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Commercial Vendors

Whether you're interested in showcasing your business, serving up your very own deep "Fried n Joy", or hoping to provide our commercial vendors and concessionaires with a requested product or service during the 2024 Kansas State Fair, you must first apply!

In order to be a Commercial Exhibitor or a Service Vendor you must be willing to participate in all 10-days of the State Fair, September 6-15, 2024.

The Kansas State Fair has TWO types of vendors. Please ensure you complete the appropriate application and submit all required documentation. The most common application is Commercial Exhibitor (selling or displaying products offered). Service Vendor is a company that provides services to a Commercial Exhibitor (tables, chairs, tents, or products used in concession trailer(s)).

Commercial Exhibitor (Vendor)

A Commercial Exhibitor (Vendor) is anyone who wishes to display or sale a product(s), The Commercial Exhibits application is Food Concessions, Non-Food Exhibits and Ride or Attractions. Any incomplete applications will not be processed or considered.

Service Vendor

Anyone who wishes to provide a product or service to our individual exhibitors or concessionaires, (tables, chairs, tents, food or beverage products, etc.) should fill out the Service Vendor Application. This application is also now available in the upper left corner of this page under 'Service Vendors'. The Service Vendor process begins in November 2023 with the most current application available in the 'Applicants' section at the top of this page.

A Vendor or Concessionaire that participated in the 2023 Kansas State Fair does not guarantee a License Agreement for the next year’s Fair. The Fair reserves the right to refuse to offer a License Agreement with any exhibitor or concessionaire, at their sole discretion, when such action is deemed to be in the best interest of the Fair and its patrons. License Agreements are issued each year in January, based on the same company or individual, locations, and products/items from the previous year. A Change Request Form (available March 1, 2024) must be submitted for approval of any changes of company name or requests to change locations. Change requests will be reviewed by the commercial exhibits committee, based on space available and items offered.

In the event a space should need to be changed, eliminated, or rearranged for any reason, the space for the affected Exhibitor may be reassigned by the Commercial Exhibits Committee as deemed appropriate.

You're almost ready to start your application - but before you do, keep these things in mind:
  • It's 10 straight days of fun! You and your team are expected to operate your location all 10 days - rain or shine.
  • With more than 330,000 guests at the 2023 Kansas State Fair, you'll need the capacity to provide products or feed large numbers of Fair-goers. (Creating dishes quickly and efficiently is expected to maximize our guest experiences.)
  • You're joining a family unlike any other! You will not only have the support of the State Fair, you'll also have other Exhibitor's and concessionaires who will help with advice, feedback and friendships like no other. A part of why we have so many Exhibitor's and Concessionaire's return year after year.

If you wish to provide a product or service to our individual exhibitors or concessionaires during the Kansas State Fair, please visit our Service Vendors section.

Service Vendors
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