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Contract Submission Exhibitor is responsible to review his or her Contract for errors (spelling, items/brands, number of spaces, size of spaces, correct exhibit locations on the grounds, electrical service, reserved parking, etc.).You must contact the Commercial Exhibits Department for approval on any other corrections needed to the Contract.Exhibitor is not allowed to add items to the Contract, as prior approval is needed by the Commercial Exhibits Director, and must be submitted on the appropriate form, which is enclosed with the Contract packet or can be found online at or requested from the Commercial Exhibits return the contract and pertinent documents to the mailing address or e-mail listed on page 1.

Please note that the space size is listed on the Contract with the FRONT footage first and the DEPTH second.

Exhibitors and Concessionaires must sign, date and return a copy of the Contract to the Kansas State Fair with either the first payment or full payment enclosed.Payments must be submitted in the amounts indicated on the Contract.See the ‘Forms’ section in the manual or online if you would like to pay by credit card.

Exhibitors and Concessionaires should retain a copy of the Contract for their records.If a full payment is not made with the return of the signed Contract, the balance is due by July 15.One advance notice will be sent for the final payment.Notices will be by e-mail, fax, or postcard (see Electronic Communication).Contracts completed after July 15 will have a different payment schedule.

Any overpayment received of $5 or less will not be refunded, so an Exhibitor is encouraged to pay the amount specified on the Contract.

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