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The State Fair does not assume responsibility or liability for electrical failures of any kind, nor for damage to equipment/property caused by drops or increases in power supply, low voltage or power surges and shall not be liable for loss of profits or revenue, loss of use of equipment, cost of capital, cost of temporary equipment (including additional expenses incurred in using electrical facilities), claims of customers of the Exhibitor, or for any special, indirect, or consequential damages due to interruption or fluctuation in service on the grounds.

Some outside areas at the Fair will require a 30 amp RV Adaptor in order to plug into a 110 Volt, 20 amp plug. These can be purchased from the Electrical Department upon your arrival or you can bring your own.

If more than 30 amps are required, please contact the Commercial Exhibits office. Service size will be determined by the size of the main disconnecting unit, and will be checked prior to hookup. If the type of electrical service needed is not available, all costs to bring service to a Vendor's location will be at the expense of the Vendor. The Vendor must provide proper size and approved cable (approximately 100'), to connect to any existing service outlet, or pay the electrician for any equipment/materials needed for the hookup. The electrician reserves the right to refuse to connect electrical service to equipment not considered safe. The wire sizes required for each size electrical service (in accordance with National Electrical Codes) are listed below:

Size of Service Minimum Size Wire Size of Service Minimum Size Wire
30 AMP #10 60 AMP #6
40 AMP #8 100 AMP #3
50 AMP #6 125 AMP #2

If electrical service has not been used or is cancelled, the Vendor will receive a refund, of that electrical amount.

If electrical service was paid with the Vendor License Agreement, the Vendor should notify the Commercial Exhibits Department when ready for electrical hookup. The Commercial Exhibits Department will notify the Electrical Department to get you scheduled.

If more electricity is needed than is being provided, the Vendor will need to contact the Commercial Exhibits Department. If it is determined a Vendor is using more power than entitled to, thus causing power overloads in exhibit areas, said Vendor will be required to purchase additional electrical, as needed, for proper operation of equipment. The Commercial Exhibits Department will notify the Electrical Department to contact the Vendor regarding the additional service. If any additional costs are identified the Vendor will be responsible to pay these charges.

If electrical service is above the amount paid for, charges for labor, equipment, and materials for the hookup of electrical service will be at the expense of the Vendor.

If electrical service is not included in your Vendor License it can be added to a Vendor Agreement until July 15. After this date, if additional electrical hookups need to be added, upon arrival, Vendor must come to the Commercial Exhibits department to make arrangements.

All wiring and materials, except those furnished or purchased by the Vendor, shall remain the property of the Fair. All electrical work done on the Kansas State Fairgrounds is at the expense of the Vendor and must be done by a bonded qualified contractor per the Kansas Department of Labor. All work must be done under the supervision of the Electrical Department of the Kansas State Fair.

Absolutely no one shall tamper with or change any electrical circuitry, general illumination, electric connection or installation in any State Fair building or area without the approval and supervision of the Electrical Department. Removal of a padlock on any Electrical Panel will result in a $50 fine to the Vendor.

If you require electrical service before the Tuesday after Labor Day, you must notify the Commercial Exhibits Department one week in advance to schedule hookup.

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