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Credentials Pick Up Process packets will NOT be mailed.All Exhibitors and Concessionaires should plan to pick up their credentials beginning, tentatively, August 19, 2019 at the Commercial Exhibits Department Office, located in the northwest corner of the Administration Building.At that time, all Exhibitors should have a signed Contract, all payments must be made, and valid Certificate of Insurance on file with the Commercial Exhibits office.

Any Exhibitor lacking a signed Contract, payment in full, or a valid copy of a Certificate of Insurance will have to produce the above paperwork and/or payment of the proper fees (including any late fees assessed) to the Commercial Exhibits Department prior to credentials being issued.

After Labor Day, any indoor Exhibitor, who has made all required payments and has a signed Contract and valid copy of their Certificate of Insurance is on file with the Commercial Exhibits Office should see their Building Manager for credential pickup.

An Exhibitor may request to have their credentials mailed to them for a $15 handling fee, payable to the Commercial Exhibits Department.Payment must accompany the Credential Mailing Request form. Both form and payment should be sent to the Commercial Exhibits Dept.Additionally, all required forms must be on file in our office (i.e. valid Certificate of Insurance, signed Contract, payments, etc.) before any credential packets will be mailed.

Any Exhibitor who requests to receive his credentials by mail and pays the handling fee will receive his credentials by Certified Mail and Return Receipt, ensuring proper delivery.Any Exhibitor who requests their credentials be mailed will have this charge added to their next year’s Contract.If an Exhibitor no longer wishes to pay for or use the mailing service, please contact (620) 669-3606 to request this change to their Contract or make an amendment on the Contract when returning it to our office.Requests for credentials by mail will not be accepted after August 21 and no credentials will be mailed after August 25.Any re-issuance of credentials will be at the expense of the Exhibitor.

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