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Campground (RV Park) you have not prepaid for your RV Park reservation with the Facility Rental Director, you will need to see about the possibility of getting in the RV Park by calling the Facility Rental Department at (620)669-3608. You may also visit our website at to obtain the RV Park Reservation form. The RV Park fills up early, so please contact the Facility Rental Department as soon as possible if you would like to make a reservation for the fair period. The following RV Park rates apply:


Full Fair Rate (09/04/19 thru 09/15/19 at 11:00 a.m.) $450.00

(Includes full hookups and gate admission for up to 2 people)

Additional days:

  • 09/03/19$40.00 per day
  • Before 09/02/19 and/or after 09/16/19 $30.00 per day

If you are unable to honor your reservation, please request any refunds before August 15th to guarantee you receive a full refund. Any requests received between August 15th and September 1st, will have a $75.00 handling fee deducted. No refunds will be issued after September 1st .

Additional dry camping space is also available, beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday prior to the Fair, public parking Lots “A” (northwest of RV Park, entrance at 27th & Plum) and “B” (northeast of RV Park, north of State Fair Road) and in Public Parking Lot “C” (east of Plum Street, enter at 20th and Plum). Dump sites are also provided east of Plum Street. No open fires are allowed on any campsite or on the Fairgrounds. Electric only camping spaces are available by either using part of your contracted outside space for the camper or reserving an electric only space at the north end of the Fairgrounds.The cost for electric only is $275.00.For more information, please contact the Facility Rental/Special Events Department at (620)669-3608.

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