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https://www.kansasstatefair.com/p/participate/commercial-vendors/commercial-vendor-info/outside-exhibitor-guidelinesThe following are additional items that pertain directly to Outside Exhibitors:


Ag Exhibitors must maintain 50% of their exhibit space assigned with agriculture-related products to retain the lower agriculture exhibit space rate.If it is determined an exhibit does not meet this specification, the additional charge will be assessed and paid at the Commercial Exhibits Department before the end of the Fair.


Display units can be moved out and replaced after 10:00 pm and before 8:00 am, daily, as long as prior approval of the Commercial Exhibits Department is received.All vehicle rotations (restocking, purchase pick-ups) should be done according to instructions given by the Commercial Exhibits Office.All vehicles on display must be NEW and comply with state regulations.


If an exhibitor needs to dig on the Fairgrounds, for any reason, at their exhibit location/space, prior approval must be obtained from the Fair.If approval is received for the digging, it is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to call 1-800-DIG-SAFE (344-7233) or use the website www.onecallconcept.com (select “Kansas”), at least two (2) full working days prior to the Exhibitor digging.This is a FREE service.It is recommended an Exhibitor mark specific dig areas with white paint, flags and/or stakes, prior to the arrival of the utility locator.The Exhibitor is expected to return the ground to its original condition, immediately after the Fair, if applies.


Kansas statutes provide for a Kansas new vehicle dealership the opportunity to display new vehicles at a location other than their licensed place of business.The “Display Permit” is valid for 15 days.The application for the permit must be received by the Dealer License Bureau in Topeka no less than 10 days prior to the first day on which the display is to begin.A new vehicle dealer must complete the following to obtain a permit:

  • Only Kansas licensed new vehicle dealers may apply to display at the fairgrounds in Hutchinson.
  • Complete a Display Show Application and Extension Request, form D-12B.The zoning portion of the application must be properly filled out.
  • Must be complied with the bond and insurance requirements in the Dealer Licensing and Manufacturing Act.
  • The completed D-12B along with the $15.00 permit fee is to be submitted to the Dealer Licensing Bureau in Topeka, Kansas.

Only dealers with the required Display Permit may display vehicles at the authorized location during the dates listed on the permit.No negotiations and/or sales of vehicles shall take place at the display location at any time.

The Display Show Application & Extension Request, form D-12B, is available online at www.ksrevenue.org under the forms and publication button, or by calling the Dealer Licensing Bureau in Topeka at 785-296-3621, press 6.


Display units can be moved out and replaced after 10:00 pm and before 8:00 am, daily, as long as prior approval of the Commercial Exhibits Department is received.All unit rotations should be done at Gate #3 (23rd and Main) only.

New, late model units (not over two model years back from current year) may be displayed, if they look like new, comply with state regulations, and qualify as no more than 10% of the total units on an exhibit space.


If an Exhibitor wishes to put down wood chips at their exhibit space before the Fair, it will be at the Exhibitor’s expense.Removal of the chips following the Fair will also be the Exhibitor’s responsibility, and must be removed by Thursday, September 19.An Exhibitor will be charged $50 for any chips remaining in his assigned exhibit space after this date.Payment of this charge must be made by due date specified, or issuance of a Contract for the next year’s fair will not be issued.

If periods of rain occur during the Fair and assistance is requested by an Exhibitor due to standing water, the Fair will then be responsible to remove the materials used after the Fair is completed.A log is kept during the Fair of where the materials are delivered.

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