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Marching Bands

The Kansas State Fair extends an invitation to you and your band students to participate in the Marching Band Program at the Kansas State Fair. Approval has been received from the Kansas State High School Activities Association for the 2023 event.

The high school marching band program is one of the great, long standing traditions of the Kansas State Fair. This program started as far back as the 1960's. Fair-goers love watching the bands as they march by. In 2022, 48 High School and Middle School bands participated, with 3,123 band students in attendance. We are hoping that 2023 will bring back more than 100 bands, like we have had in the past!

We encourage all middle and high school bands across the state to participate in this program. This is a great opportunity for your band to demonstrate their musical talent as well as showcase their hard work and team effort. This performance early in the season gives your band a wonderful chance to benefit from the judge’s ratings and comments before any state competitions.

Bands will march a parade route on the Fairgrounds and have the additional opportunity to perform in the Peoples Bank and Trust Arena. (See map below). Marching will be on September 11th, 12th and 13th, 2023 (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) with judging on all days. All Bands that participate will receive a rosette with their rating. Those bands that receive a I+ will also receive a banner.

Three judges are at each location. Marching judges will be along 20th Avenue after passing the Sheep, Swine & Goat Barn. Ratings, judge comment sheets, and your rosette can be picked up at the Kansas State Fair Administration office after 1 pm on your performance day. Any awards not picked up will be mailed to the school as soon as possible. Judges will NOT need a copy of your music. Ratings are based on the adjudication form listed below. The KSHSAA music manual will be used as reference for scoring using three judges.

ADMISSION: Monday is Dollar Day at the Kansas State Fair. Gate admission on this day will only be $1.00 each person. A specially priced $3.00 gate ticket is available to those participating in the Marching Band Program on Tuesday, and Wednesday. For every four students, a teacher/sponsor/chaperone/bus driver may get in free. All bands must check in at the Fairgrounds by Gate 8 for entrance. When paying by check, we require that one (1) check be made out to the KANSAS STATE FAIR to pay for the gate tickets. All bands entering the Fairgrounds must have pre-paid or have payment with them upon check-in.

Fair admission tickets are required to participate in this marching event.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (Please note, our Monday and Wednesday time slots are full. Tuesday has several slots still available)

This is a KSHSAA sanctioned and professionally judged competition, therefore, any band wishing to march and/or perform in the arena and not stay for a day at the Fair will be charged a $40.00 entry fee. This will enable your group to enter the Fairgrounds to be judged on their performance, receive the judges comments and earn the appropriate award. Any parents/spectators wishing to watch your students will be required to purchase a gate ticket.

SCHEDULING: Every effort will be made to schedule your time preference. Bands will be sent along parade route as they arrive, so please have students in uniform and ready to go when you arrive at the staging location.

The parade on the Fairgrounds is scheduled between 8:30 am - 11:00 am on Monday; 8:30 am - 10:00 am on Tuesday, and 8:30 am - 11:30 am on Wednesday.

PARKING: All bus parking will be in Lot C, which is on the east side of the Fairgrounds off of 23rd Street. (See Fairgrounds map below) Please enter the Fairgrounds parking area on 23rd St. between Plum St. and Severance St. Fairgrounds personnel will direct and park the buses in a designated area. Please inform your bus driver(s) they must follow parking personnel directions so that we can utilize space and make departure pleasant and unhindered.

Equipment vehicles will be able to park on Plum, entering on the North end, off of 23rd St. Please email to schedule Plum parking.

Students should unload in Lot C and proceed in uniform to Gate 8 where Kansas State Fair personnel will assist you. If your tickets have not been pre-paid, this is where you will pay. Bands will line up on Plum St.

Bands will be directed by Kansas State Fair personnel, marching from Gate 9 on 20th Ave through the Fairgrounds to People's Bank and Trust Arena, for an optional performance. The marching route continues on Ft. Leavenworth Blvd. to 23rd Ave and out Gate 8. Bands will be marching through the Fairgrounds for the Fair patrons. Please be prepared to march and play or march to a drum cadence.

Due to the number of bands performing, all performances in the arena will be limited to two musical selections. If the National Anthem is played, this will count as one of your two musical selections.

All bands must check-in at Gate 8 by 11:00 am to receive their tickets and band packet.

Fair admission tickets are required to participate in this marching event.

Restrooms are available before & after your performance. Water will be available at People's Bank and Trust Arena.

MIDWAY RIDES: Wristband days, where you can ride all the rides you want for $35, will be on Tuesday and Wednesday. Rides open at 1 pm on Tuesday and at Noon on Wednesday. In addition to the $1.00 gate admission available on Monday, September 13, all North American Midway carnival rides will be ONE TICKET per ride. Tickets are $2.00 each. Rides open at Noon on Monday.

If your students forget/lose/need money for lunch, their parents may call the Ticket Office (620-669-3618) and purchase food and/or ride tickets with a credit card. The student then can pick them up at the Ticket Office, which is located on the southwest side of the Administration Building.

If you experience travel delays and will arrive late to your Fairgrounds performance please notify the Kansas State Fair at 620-669-3600.

Band performance schedule will be posted here on September 6th. All bands will be scheduled to perform on the day you chose so buses can be scheduled in advance. We many need to adjust your performance time if there are multiple bands requesting the same time.

Marching Band Schedule

Inman High School pass - 8:25
Skyline Schools 8:30
Campus High School 8:40
LaCrosse High School 8:50
Sedgwick Jr/Sr High School 9:00
Solomon High School 9:05
Chapman High School pass - 9:10
Ellsworth High School pass - 9:15
Minneapolis High School 9:20
Chaparrel Jr/Sr High 9:30
Andover Central Bands 9:35
Ell-Saline High School 9:45
Clearwater High School 9:50
Clearwater Intermediate pass - 9:55
Rose Hill Middle School pass - 10:15
Flinthills Middle School pass - 10:25
Flinthills High School 10:30
Clay Center Community 10:40
Marysville High School 10:45
Erie HS/Galesburg MS pass - 10:50
Thunder Ridge pass - 10:55
West Franklin 11:00
Lebo-Waverly 11:05
Junction City High School 11:10
Larned High School 11:15
Lyndon High School 11:20
Chanute High School 11:25
Cherryvale 11:30
Sylvan-Lucas Jr/Sr 11:35
Halstead pass - 11:40
Northeast Magnet pass -11:45
*pass indicates not marching, only playing Arena
Sterling High School pass - 8:50
Cunningham High School 8:55
Burrton High School 9:00
South Haven High School 9:10
Southeast of Saline 9:20
Andover High School 9:30
Hugoton USD210 9:35
Canton-Galva pass - 9:40
Eureka High School 9:45
St. Mary Parish Middle School 9:55
Hutchinson High School 10:05
Riley County High School 10:15
Andale High School 10:35
Mulvane Middle School 10:40
Hill City Jr/Sr 10:45
Dodge City CC (non-judge) 10:50
Hoisington Middle/High 8:25
Cheney High School 8:30
Lyons AFJROTC 8:35
Douglass High School 8:40
Remington High School 8:45
Burrton Middle School 8:50
Fairfield Jr/Sr. High pass - 8:55
Marion High School 9:00
Otis-Bison Jr/Sr. High School 9:05
Pretty Prairie 9:10
Pawnee Heights 9:15
Lyons High School 9:20
Rock Hills 9:25
Smoky Valley Schools 9:30
Baldwin High School 9:35
Salina Central 9:40
Circle Middle School 9:45
Circle High School 9:50
Columbus High School 9:55
Republic County High School 10:00
Hays Middle School 10:05
El Dorado High School 10:10
Andover Middle School pass - 10:15
Jefferson West 10:20
Bucklin High School 10:25
Phillipsburg Jr/Sr 10:30
Wamego High School 10:35
Caney Valley 10:40
Moundridge High School 10:45
Minneola 10:50
Bishop Carroll 10:55
Bennington High School 11:00
Wakefield Jr/Sr. High 11:05
Kingman High School 11:10
Argonia High School 11:15
Wichita Southeast 11:20
Christa McAuliffe Academy pass - 11:25
Bluestem High School 11:30
Great Bend High School 11:35
Ingalls High School 11:40
Sedan Jr/Sr High School pass - 11:45
Winfield High School 11:50
Kiowa County pass - 11:55
Chisholm Middle School 12:00
Macksville High School 12:05



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