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Administration Office Administration Office is located just north of 20th and Poplar Street, just inside Gate #1.The following departments are located in this building:Commercial Exhibits, Livestock Competitions, Traditional & Creative Competitions, Finance, Special Events/Facility Rental, Education, Marketing and Sponsorship.Also located in this building are the Bank/Cashier, First Aid, Highway Patrol and the Ticket Office.Office hours during the Fair are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, except when otherwise noted.


Fair Hours:Open 24 hours a day throughout the Fair.

Highway Patrol Office is located inside the southwest entrance of the Administration Building.Highway Patrol personnel are responsible for Fairgrounds security, lost and found items, as well as lost children and adults.All emergency situations are also handled through the Highway Patrol Office.Contact the Highway Patrol through your Building Manager, if you are located inside a building.All emergency calls for incidents which occur on the Fairgrounds should be made through the Highway Patrol at 669-3627.If you are unable to remember the Highway Patrol’s number or it’s busy you should call 911 for immediate assistance.


The Ticket Office sells daily gate tickets, meal tickets, carnival wristbands, and ride tickets.This office also handles Corporate orders, Americans with Disabilities orders, Master Farmer orders and gift certificate.

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