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Donations or Raffles for a Prize Drawing Exhibitor must complete Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities Application, located in the ‘Forms’ section of the manual or online, and obtain approval from the Commercial Exhibits Director, by August 1, or donation/raffle will not be allowed.The Fair reserves the right of final approval for all products or services to be rendered, before and during the Kansas State Fair.An Exhibitor shall exhibit, sell, or give away, only such items as are listed on the Contract, or approved on the Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities Application.

The Attorney General's Office has supplied the following information.If you have any further questions you can contact the Attorney General's Office at (785)296-2215.

In Kansas, lotteries or "raffles" are illegal, both by statute and the Kansas Constitution.A lottery is defined as an enterprise in which a prize is awarded on the basis of chance for which consideration (usually money) is given.Thus, an individual or an organization may not sell tickets for a drawing or a prize.Nor may an organization sell an item, such as a pen, and "give" a raffle ticket to those who purchase the pen.In either instance, the element of consideration is present.

An organization may have a drawing for a prize if the element of consideration is eliminated.The organization may request a donation, but may not require a donation from a person to participate in the drawing.

If a person requests a ticket, but does not wish to make a donation, the person must be given a free ticket.The ticket itself and any advertising should state:"Donations requested, but no donation or purchase is necessary to participate."No specific amount of donation should be printed on the tickets and, additional tickets may not be given to individuals giving larger donations.For example, if a person donates nothing, $.25, $1, or $10, the person should be given one ticket.Persons working on the project may suggest a donation amount, but should make it clear tickets are available without a donation.

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