or vendor; (e) that a failure to comply with the reporting requirements of (c) above or if the contractor is found guilty of any violation of such acts by the Kansas Human Rights Commission, such violation shall constitute a breach of contract and the contract may be cancelled, terminated or suspended, in whole or in part, by the contracting state agency or the Kansas Department of Administration; (f) if it is determined that the contractor has violated applicable provisions of ADA, such violation shall constitute a breach of contract and the contract may be cancelled, terminated or suspended, in whole or in part, by the contracting state agency or the Kansas Department of Administration.

Contractor agrees to comply with all applicable state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

The provisions of this paragraph number 5 (with the exception of those provisions relating to the ADA) are not applicable to a contractor who employs fewer than four employees during the term of such contract or whose contracts with the contracting State agency cumulatively total $5,000 or less during the fiscal year of such agency.

6.Acceptance Of Contract:This contract shall not be considered accepted, approved or otherwise effective until the statutorily required approvals and certifications have been given.

7.Arbitration, Damages, Warranties:Notwithstanding any language to the contrary, no interpretation of this contract shall find that the State or its agencies have agreed to binding arbitration, or the payment of damages or penalties. Further, the State of Kansas and its agencies do not agree to pay attorney fees, costs, or late payment charges beyond those available under the Kansas Prompt Payment Act (K.S.A. 75-6403), and no provision will be given effect that attempts to exclude, modify, disclaim or otherwise attempt to limit any damages available to the State of Kansas or its agencies at law, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

8.Representative's Authority To Contract:By signing this contract, the representative of the contractor thereby represents that such person is duly authorized by the contractor to execute this contract on behalf of the contractor and that the contractor agrees to be bound by the provisions thereof.

9.Responsibility For Taxes:The State of Kansas and its agencies shall not be responsible for, nor indemnify a contractor for, any federal, state or local taxes which may be imposed or levied upon the subject matter of this contract.

10.Insurance:The State of Kansas and its agencies shall not be required to purchase any insurance against loss or damage to property or any other subject matter relating to this contract, nor shall this contract require them to establish a "self-insurance" fund to protect against any such loss or damage.Subject to the provisions of the Kansas Tort Claims Act (K.S.A. 75-6101 et seq.), the contractor shall bear the risk of any loss or damage to any property in which the contractor holds title.

11.Information:No provision of this contract shall be construed as limiting the Legislative Division of Post Audit from having access to information pursuant to K.S.A. 46-1101 et seq.

12.The Eleventh Amendment:"The Eleventh Amendment is an inherent and incumbent protection with the State of Kansas and need not be reserved, but prudence requires the State to reiterate that nothing related to this contract shall be deemed a waiver of the Eleventh Amendment."

13.Campaign Contributions / Lobbying:Funds provided through a grant award or contract shall not be given or received in exchange for the making of a campaign contribution.No part of the funds provided through this contract shall be used to influence or attempt to influence an officer or employee of any State of Kansas agency or a member of the Legislature regarding any pending legislation or the awarding, extension, continuation, renewal, amendment or modification of any government contract, grant, loan, or cooperative agreement.



The PDF below provides an example of our insurance requirements for your convenience.


Need help finding that important due date? See below for a calendar specific to all important Commercial Vendor dates regarding the 2018 Kansas State Fair.


  • February 15- 1st half payment & signed contract is due
  • February 22-Late fees applied on first payment
  • July 5- 2nd half payment reminders sent
  • July 15- 2nd half payment and signed contract due. Any cancellations after this date will receive a refund equal to HALF of all payments made.
  • July 22- Late fees applied to past due second payments
  • August 1- Final date for Drawing, Giveaway & Special Activity Applications
  • August 1- Final date for all Menu Changes
  • August 1- Final date to opt. out of doing the Tasting Tuesday for concessions only.
  • August 1- Final date to receive written notice of contract cancellation. Any Cancellations after this date WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.
  • August 15- All advance Gate Ticket Orders are due
  • August 20-Credential pickup begins
  • August 24- Outside exhibitors begin display
  • Sept. 1-Fair Office is open 8am-5pm
  • Sept 2 - Fair office is closed
  • Sept. 3-Labor Day Inside exhibitors may begin setting up booth spaces. Exhibit buildings are open from 8 am and locked at 5 pm. Fair Office is also open from 8 am- 5 pm.
  • Sept 4-6- Exhibit buildings open from 8am to 9pm for exhibitor booth set up.
  • Sept 7-16- 2018 KANSAS STATE FAIR
  • Sept 17-21- Fair office open 8 am- to 5 pm
  • Sept 20- Inside exhibitors displays/booths should be completely removed from buildings
  • Sept 22- Outside exhibitor displays/booths should be completely removed from grounds
  • October 8-12- Building Concession Inspections
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