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Commercial Vendor Applicants

The Commercial Vendor Application is available to anyone interested in exhibiting at the Kansas State Fair, beginning the first Monday in January of each year. All applicants must go through the application process, submitting the required information. Beginning on or around the first week of April, the Commercial Exhibits Director begins reviewing all new applications. If the Kansas State Fair is able to accommodate your needs, based upon your application information, an offer of space will be made to you utilizing the contact information provided. Please note a completed application submitted to the Fair does not guarantee an offer of exhibit space.
All applications will be reviewed by the commercial exhibits committee which consists of the Kansas State Fair General Manager, Commercial Exhibits Director, Physical Plant Manager and Sponsorship Director.

A general information sheet about our Commercial Vendor Department, including the previous year's attendance, various space costs, and specific guidelines, will also be available the first Monday of January, by selecting the Exhibit Space Pricing and General Information for Applicants link, also located in the left margin.
Should you have specific questions, please contact the Commercial Exhibits Department at 620-669-3612 or 620-669-3606.

2019 Kansas State Fair Commercial Exhibits Application

This application does not denote an offer for space. This is NOT A CONTRACT. Do not send money with application. Application mush be accompanied by a photo or drawing of your booth. If drawing is not received, our application will not be considered.
Business Name
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Cell Phone Number
Website Address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Phone Number
Fax Number
Picture Attach Picture or drawing of exhibit/concession
Describe your booth operation (i.e. use sound amplification, sampling, info only, etc.)
Type of space desired

Size of Space desired for space one.
Minimum Front Footage
Minimum Depth
Maximum Front Footage
Maximum Depth
Item(s), Products(s), and/or Service(s) to be sold. Include Brand Names where applicable)
Please be specific with item(s) and product(s).
(Footage should include awnings, tie-ons, overhangs, trailer hitches, room to operate, etc.)
List two (2) recent fairs/festivals/events you have participated in:
1st Event and Contact
1st Event Phone
2nd Event and Contact
2nd Event Phone

Organization Memberships

(This section is for information purposes only and does not impact and contract offer with the Kansas State Fair.)

If 'no', would you be interested in more information?
If 'no', would you be interested in more information?

Outside Exhibitors and Food Concessionaires Only:

(The following items include an additional cost)

Do you need utilities
if so please select choices needed

THIS APPLICATION IS FOR CONSIDERATION OF SPACE ONLY. The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to offer space based on product, building or area space is available, size of space required, maintaining a balanced program of products throughout the Fairgrounds, at attractiveness of the exhibit.

I agree to the terms and conditions

Vendor Pricing and Information

Have questions about becoming a commercial vendor? We have the answers! Kansas State Fair commercial vendor pricing and general information can be found below.


This year’s fair dates are SEPTEMBER 7-16. Our audited attendance in 2017 was 322,278.
The Kansas State Fair application process begins the first Monday in January for the upcoming Fair. The Commercial Exhibits Application is an online process and can be accessed on the Commercial Vendor Applicants page of our website at Any additional forms are also accessible in the Commercial Vendor ‘Forms’ section. All applications must be accompanied by a picture or sketch of what an exhibitor’s booth space will consist of and may include brochures/material describing products and/or services being offered. Do not send product samples unless they are requested by the Commercial Exhibits Department.

Food/Drink concessionaires must include a picture of their concession unit and menu when
submitting the application. Applications submitted without the above requested items will not be considered.

The Kansas State Fair welcomes applications from all potential exhibitors. The application will be reviewed and shall be solely judged to determine what is in the best interest of the Kansas State Fair and the fair-going public. All timely completed applications will be screened and considered for space as space opportunities allow. Applications are not approved on a first-come first-served basis, rather all completed applications received shall be considered. The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to offer space based on product, building or area available, size of space required, while maintaining a balanced program of products throughout the Fairgrounds, and attractiveness of the exhibit. The exhibit should be consistent with the Fair’s Mission and be in the best interests of the Kansas State Fair.



Meadowlark Building - in line 10X10 $975
Meadowlark Building - corner 10X10 $1,050
Pride of Kansas Building -in line 10X10 $975
Pride of Kansas Building - corner 10X10 $1,050
Sunflower North Building - in line 10X10 $975
Sunflower North Building - corner 10X10 $1,050
Sunflower South Building - in line 10X10 $975
Sunflower South Building - corner 10X10 $1,050

Non Air-Conditioned
Eisenhower Building - in line 10X10 $850
Eisenhower Building - corner 10X10 $ 925
Expo Center 10X10 $500
Nex-Tech Wireless Grandstand - in line 10X10 $850
Nex-Tech Wireless Grandstand - corner 10X10 $925
Nex-Tech Wireless Grandstand - in line 10X16 $900
Nex-Tech Wireless Grandstand - corner 10X16 $975
**Building layout maps are available online or by request.


Outside exhibit spaces are designated areas between the named streets. Please refer to the Fairgrounds Map.

The minimum outside exhibit space cost is $400.

Outside exhibit spaces for Agriculture/Farm/Industrial Exhibitors is $11.00 per front foot up to a 25’ depth. Charges for additional depth are as follows: 26’ to 50’ - Add $55, 51’ to 75’ - Add $90, 76’ to 125’ - Add $115.

Outside exhibit space for Non-Agricultural Exhibitors is $19 per front foot up to a 25’ depth. Charges for additional depth are as follows: 26’ to 50’ – Add $65; 51’ to 75’ – Add $110; 76’ to 125’ – Add $145.

Outside exhibit space in High Traffic Areas is $28 per front foot up to a 25’ depth. Charges for additional depth are as follows: 26’ to 50’ – Add $65; 51’ to 75’ – Add $110; 76’ to 125’ – Add $145.

Outside exhibit space in Pike Area Concessions or Pride of Kansas Ave & North Carnival Areas is $50 per front foot. Charges for additional depth are as follows: 26’ to 50’ – Add $65; 51’ to 75’ Add $110; 76’ to 125’ – Add $145.

Front footage and depth is charged based upon the size of exhibit space AVAILABLE and will not be adjusted if you should require less. Most Food/Drink Concessionaires pay 18% of gross sales, after taxes, against a $950 minimum guarantee or what the space would normally cost a non Food/Drink Concessionaire, whichever is GREATER. This minimum is based on the current fee structure. Ride/Attraction Concessionaires pay 20% of gross sales after taxes against a $1,100 minimum guarantee, as stated above.

All space costs are rounded up to the nearest $5 figure. If exhibit space becomes available, we will notify the selected applicant with the specifics. If an applicant accepts the exhibit space being offered, one-half of the exhibit space cost (to include any additional fees) will be due by the first payment due date on the Exhibitor Contract to hold the space. Filling space from new applications generally does not begin until mid-April of each year. Due to a high Exhibitor/Concessionaire return rate, all applications are held in the event exhibit space becomes available due to a late cancellation. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up on the status of the application.

The Kansas State Fair is a great way for a large number of exhibitors to temporarily present their products or views, be they commercial, religious, or political, to a large number of people in an orderly, safe, secure and efficient fashion. Exhibit shall mean any activity; including, but not limited to petitioning, proselytizing and /or the sale, posting, or distribution of any merchandise, product, promotional items, and printed or written materials. Sale or distribution of any merchandise; including printed or written material except under license issued by Kansas State Fair and/or from a duly-licensed location is strictly prohibited. Because of the great interest in the safety and orderly movement of large crowds and vehicular traffic flow, and activity engaging or impeding the fair-going public or interrupting the orderly flow of the fairgoing public outside of an approved, licensed, and contracted exhibit space is strictly prohibited. The Kansas State Fair strives to maintain a product balance throughout the buildings and outside areas, and encourages new exhibitors to bring in products and/or services. The previous year’s exhibitors, who leave in good standing, are invited to return. The Exhibitor return rate tends to vary each year, but is generally very high. All new applicants should keep in mind our limitations.

TTY Customers may use the Kansas Relay System by dialing 1-800-766-3777.
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