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If for any reason a payment check is returned by the designated bank; the replacement funds will be a certified check, money order, cashier's check or cash, in the amount of the payment, plus $30 to cover the returned check charge.Should a Vendor have questions regarding a returned check, he may call the Commercial Exhibits Director at (620)669-3612.Any future payment(s) must be made by the specified due date, and by money order, certified/ cashier’s check, or by cash. If payment is not received by date specified, contract may be cancelled, and previous payments will be forfeited.

All checks returned will be allowed 7 days from date of notification to make the payment.If payment is not received after 7 days, and another notice is required, an additional $10 administrative fee will be added for a total of $40 on returned checks.The Vendor will then have 3 days after second notification to send payment, and if payment is not received, the Vendor contract will be cancelled.Any previous payments made will be forfeited.

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