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Credentials Mailboxes an Exhibitor needs to distribute gate tickets and/or parking hangtags to additional employees/volunteers working in an exhibit space, please use the following procedure:

  • Place ticket(s) and/or parking hangtag(s) in separate envelopes for each employee/volunteer.
  • Label the outside of the envelope with the following information:
  • Guest Services will be across the street from Gate 9 Plum Street, at the WILL CALL Building. Hours of operation will be: Sept. 6th 11am - 9pm, Sept. 7th - 14th 7am - 9pm, Sept. 15th 7am - 6pm and will also be posted on the building. Procedures stay the same. If you have a large amount of tickets or parking tags make sure you split them into smaller envelopes and mark with the names of people to pick them up. A box will be available in the Commercial Exhibits office before 4 pm. Gate 2 & 3 will have a "mailbox" available full time.
  • Do not leave any confidential or business documents and/or money with gate personnel and this service.This service is to be utilized for Kansas State Fair business only.The Fair is not responsible for lost or misplaced credentials.Replacement credentials will not be issued.

Note:Kansas State Fair employees are not responsible for pulling tickets, parking, etc. from one big envelope.If you supply one big envelope to the gate personnel, please put small envelopes, broken down by day, with individual names, on the inside.

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