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A License Agreement may be cancelled for violation of any guideline in this Manual, State Statutes, or Laws, and may be cause for not inviting an Exhibitor to return the following year. If the violation is of a serious nature, this may be cause for immediate closure of the exhibit for the remainder of the Fair, forfeiture of all fees paid, and no renewal for the next year’s Fair.

If the Kansas State Fair does not receive the signed License Agreement (copy), required deposit, and a valid Certificate of Insurance by the due date specified on the License Agreement, or if the License Agreement balance has not been paid by the due date specified on the License Agreement, the License Agreement is subject to cancellation.

The Vendor must submit a request for cancellation of License Agreement and refund, in writing, at any point during the year. Any requests for refund must be date stamped or postmarked before May 14. A $100 Administrative Fee will be assessed on all refund requests made on or before May 14. Any cancellations made on or after May 15 until June 30 will only receive a refund equal to half of the contracted amount. Any late fees assessed will not be refunded.

Any License Agreement cancelled after July 1 each year, FOR ANY REASON, regardless of when License Agreement was issued, will not receive a refund of any monies paid on the License Agreement. No invitation will be issued for the following year's Fair.

The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to terminate this License Agreement for cause which shall be if the Vendor materially violates any term or condition of License Agreement or if the Vendor undertakes any action that would create an undue embarrassment or adverse publicity to the Kansas State Fair or its reputation.

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