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https://www.kansasstatefair.com/p/participate/commercial-vendors/commercial-vendor-info/drawingsDrawings are permissible with approval from the Fair ONLY.The form to register your Drawing is located in the ‘Forms’ section of this Manual, or online, and must be received in the Fair Office for approval by August 1, or the drawing will not be allowed to take place.The Fair reserves the right of final approval for all products or services to be rendered, before and during the Kansas State Fair.Exhibitor shall exhibit, sell, or have a drawing, for only such items as are listed on the Contract, and approved on the Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities Application.When offering free prizes or drawing items, full disclosure must be made.There can be no hidden or undisclosed charges or deposits on the item(s) being offered.If the offer says “free” it must be completely without cost.If Commercial Exhibits Coordinator determines that full disclosure is not being made, any drawing forms already collected will be confiscated, drawing will be discontinued, and Exhibitor may not be invited to return.A card or e-mail will be returned, indicating the drawing item(s) that have been approved.For more information see DONATIONS OR RAFFLES FOR A PRIZE DRAWING.

Guidelines on the Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities Application must be followed.Names, addresses and phone numbers obtained during the Fair are for the exclusive use of the Exhibitor only.No sale or transfer of names allowed.

Signage at the exhibit space must indicate date, and place of drawing, if not being held at the Fair.All drawings for items must be public and held by 5:00 pm on the final day of the Fair, unless it is a national drawing and so indicated on signage at the booth, as well as on the registration forms used for the drawing.If an Exhibitor is holding a "national" drawing which will be held after the Fair, Commercial Exhibits Coordinator must be notified of the specifics for the drawing.If there is a local winner, this name must be submitted and then the "national" winner turned in immediately after the drawing.All others must provide the name(s) of winner(s) on the proper form, to the Kansas State Fair Office, by 8:00 pm on the final day of the Fair.

Exhibitors cannot offer discount vacations, free vacations, free trips or drawings for vacations, or national drawings of any kind without special written approval from the Commercial Exhibits Director.Complete information on this type of contest must be submitted to the Commercial Exhibits Coordinator by August 1. Information to include, company name and address of drawing provider, number they can be reached at, number of years they have been in business, and any other information to help verify the status of the company.

The Drawing Winners Form can be obtained at the Commercial Exhibits Department, located in the Administration Office, or from your Building/Area Manager.Only the names of winners on items valued at $25 or more need to be reported.The winners, as turned in, will be contacted by the Fair to insure receipt of the item as listed.

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