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Forklift services will be available for those Service Vendors who need assistance offloading materials/product beginning August 23 through September 5, during business days/hours only. Forklift services will also be available on the final Monday, September 16. Cost is $50.00 per 30 minutes with a 30-minute minimum. You must come to the Commercial Exhibits office & pay the first $50.00 & then you will be given a receipt & phone number to contact the forklift operator. Operator will NOT do services without a receipt. If a drop needs to be made during the Fair, you will need to schedule this service in advance. All offloading will be conducted inside of Gate 11 ONLY during the Fair. Please contact our office at least two weeks prior to offload date to schedule an appointment.

Exhibitors will be responsible to pay the charges incurred at the time of the lift. Please contact Commercial Exhibits for rates. Be sure to note your specific location on the fairgrounds and the contact information when making arrangements for forklift services.

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