Emergency Plan
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Emergency Plan

https://www.kansasstatefair.com/p/participate/commercial-vendors/commercial-vendor-info/emergency-plan1The Kansas State Fair has a written Emergency Plan with anticipated responses to a variety of crisis situations that could threaten the integrity, reputation or safety of the event or its attendees.An emergency may include, but is not limited to, accidents, animal welfare events, weather events, facility-based events, threats, and regional, state or national emergencies.

You are encouraged to monitor the events and make the appropriate plans to respond to the situation.You may be notified by Kansas State Fair staff, this includes Building Managers and Sector Managers, of the type of incident and either the potential response plan or the current response plan.

All media communication will only be handled through the office of the Kansas State Fair General Manager.

Below is the list of facilities that are acceptable emergency storm shelters:

BuildingSuggested Safe Area

  • 4-H Centennial Hall Restrooms
  • Administration Office Restrooms
  • Cottonwood Court Restrooms
  • Domestic Arts Restrooms
  • Eisenhower Restrooms
  • Encampment Restrooms and basement
  • Expo Center Restrooms
  • Meadowlark Restrooms
  • Oz Gallery Restrooms
  • Prairie Pavilion Restrooms and meeting room
  • Pride of Kansas Restrooms
  • Rabbit/Poultry Barn Restrooms
  • Sheep/Swine/Goat Building Restrooms
  • Sunflower North Restrooms
  • Sunflower South Restrooms
  • Grandstand Lower level
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