Contract Renewal
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Contract Renewal Contract to participate in the current Fair does not guarantee a Contract for the next year’s Fair.The Fair reserves the right to refuse to Contract with any exhibitor or concessionaire, at their sole discretion, when such action is deemed to be in the best interest of the Fair and its patrons.Contracts are issued each year in January, based on the same company or individual, locations, and products/items from the previous year.A Change Request Form must be completed and submitted with the Contract each year for approval of any and all changes and/or additions to the Contract or from the Commercial Exhibits Dept.

All change requests will be reviewed by the commercial exhibits committee which consists of the Kansas State Fair General Manager, Commercial Exhibits Director, Physical Plant Manager and Sponsorship Director.

In the event a Contracted space should need to be changed, eliminated, or rearranged for any reason, the space for the affected Exhibitor may be reassigned by the Commercial Exhibits Committee as deemed appropriate.

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