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SOLICITING AND ADVERTISING shall exhibit, sell, or give away, only such items as are listed on the Commercial Exhibits Contract.Exhibitors are to operate only within the confines of the assigned area authorized by their Commercial Exhibits Contract.Signs or advertising material of any kind that is deemed objectionable by the Fair will be removed without liability to the Fair.Exhibitors will not provide derogatory information regarding another Commercial Exhibitor or product that is being displayed or sold at the Fair.

K.A.R. 116-3-2 covers soliciting and advertising.All persons, groups or firms that desire to sell, exhibit or distribute materials during the annual Fair or any non-fair event shall do so only from a fixed location on the fairgrounds as authorized by lease or agreement with the Kansas State Fair.

  • The sale, posting or distribution of any merchandise, products, promotional items, printed or written material, except as authorized by Contract or agreement with the Kansas State Fair shall be prohibited.Authorized merchandise, products, promotional items and printed or written materials may be offered to any Fair patron, employee, guest or visitor from the fixed location.
  • Kansas State Fair requests that all Exhibitors maintain a reasonable return/refund/exchange policy for patrons during the fair. If refunds are not offered by exhibitors, signage must be prominently displayed in the exhibit booth/space stating that refunds are not offered. Kansas State Fair does not support or condone a “no refund” policy by Exhibitors.
  • The operation or parking of any sound trucks, or vehicles upon which any advertising signs, political or otherwise, have been affixed in any manner shall be prohibited inside and outside of the fenced-off areas of the Fairgrounds.Nothing in this rule shall be construed as applicable to lettered service trucks advertising a firm or its products while making necessary deliveries of merchandise or service to concessionaires, commercial or institutional Exhibitors on the Fairgrounds, or the normal advertising on bumpers and windows of motor vehicles.Violation of this K.A.R. is grounds for cancellation of space.
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