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Build Your Brand with the Kansas State Fair

As the world's largest gathering of Kansans, the Fair provides enormous opportunity to connect directly with customers, prospects, potential employees and partners that can help you reach your marketing goals.

Whether you are looking for year round naming rights to a building, or prefer day event, we are happy to customize opportunities to fulfill your company’s desired marketing objectives.

Contact Connie Schmitt at connie.schmitt@ks.gov or Marla Parsons at marla.parsons@ks.gov to discuss how your organization can become a Kansas State Fair partner.


Day Sponsors

Sept. 11, 2022 
Sept. 12, 2022
Dillons Day
Sept. 13, 2022
Sept. 14, 2022
Sept. 15, 2022
Young at Heart Day
Sept. 17, 2022 

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