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INSURANCE shall be responsible for the safety of any exhibit against fire, water, robbery, accident, or any cause whatsoever, and the Exhibitor must insure, at his own expense, in the limits outlined.A postcard with the information on the following page is available upon request:

A standard ACCORD form Certificate of Liability Insurance must be issued to the Kansas State Fair, showing the Exhibitor has a Commercial General Liability policy with $1,000,000 each occurrence and $1,000,000 in products and completed operations.Those who have been approved to sell Alcohol also need to provide proof of liquor liability.All certificates received must have an authorized agent’s signature. Renewal Certificates will NOT be accepted.

The Kansas State Fair AND State of Kansas must be added to your policy as an “Additional Insured” and the phrase “Kansas State Fair and State of Kansas are listed as Additional Insured” needs to be stated on the Certificate of Insurance.The Fair dates do not need to show on the Certificate, but the expiration date on the Certificate must cover the fair period:

  • A Commercial Exhibitor’s Contract will not be considered valid, and Fair credentials will be withheld until a valid Certificate of Insurance is received.
  • No Exhibitor will be allowed to operate during the period of the Fair without proof of valid insurance coverage.
  • The insurance requirement as stated above, does not apply to Federal or State Agencies.
  • The name on your Commercial Exhibit Contract and Certificate of Insurance must be the same.If your insurance is under your personal name or another Company Name, the certificate issued must show that you are “Doing Business As” whatever Company name is shown on the Commercial Exhibitor Contract.This ensures the Certificate is on file for the correct Exhibitor.
  • Any Exhibitor that has a building and/or equipment on the Fairgrounds, all year, must maintain yearly insurance coverage to include the Kansas State Fair as “Additional Insured.”
  • A valid copy of an Exhibitor’s Certificate of Liability insurance must be on file by prior to credentials pick up.
  • A proper Certificate of Insurance must be received with the first payment in February, or the Exhibitor will be required to purchase the insurance offered through Haas & Wilkerson.
  • Payment must be made to Haas & Wilkerson by money order, cashier’s check, or Western Union Quick Collect ONLY before coverage will be bound.For Western Union Quick Collect payments, an Exhibitor/Concessionaire may call Western Union at 1-800-325-6000.

The Fair reserves the right to contact an Exhibitor/Concessionaire’s insurance agent to verify coverage presented on the Certificate of Insurance.Any altered or fraudulent certificates submitted to the Fair will result in immediate termination of your Exhibitor/Concessionaire Contract and no refunds will be issued.

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