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Do you have a good or service you are interested in providing our concessionaires? Becoming a Service Vendor at the Kansas State Fair is the place to start!

Please complete the Service Vendor below. Should you have specific questions, please contact the Commercial Exhibits Department at 620-669-3612 or 620-669-3606.

This application does not denote an offer to become a Service Vendor. This is NOT A CONTRACT. Do not mail payment. A Service Vendor Contract will be mailed to you with a specific amount due from the information supplied below.

Service Vendor Application

All Roving Vehicle Tags will be picked up in Commercial Exhibits office with signed agreement.
Please be specific with item(s) and product(s).
Vendor Fee:
Do you require space in the Vendor Lot (north of Cottonwood Court) to offer your service to the concessionaires/exhibitors? (The Vendor Lot is space purchased to place such vendor items as refrigerated trucks, supply trucks, etc.)

Choose one

If "no" please proceed to the next question. If "yes", a fee of $350 will be added to your contract for this privilege. The $350 fee also includes two Vendor Vehicle hangtags and 20 Participant Gate Tickets.

*Used by large delivery vehicles. Does not denote space in the Vendor Lot north of Cottonwood Court. (Note: Ten (10) Participant Gate Tickets are issued with every Vendor Vehicle Hangtag purchased)

*Required by all authorized golf carts and smaller modes of conveyance.

Amps__________ Volts___________
An electrical fee will be added to your Vendor Contract for the above electrical service.
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