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A gate admission ticket is required starting at 11:00 am on Friday, September 8.No one is allowed on the Fairgrounds without an admission ticket after 11:00 am on the first Friday. Until further notice, no gate admission ticket is required after 9:00 pm, the first Friday through last Saturday, and after 6:00 pm on the final Sunday. We will notify you as soon as possible of the change of these times. Duplication, alteration or use of previous years State Fair tickets and/or parking hangtags is strictly prohibited. This offense will be turned over to the authorities and is considered as just cause for cancellation of license agreement.

Individual Participant Admission Tickets

These tickets are for the exclusive use of employees who work for a Vendor during the State Fair. Tickets are not to be resold, used as part of a promotion, or given to any person who is not an employee needed to help provide your service on the Fairgrounds. Any usage, other than for admission to work, is considered a violation of this Vendor License Agreement. If a Vendor is interested in purchasing tickets for promotional purposes, please contact the Fair Ticket Office and ask about the Corporate Purchasing Program.

Additional Individual Participant Tickets

Additional individual participant tickets can be purchased in advance for $3 each, if request and payment are postmarked by August 15. After August 15, the individual participant tickets will be $7 each at Dillon’s Stores throughout Kansas or from the Kansas State Fair Ticket Office through Thursday, September 5. Additional tickets may also be purchased at the Kansas State Fair Ticket Office. Their hours are:

  • September 6, 2024 - September 15, 2024 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Beginning Friday, September 6th tickets may also be purchased at participating gates for $10.00 each.

A Vendor may use the form provided online or from Commercial Exhibits Office, to purchase additional season gate tickets and/or individual participant tickets.

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