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GOVERNMENT AGENCIES following applies to government agencies:


Please sign, date, and return the Commercial Exhibitor Contract as soon as you receive it, so we know you plan on being an Exhibitor at the 2018 Kansas State Fair.Federal Agencies not paying by credit card will be sent an invoice, if requested, to ensure the proper paperwork is submitted for payment to the Fair.If you have special instructions, please advise us ahead of time.

STATE AGENCIES will make payment by using the SMART system. The Fair will begin the process by completing the receipt portion and sending the SMART voucher to each State Agency after July 1, but before July 15.All State Agency Exhibitors will be notified with an email from our office prior to these vouchers being initiated and, again, once the voucher has been generated.All vouchers need to be approved and paid by July 15, unless prior arrangements have been made.The Fair reserves the right to change State Agency payment due dates to be in line with all non-State Agency Exhibitors should it be deemed necessary.

Refer to the Admissions Section to determine the number of individual participant tickets you will receive based on your space cost only.If an Exhibitor should need additional tickets for the operation of his exhibit space, use the Gate Ticket Request Form in the ‘Forms’ section online.Return the form with your signed Contract so the total amount due for additional tickets can be added to the voucher (State Agencies) or the Invoice (Federal Agencies) for payment.

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