With over 100 food vendors, the Kansas State Fair is known for its deep-fried cuisine - and food on a stick. There are legendary favorites and items that are just plain wacky.

Where to sit:

  • Cottonwood Court – Air conditioned, tables that seat 8-10 people comfortably, clean restrooms and a breastfeeding room. Tip – don’t be afraid to share a table with strangers. It’s a great way to meet other Kansans!
  • Wheatland Café in Pride of Kansas: Look for the classic red and white checkered tablecloths. Plus, you can learn something new while you are eating at the new Pride of Kansas Stage!
  • Mel’s Diner / Bretz & Young Arena: Bug free with a screened-in seating area. Sit and listen to the music at Bretz.
  • Park north of Administration Building: Lots of trees = lots of shade. The benches here are a great spot to people watch and wait for the next train (the depot is located there, too.
  • Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System Stage at Lake Talbott stage seating: Live entertainment and a lovely view.
  • Livestock arenas: Take a load off and enjoy the hard work of young Kansas livestock showmen
  • Krehbiel’s – Picnic tables covered with an open-air tent. A great place to take a break in the shade
  • Kansas Dairy Bar in the Grandstand: This adorable parlor is decorated like a classic ice cream shop.
  • Wine & Beer Venues: Both indoor and outdoor seating are available at a number of locations.

Places to get cheap drinks

  • Bracket Concessions - $1.50 – 32-ounce iced tea. Look for the little pink sheds.
  • Root Beer - $1.50. Look for the root beer kegs.
  • Several vendors sell souvenir cups that can be refilled at a discount price. It’s a great deal who come to the Fair multiple days.
  • You are allowed to bring in your own water, drinks, and snacks. There are water fountains if you bring your own water bottles.

Fair Food Favorites

  • Pronto Pups –What would the State Fair be without the Pronto Pup? Pronto Pups are different than traditional corn dogs. The breading is made of rice, wheat and barley - giving it a hint of sweetness. There are five Pronto Pup booths stationed around the fairgrounds so that you’re never too far away from a fix. Look for the yellow huts.
  • Roasted Corn – multiple locations. If eating corn off the cob is too messy for your crew – be sure to ask for it in a cup with a spoon.
  • Apple Dumplings: Staff at Wheatland Cafe are up before the sun rises to prepare these Fair favorites. And, you can buy them ala mode. Location: Pride of Kansas Building.
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexican Food: The Our Lady of Guadalupe booth serves the kind of enchiladas you grew up eating at church fundraisers. They also have fried flour tacos, tamales, pork tostadas, burritos and some of the best Mexican rice and beans you’ll have outside your mama's kitchen. Location: Inside Cottonwood Court.
  • Kansas Dairy Bar – Located under the grandstand. The facility was recently updated, and it features ice cream made from Kansas dairies, including K-State’s Call Hall.
  • Chicken & Noodles – One of the Fair’s most famous foods is the chicken and noodles sold by the folks at the South Hutchinson Methodist Church. It’s home cooking at its best and nothing is more comforting on a cool fall day - the first of which almost inevitably arrives each year sometime during the Fair. Location: Inside Cottonwood Court.
  • Krehbiel’s – Amazing smoked meats from McPherson. Located at the corner of Pride of Kansas Avenue and Bison Boulevard.
  • Moink ball – Moo + Oink = Moink. Five savory meatballs wrapped in bacon on a stick. What’s more State Fair than that? Find these at the red stage coaches.

New Tastes of the Fair

There are lots of new foods -- here are just a few for your taste buds.

  • Krispy Kreme Hot Dog: Just when you thought Carousel Cafe’s Krispy Kreme hamburger was quirky. Behold, the Krispy Kreme hot dog covered in bacon. A fresh jelly stuffed Krispy Kreme donut is used as the bun. It’s filled with an Angus beef hot dog topped with more jelly and finished off with thick Applewood smoked bacon.
  • HoneyBunn Burger: Fresh beef patties from Yoder Meats are sandwiched between two warm Honey Buns, then topped with fresh veggies, often served with a slice of melted cheese. To top it off, you can add Applewood smoked bacon OR chocolate covered bacon, which serves as the perfect compliment to this sweet and salty burger! Location: Carousel Cafe
  • Fried Cheesecake Bites: A new twist on cheesecake! Deep fried and bite sized. No mess, just deliciousness. Topped with powdered sugar and cherry drizzle. Located at Brackett Concession’s cookie dough stand, 303 Fort Riley Boulevard.

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