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https://www.kansasstatefair.com/p/participate/commercial-vendors/commercial-vendor-info/utilitiesThe following applies to Exhibitor utility services:

Electrical Service

The Fair does not assume responsibility or liability for electrical failures of any kind, nor for damage to equipment/property caused by drops or increases in power supply, low voltage or power surges and shall not be liable for loss of profits or revenue, loss of use of equipment, cost of capital, cost of temporary equipment (including additional expenses incurred in using electrical facilities), claims of customers of the Exhibitor, or for any special, indirect, or consequential damages due to interruption or fluctuation in service on the grounds.

If it is determined by the Electrical Department that an Exhibitor is using more power than they are entitled and creates a power overload in any exhibit area(s), said Exhibitor will be required to purchase additional electrical service or possibly asked to move to a different location if the increase in electricity is not available in the original location.Positively no one shall tamper with or change any electrical circuitry, general illumination, electric connection or installation without the approval and supervision of the Fair Staff.Padlocks will remain on Electrical Panel boxes.If the locks are removed by any Exhibitor, a fine of $50 will be assessed.

If electrical service is above the amount contracted for, charges for labor, equipment, and materials for the hookup or upgrade on electrical service, will be at the expense of the Exhibitor prior to use of the electric service.

Building Exhibitors

The Fair will furnish the Exhibitor one (1) 30 amp, 110 volt electrical outlet per exhibit booth.Availability and cost of any additional service requested above the 30 amp, 110 volt service supplied will require approval by the Commercial Exhibits Director.

Outside Area Exhibitors, and Concessions

The Fair does not include electrical service for outside Exhibitors with their contract. If an outside Exhibitor requires electrical service before the Tuesday after Labor Day, an Exhibitor must notify the Kansas State Fair Commercial Exhibits Department to schedule the hookup. If you are requesting to increase or add more electrical hook ups it will be dependent on availability in that area and will be assigned first come first serve. No electricity will be hooked up without the colored electrical slip. If you do not have your slip with you or you are not at your space at the time of request you will not be connected. If you miss place or left your electrical slip in another area, no other slips will be recreated. YOU MUST HAVE ELECTRICAL SLIP FOR CONNECTION. For outside electrical service rates, please contact the Commercial Exhibits Office at 620-669-3612 or 620-669-3606. Service size will be determined by the size of the main disconnecting unit, and will be checked prior to hookup. If type of electrical service needed is not available, all costs to bring service to Exhibitor's location will be at the expense of the Exhibitor.

Every Exhibitor must provide proper size and approved cable to connect to an existing service outlet, or pay the electrician for any equipment/materials needed for the hookup.Extension cords used outdoors must be for heavy duty use and appropriate for wet/damp locations.All vendors must use GFCI-protected extension cords.The Electrician reserves the right to refuse to connect any electrical service to equipment not considered safe.

Most outside exhibit areas at the Fair have been upgraded and will require a 30 Amp RV Adaptor in order to plug into a 110 Volt, 20 Amp plug.These can be purchased from the Electrical Department upon your arrival or you can bring your own.

The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to determine electrical load maximums on transformers and limit service as necessary.

The wire sizes required for each size electrical service (in accordance with National Electrical Codes) is as follows:

Size of Service Minimum Size Wire Size of Service Minimum Size Wire
30 Amp #10 60 Amp #6
40 Amp #8 100 Amp #3
50 Amp #6 125 Amp #2
If electrical service has not been used and is cancelled by August 1, an Exhibitor will receive a refund, less a $10 service charge.Electrical service cancelled after August 1 will not be refunded.

If electrical service was paid with the Contract, an Exhibitor should notify the Commercial Exhibits Department when they are ready for the electrical service to be hooked up.

If the electrical service was not included on your Contract, service may be available.An Exhibitor should make arrangements for electrical service with the Commercial Exhibits Department.

All wiring and materials, except that furnished by the Exhibitor, or actually purchased by the Exhibitor, shall remain the property of the Fair.All electrical work done on the Kansas State Fairgrounds is at the expense of the Exhibitor and must be done by a qualified, bonded contractor per the Kansas Department of Labor.All work must be done under the supervision of the Electrical Department of the Kansas State Fair.

If an Exhibitor has made changes in electrical service that the Fair is unaware of, or an Exhibitor feels the amps or volts are not correct, please notify the Commercial Exhibits Department immediately. The Electrical Department can recheck the service before the Fair is over.

Gas Service

Exhibitors using gas will be charged a flat fee and the fee will be included on the Contract.Each Exhibitor is responsible for the maintenance of the lines from the point where they hook into existing Fair main lines, for as long as the Exhibitor uses the service.If the service is not available, the Exhibitor is responsible for extending service to the location, with prior approval of the Fair.Once installed it becomes the property of the Fair.

All utility service must meet or exceed Hutchinson City Code.The Fair reserves the right to shut off or disconnect any utility if it is determined by the Fair that the lines do not meet its standards, or if any relocation is deemed necessary.The Fair is not responsible or liable for any gas failure.

Water and Sewer

Any exhibitor/concessionaire requiring the use of water for their exhibit will be assessed a flat fee.

In the event these services are not available, the Exhibitor will be responsible for extending the services to their location, with prior approval of the Fair.The Fair is not responsible or liable for any water failure.For more information, see Water Hoses & Hose Bibs.

All Exhibitors are responsible to see that all water and sewer lines have been drained and winterized within two weeks following the last day of the Fair.The Fair is not responsible for any water or sewage lines inside of a building/concession used by the Exhibitor.An exterior shutoff, with a bleed-off faucet, must be provided and installed by the Exhibitor.

By law, all gray water must be dumped or pumped into a sanitary SEWER DRAIN (NOT A STORM DRAIN).Please plan accordingly if you will need to use a holding tank.Any Exhibitor found dumping or pumping into/onto anything other than an authorized sanitary sewer drain will be assessed a fine.The fine will reflect all labor and materials required to repair any damage with a minimum of $300.

Any Exhibitor/Concessionaire that connects to an outside water source, with either their concession trailer or an approved recreational vehicle, must provide a hose bib vacuum breaker.If an Exhibitor does not own a hose bib, it can be purchased from the Commercial Exhibits Office.

Water Hoses & Hose Bibs

Concessionaires should bring sufficient water hose(s) to connect to nearest water source.The Kansas State Fair asks that you use a 3/4" rubber hose, and not vinyl as rubber is more flexible.If a Concessionaire installs a water hose over a walkway, street, or through an Exhibitor's space, it must be approved by the Commercial Exhibits Coordinatorand/or covered with rubber mats, etc., to prevent any possible accidents that may occur.

All Food/Drink Concessionaires connecting a water hose to an outside water outlet must use a hose bib vacuum breaker.This is required for each hose connected at the water source and is a requirement of the Kansas Department of Agriculture.Hose bibs can be purchased from the Commercial Exhibits Office, if a Concessionaire does not have his own.

Once any utility is installed, it becomes property of the State of Kansas, and will remain under the control of the Fair.The Exhibitor will continue to be responsible for the maintenance of the lines from the point where they are hooked into the existing Fair main lines for as long as the Exhibitor uses the service.All utility service must meet or exceed Hutchinson City Code.The Fair reserves the right to shut off or disconnect the utility when it is determined by the Fair that lines do not meet the Fair's standards, or if any relocation is deemed necessary.

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