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Booth Set Up of equipment and/or merchandise upon arrival to the Fairgrounds is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.See FORKLIFT SERVICE for more information.

Displays cannot be set up until a signed Contract, any payment due the Fair has been paid, and a proper Certificate of Insurance is received.All exhibits must be installed, ready and staffed by 11:00 am on Friday, the opening day of the Fair.

In the event the Exhibitor fails to occupy space by official opening time of 11:00 am on the first day of the Fair, the Contract may be terminated.In the event of termination, any payments previously paid shall be retained by the Fair as liquidated damages for breach of Contract and the Fair is authorized to resell said space to other parties.If the Exhibitor fails to remove their exhibit or any portion thereof, it is understood that the Fair may remove all or any portion of the exhibit at the Exhibitor's risk and expense.

Building Exhibitors

Exhibitors inside exhibit buildings may start setting up on Labor Day at 8:00 am.Most exhibit buildings will be open on Labor Day, but if your building is not, check at the Administration Office for assistance.All exhibit buildings will be locked at 5:00 p.m. on Labor Day or earlier if no one is setting up.

Tuesday through Thursday before the Fair, buildings will be open for set up.Exhibitors can move in earlier than Labor Day, with prior approval of the Fair.Vehicles that are to be part of an inside display MUST be in place by noon on Wednesday, prior to the start of the Fair.

Outside Area Exhibitors

Exhibitors that display outside may start setting up exhibits on Friday, August 23 if it does not interfere with grounds preparation for the Fair.Setup prior to this date, or shipments scheduled for delivery prior to this date, must be approved in advance by the Commercial Exhibits Director.

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