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SUPPORT UNITS Exhibitor who wishes to use a stationary trailer or vehicle, used for product stock and supply on their exhibit space during the Fair, is considered to have a Support/Supply Unit.Units approved for placement will be required to pay the $200 fee in advance and display the proper hangtag. An Exhibitor/Concessionaire should notify the Commercial Exhibits Department they would like to purchase a Support Unit hangtag to generate a copy of the increased Contract fees to the Exhibitor.Support Units must fit within the purchased booth space.Support Units will be in place by 11:00 am the first Friday of the Fair and will not be moved from the Exhibitor/Concessionaire exhibit space until the assigned release time, the final Sunday of the Fair.

Electrical service required for any Support Unit must be paid for in advance according to established rates.

Support Units will not be used as living units.If an Exhibitor/Concessionaire intends to use a Support/Supply Units as a dwelling during the Fair, a $275 Camper as a Living Unit fee applies, rather than the $200 fee.The proper hang tag will be issued for this unit and placed with the credentials or issued at the time of request/approval.

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