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SIGNAGE following applies to all Exhibitor signage during the Kansas State Fair:

Inside Exhibits

All signs placed in an Exhibitor's booth, must be within the space assigned.No signs of any type will be allowed to exceed the 8' height of the booth, with exception of those exhibit spaces along an outer wall.All signs must be removed from the exhibit buildings by Tuesday following the Fair.Exhibitors in an exhibit building are not permitted to drive any nails, hooks, tacks, staples, screws, tape, etc. to walls, ceilings or doors for the purpose of hanging signs, or other items.

Exhibitors located on outer walls in exhibit buildings may exceed the 8' height limit with prior approval, if the display does not interfere with emergency lighting required by the Kansas State Fire Marshal.Signs on outer walls may not exceed 12' in height.The decision of the Fair will be final.

The Fair reserves the right to regulate the commodities and services offered by Exhibitors, and the type and location of price signs Exhibitors post for the benefit of patrons.

Advertising by means of posters, handbills, etc., on buildings, trees, posts or other locations on the fairgrounds is not permitted.See K.A.R. 116-3-2 on SOLICITING AND ADVERTISING for more information.

Outside Exhibits

Signs placed on the exterior of an Exhibitor's building/display must be installed within the space assigned, to include A-frame type signage.Any type of signage will not be allowed to protrude outside the actual space assigned, nor allowed to exceed the height of a building or display, without written permission of the Fair.No signage will be permitted on any type of fencing owned by the Fair.

For more information on Signage, see CONSTRUCTION AND IMPROVEMENTS, 2 (b).

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