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We strongly encourage the use of parking hangtags on Thursday, September 5. Please arrange to pick up Vendor credentials packets prior to this date. This will help minimize unauthorized vehicle traffic prior to the Fair.

No vehicle traffic is allowed on the Fairgrounds after 9:00 am daily, for the duration of the Fair.

Vendor vehicles must be parked in the area designated on the hangtag. Vehicles not parked in designated areas, or lots, are in violation of this agreement. Violators will have their hangtag removed and the vehicle will be towed to the impound lot. To retrieve your vehicle from the impound lot, an Exhibitor/patron needs to report to the Traffic Department, north of the Grandstand in the Maintenance Building and pay the tow charge fee.

Duplication or misuse of a hangtag is grounds for revocation and cancellation of a Vendor License Agreement.

Lost or Stolen hangtags will be replaced at Vendor's cost, IF available.
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