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The Service Vendor's responsibility is summarized as "be a good neighbor. "All Service Vendors are given equal opportunity, regardless of type of operation, and should be given equal opportunity, within reason, to present their product(s).

The Vendor agrees to deal honorably, fairly and practice no fraud or misrepresentation. Any violation of KSA 50-626, Deceptive Acts and Practices, will be immediate grounds for cancellation of a Vendor License Agreement.

The Vendor, as well as all Vendor employees/volunteers, shall be neat and clean in their dress at all times and will not provide any service(s) while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Vendor and/or any of the Vendor's representatives, shall not have in their possession or sell any intoxicating liquors, controlled substances, obscene materials, or engage in obscene conduct, while on the Fairgrounds. Fair Management has the ultimate right to determine what constitutes obscene material and obscene conduct.

The State Fair shall be allowed access to any Vendor area or other premises, at any time for any reason. The State Fair reserves the right to cancel a License Agreement and/or have the property of a Vendor removed from the Fairgrounds for any violations of these Guidelines. In any such event, all payments previously made under this Agreement shall be forfeited, and retained by the State Fair.

The State Fair also reserves the right to require any representative of a Vendor to vacate an assigned area if vacating the area is deemed necessary.

The Vendor is responsible for any wages or expenses of any employees/volunteers of the Vendor and/or any debt incurred by the Vendor, in the fulfillment of this Agreement. The State Fair will not be held liable for any obligation of the Vendor.

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