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Any Vendor who sells and delivers items to any food/drink concessionaires hired by the Kansas State Fair will be required to provide an Accounting Sales Report and submit this form and submit it to the Fair Office no later than October 31, each year. Please keep totals for each concession location separate. Vendor may use the form provided in the “Forms” section of the manual, online form, or one of the Vendor’s own choosing. A Vendor may also request the form by emailing or

If a Vendor chooses to use his own formatted report, it must at least include the information below:

Concession Customer Business Name

  1. Product(s)
  2. Unit(s) Sold
  3. Quantities purchased
  4. Sales amount(s).

The Vendor Reporting Form information is used for verification purposes only by the State Fair, and will not be available to the public. Vendors who do not submit the reporting form may not be invited to participate in the following year’s Fair.

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