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MERCHANDISE/PRODUCTS items for sale must be listed on your Contract and approved by the Commercial Exhibits Director.Any item found to be objectionable by the Fair, whether advertised or offered for sale by an Exhibitor, shall be immediately withdrawn and removed from the premises at the time the request is made by the Fair.If an Exhibitor does not remove said items immediately as requested, the Fair may close the space and remove the Exhibitor without liability or refunds.

Exhibitors cannot display or sell any merchandise/products that are not listed on the Contract without prior approval of the Commercial Exhibits Director.Merchandise/products not listed/authorized on your Contract are subject to removal at the discretion of Fair Management. The Fair reserves the right to sell exclusive privileges on any merchandise/product it deems necessary.All merchandise/products placed in an exhibit area will be placed at the risk of the owner/Exhibitor. No requests for additions/changes of item/products to your Contracts will be accepted after August 1.

Fair Management reserves the right to determine whether merchandise/products are offensive or in poor taste and to prohibit the sale or display of such items.Any merchandise/products found to be objectionable by the Fair shall be removed immediately from the Exhibitor’s booth/space at the request made by the Fair.If the item(s) are not removed immediately, the Fair may close Exhibitor’s booth/space and remove Exhibitor without liability.Brand/logo merchandise that is not properly licensed shall not be sold at the Fair.No price fixing/undercutting will be allowed between any Exhibitors that have competing merchandise/products.

Any Exhibitor who sells large merchandise during the Fair must advise the customer that the merchandise can be released for pick up either after the building/area closing time (please see OPERATING HOURS-MANNING BOOTH for more information), or before 9:00 am, daily. Any special arrangements made are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.No special credentials will be issued by the Fair for this purpose.

All products/items sold at the Fair must be new. Used and/or remanufactured items are allowed, but must be stipulated and approved on the Commercial Exhibits Contract.The brand names of the products/items must be those normally carried by the company, and listed on the Contract.

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