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Construction and Improvements placement, construction or alteration of any privately-owned building, booth, or enclosure on the Fairgrounds must be approved in advance in writing by the Kansas State Fair.A person or entity intending to construct or alter such a facility shall submit a formal, written request along with plans and specifications to the Commercial Exhibits Coordinator, illustrating the proposed construction will be in compliance with applicable building codes and other regulations and will be of an acceptable design and appearance.

Construction and improvements are at the expense of the Exhibitor, and only with prior written approval of the Fair.In the event of cancellation of this Contract, such structures and any improvements made, shall revert to, and becomes the property of the State of Kansas, unless removal is within a specific limit of time, and with the approval of the Fair.

Buildings not specifically noted as being removed from the Fairgrounds may remain with no guarantee of length of stay as long as the building is maintained to meet Kansas State Fair criteria.

Criteria is defined as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Codes: All structures shall be in compliance with all applicable building codes, life safety codes, fire codes, ADAAG guidelines and health department regulations.
  • Signage: It is recommended any signs remaining after the completion of the annual Fair be removed from the structure and stored within the building.With prior approval, signs may remain within the confines of the building envelope, securely fastened and appropriate.Kansas State Fair staff will review signage with vendors and identify problems, which must be promptly rectified.
  • Exterior siding and facades: Building shall be enclosed on all sides by siding or other appropriate finishes for appearance, weather resistance, and security.Particle board, plywood, sheeting, corrugated tin or other non-architectural metal siding materials are not considered appropriate siding materials or finishes.Brick, stone, stucco, EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems) or other material reviewed and approved by the Kansas State Fair may be permitted.

If the Kansas State Fair deems your building is located in a “theme area,” the needed improvements would be required to be consistent with the designated area.

  • Roof: Including mansards, porticos, porches, or overhangs.Building roof shall be maintained with shingles, standing seam metal panels, or other approved materials.A low-slope roof may be EPDM (single-ply rubber) built-up asphalt as long as not visible from ground level.
  • Doors and Windows: All fixed and operable windows shall be maintained for normal usage and shall be neat, well-trimmed and weather tight.Windows are not to be boarded during non-fair period.Enclosure of windows should comply with item (c.)above.Doors shall meet same criteria and shall be secure.
  • Paving: All exterior paving shall be asphalt or concrete and shall have smooth, moisture-resistant surface and slope to appropriate areas for drainage.Any slope must comply with all applicable code requirements, including ADA.
  • Exterior fixtures including cooking appliances, seating, walk-in coolers/freezers, ice freezers or equipment shall be stored inside building within two weeks following completion of the Fair and should not be removed for use until no more than two weeks remain until the upcoming Fair.If room is not available inside of building, alternate storage arrangements must be made.
  • Painting: All appropriate exterior surfaces shall be painted and maintained; including siding, trim, doors and frames.Roof mounted equipment including hoods, ductwork, vents and piping shall be painted to match adjacent permanent surfaces.Kansas State Fair must approve color of paint to be used.

The Kansas State Fair will make the determination as to whether the upkeep of a location is up to standard.The Fair may order changes or modifications in the improvements as it deems necessary.If a location is not properly maintained, building vendor will be contacted and upgrades, repairs, or other improvements must be made within a mutually agreed upon time frame.Failure to make improvements within a specified time frame shall be grounds for forfeiture of location and contractual relationship with the Fair.

Privately owned structures on the Fairgrounds may not be used by owners during the non-fair period except for storage of commercial exhibit or concession material.Any other use must be covered by a separate agreement with the Fair.See STORAGE – CONCESSION TRAILERS AND EQUIPMENT for more information.Utilities to the buildings will be shut off during the Non-Fair period.

Fair-owned structures may not be used by any person or entity for storage or any other purpose during the Non-Fair period without a separate agreement issued by the Fair covering this use.

If operating in a Kansas State Fair-owned building, no modifications or structural changes shall be made to the building without prior written approval of the Kansas State Fair, the State of Kansas Division of Facilities Management, and the Office of the Kansas State Fire Marshal.

Once approval has been received, prior to any digging, please call 1-800-DIG-SAFE (344-7233), two (2) full working days before you dig.This is a FREE service. It is recommended that you pre-mark your dig areas with white paint, flags and/or stakes, prior to arrival of utility locator.

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