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SOUND is the goal of the Fair to maintain a sound/noise level in all exhibit areas so as not to disturb others.The Fair reserves the right to control the use of, and volume of, any loudspeakers, radios, musical instruments, or any noise making devices that might interfere with Exhibitors or others in the immediate area.This also includes individuals that might be too loud verbally and disturbing other Exhibitors or patrons in the area.Exhibitors must have prior approval for use of a public address (PA) system, or any type device used for sound and/or that makes noise.We encourage Exhibitors to be considerate of their neighbors in this respect, but do understand that some Exhibitors use sound as part of their operation.

Those items approved for sound must be kept at a reasonable volume, so as not to disturb Exhibitors in the same area from conducting business.The Fair has final authority as to what is objectionable and any decisions pertaining to the sound level, or individual being too loud, will be final.

If an Exhibitor does not comply with sound notices, an Exhibitor may be asked to discontinue use of sound device, or as applies to the situation.If the complaint has been on a specific individual, they may be asked to vacate booth/space/trailer/building being occupied.

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