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https://www.kansasstatefair.com/p/participate/commercial-vendors/commercial-vendor-info/special-activitiesAny Exhibitor planning to use any kind of entertainment or special attraction, including characters in costume, bands, or individual musicians, in an assigned exhibit space, must have said entertainment approved in writing by the Kansas State Fair.You will find a request form for this purpose in the ‘Forms’ section in this manual or online.Requests must be received by August 1 and should include a schedule that lists the names of entertainer(s) or attraction(s) and the date(s) and time(s) performances are scheduled for each.The Exhibitor will be notified if the request is approved.Any APPROVED entertainment or special attraction MUST REMAIN IN THE ASSIGNED EXHIBIT SPACE during the Fair.The Exhibitor is responsible for all gate admissions, etc. for entertainment or attraction personnel admittance into the Fair.Any approved entertainment must abide by the rules and regulations contained in this Manual.
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