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Grandstand Concert Tickets
    • Avoid the line. Buy early using the Kansas State Fair Website. (small processing fee for online)
    • Everyone 2 years old and older requires a ticket for the seating in concerts & VIP events. No exceptions to this. Younger children may sit on a lap but not in a seat as there will usually not be an empty seat in the Row next to the family. That means no strollers or baby carriers in another person’s seat area.
    • There are no children or senior prices for any of the concerts.
All seats are metal bench seats with backs. Seat Cushions may be rented at two locations, on ground level and on the mezzanine level.Customers can leave these on the seats after the concert.

    • Westside entrances of Grandstand are NOT ADA compliant.Only direct people to these if they are sitting in rows 15 or above.
    • North and south are ADA compliant and are the only way to get to the ADA seating in Rows 1 and 2. This includes mobility devices and customers that have difficulty doing stairs.
    • South Gate – Walk-in gate
    • Track Gate – south of stage, leads to entertainer’s lounge, not accessible to the public. Usually where Meet and Greets gather when these are offered.
    • Floor seating: Enter the Grandstand from the south end walk-in gate. A wristband is issued for persons with floor seating.
    • Grandstand seating: From ground level into the Grandstand: there are 17 small steps into the first row, three additional steps into row 2, and three additional steps into the general seating. There are handrails up to row 3.
    • Low seating: Row 3 of Sections D and G are available for persons needing low seating, but do not want to sit in the ADA seating areas.These are sold only in the Ticket Office.
    • ADA Seating: Accessible seating will be available for purchase in the same methods available for regular ticket purchases, which includes the internet. Customers on the internet must use the Select Seats button. A disabled person can have up to 3 companions. Must purchase at least 1 wheelchair seat with each order.
Other information
    • Parking for patrons with disabilities is located east of Plum Street in Public Parking Lot C – by Gates 8 & 9. Other ADA parking is at Gate 5, off State Fair Road by the Encampment Building. Mobility Rentals are located at Gates 5 & 9.
    • Row 8 has the poles; it is a wider row with more leg room. It is not a walkway.
    • Sound equipment is in Section E, rows 16-20; spotlights are in the last three rows of E and F.
Do(s) and Don’t(s) for Concert Attendees:
    • Photographs may only be taken from your seat; cannot go down front to take pictures. Only handheld cameras (non-professional). No video recording of any type.
    • No smoking or vaping in the Grandstand seating areas. Smoking is allowed on the ground level in designated area.
    • No bottles or glass containers. Food and drink purchased elsewhere on the Fairgrounds is allowed.
    • Purses and bags may be checked if request by the entertainer.
    • Signs are allowed but may not interfere with another person’s view. (must be under 40 x 36 and collapsible).
    • Concert etiquette - Limit standing for extended periods of time.

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