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GIVEAWAY ITEMS/SAMPLING items are permissible, with the approval of the Commercial Exhibits Director, and if such giveaways do not conflict with another Exhibitor's privileges.Giveaway items must be in good taste, and not be derogatory in any way.The Fair has the final authority to determine what is considered in good taste.The form to register your giveaway items is located in the ‘Forms’ section of this Manual or online, and must be received in the Fair Office for approval by August 1, or the giveaways will not be allowed to take place.The Fair reserves the right of final approval for all products or services to be rendered, before and during the Kansas State Fair.The Exhibitor shall give away, only such items as are listed on the Contract, or approved on the Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities Application.Literature that pertains to your company does not need to be listed.All items such as pens, pencils, magnets, etc. should be registered on the form.An email, postcard or fax will be returned to you indicating the giveaway item(s) that have been approved.

Samples may be given away from your booth as long as they do not exceed four (4) ounces in quantity/size, and are approved on the Giveaway form.This applies to food, merchandise, cosmetics, etc.Samples can only be given out from your assigned space, and all guidelines in this Manual apply to sampling as well.This includes food handling safety guidelines.Please see the KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE section for more information regarding sampling.

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