Midway Tickets and Schedule

Midway Tickets and Schedule

2023 Midway Schedule

Friday, September 8 Wristband Day 3:00 pm to 10pm
Saturday, September 9 11:00 am to 11pm
Sunday, September 10 Noon to 10pm
Monday, September 11 Wristband Day Noon - 10pm
Tuesday, September 12 Wristband Day 1pm - 10pm
Wednesday, September 13 Wristband Day Noon - 10pm
Thursday, September 14 Wristband Day
Thrifty Thursday Special - Available at Midway Ticket Booths Only - $30
3pm - 10pm
Friday, September 15 Wristband Day Noon - 11pm
Saturday, September 16 11am to 11pm
Sunday, September 17 Wristband Day Noon - 8pm
Presale wristband vouchers will be offered @ $30 through the Fair Ticket Office until August 31st 2022.
Midway Ride Sheets

Midway Ride Sheets

Midway Ride Sheets have 20 tickets per sheet. Midway rides take from 2 - 4 tickets per person depending on the ride; except on Monday, Dillons day, when most rides are 1 ticket per ride or $2 per ticket.

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How to Purchase a Ride Sheet

  • Purchase a Voucher at any Dillons Store, or through the Kansas State Fair online or by phone. The voucher will be exchanged for actual tickets at the Midway.
  • Purchase a 20 ticket Ride Sheets at the KSF Ticket Office.
  • $20, if purchased through Sept. 8. The price will increase to $25, starting Sept. 9.
  • kansasstatefair.com for online purchases or 620-669-3618 by phone
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