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ROVING VEHICLES vehicles are considered golf carts, small, or similar type and size of vehicles.Any roving vehicle being driven for personal use will be confiscated. The media, service vendors, and authorized Exhibitors are to supply their own roving vehicles.No advertising of any type is allowed on the roving vehicles.Roving vehicles are to be used only for the purpose implied.Absolutely no other use is authorized.All roving vehicles shall not exceed normal walking speed and must be operated in a safe and responsible manner at all times.Exhibitor is responsible for the insurance as stated in the Manual (see INSURANCE for more information).

The charge for each roving vehicle permit is $300 each.An Exhibitor should apply to the Commercial Exhibits Department if they wish to purchase this permit so the request can be considered and, if approved, the necessary payment can be made as a part of the Contract.This permit must be displayed on the roving vehicle at all times.If Roving Vehicle Permit fees were not included in the Exhibitor Contract, an Exhibitor should contact the Commercial Exhibits Department for more information.

Roving vehicles must ONLY access the lined area indicated on the map on the back of the roving vehicle tag before 9:00 am and after 9:00 pm.After 9:00 am, access is restricted to the areas shown on the back of the Roving Vehicle permit. Any roving vehicle caught in any restricted area outside of stated hours of access will forfeit their permit and a towing fee will be charged.The vehicle will remain in the tow lot for the duration of the Fair.

No refund will be made on any Roving Vehicle permits cancelled after August 1.A $10 administration fee will be deducted from any refund on Exhibitor Contract cancellations received prior to August 1.

Roving vehicle hangtags will NOT be in your credential packet or given until you have come to the Commercial Exhibits Department and sign the agreement.

Roving Vehicle Rules & Regulation Agreement:

The Kansas State Fair deeply values the safety and well-being of our employees and patrons who visit the Kansas State Fair each year. Due to the heightened risk of accidents during the Fair, resulting from extensive foot traffic congestion, unsafe driving habits and distraction, the Kansas State Fair is instituting clear boundaries as to the use of such vehicles by employees, service/delivery vendors, sponsors & commercial exhibitors.

* Utility vehicle, work vehicle and Golf cart traffic should be kept to a minimum inside the boundary, indicated by the dotted line on the provided map, only using such vehicle inside boundary for emergent needs that serve to advance the operation of the KSF or that provide a service to KSF Vendors, Exhibitors, Administrative staff, etc.

* If a roving vehicle is required to be utilized in the performance of a job inside this boundary, marked by dotted line, please use the route indicated on the map and gain access as close to the job as possible adhering to a reduced safe speed to maximize the safety of patrons and other employees. Please exit from the job in the same manner as you entered.

* Speed inside the outlined boundary should be based on foot traffic and other potential cart traffic. Please reduce speed to maximize everyone’s safety.

* The grayed-out area in the middle of the map is strictly off limits to vehicle traffic from 8 a.m. – midnight to Utility vehicles, Work vehicles & Golf Carts unless authorized to proceed by KSF personnel. Otherwise, this area needs to be accessed by walking only.

* These vehicles are not to be used for joyriding during the Fair to look at the sites. Vehicles are to be used for Fair business only.

Employees, service/delivery vendors, sponsors & commercial exhibitors that pay for and have been issued a roving vehicle hangtag and use these vehicles during the Fair are expected to operate them in a safe and courteous manner. We are here to perform a job and ensure the patrons who come to the Fair have a wonderful experience.

All utility and golf cart roving vehicles used in connection with the Kansas State Fair (“KSF”) are required to have a KSF issued operation roving permit while on the KSF grounds, parking lots, and campground. Permits are required during move-in, during the KSF, and move-out. Permits are only issued for utility and golf cart vehicles that serve to advance the operation of the KSF or that provide a service to KSF vendors, exhibitors, administration staff, etc. Permits are not issued to the general fair going public. Permits are $300 and are non-refundable. Staff, service/delivery vendors, sponsors & commercial exhibitor permits are issued by the Commercial Exhibit Department. Permits are issued at the discretion of the KSF. A Certificate of Liability Insurance evidencing the insurance required in this Agreement, naming the Kansas State Fair Board as additional insureds (collectively, the “Additional Insureds”), is required for the utility or golf cart vehicle at the time the undersigned applies for a permit. Utility/golf cart Vehicles without a roving permit will not be allowed on KSF grounds at any time. High-powered motorized sports vehicles and utility vehicles over 120” and that have an enclosed cab are not permitted.

KSF has the authority to revoke roving permits, impound any roving vehicle permit issued by the KSF and require any privately - owned utility vehicle or golf cart to be removed from the KSF grounds, in their sole discretion.

The following requirements exist in order to receive a roving permit: 1) Agree to the terms stated above, sign, pay for permit and abide by the KSF Roving Vehicle Rules and Regulations Agreement, which includes a mandatory roving vehicle path map, included. 2) Provide a valid driver’s license issued by a state entity and kept on file with the signed roving Agreement.

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