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There appears to be little record regarding the history of this building. Simply a notion in the 1927-1928 Fair Board's biennial report that states that the Industrial Arts Building was completed in 1924 at a cost of $30,000.

The Mission Revival Style building topped by an atrium and cupola was used for 4-H exhibits during the 1920s. A new exhibit building was built in 1961 and the old building was renamed the Women's Building. The name was deemed inappropriate a few years later when it became apparent that men also exhibited their handiwork and culinary products. In the middle 1970s the atrium was boarded over, the windows were covered with concrete block, the cupola was removed and the entries were insensitively enclosed with cut stone walls and wood shake shingle shed roofs. The name was changed to the Domestic Arts Building.

The Domestic Arts Building was renovated in 2003. It offers wheelchair accessible restrooms, a concrete floor, office spaces and a historic look outside. The Domestic Arts offers flexibility with a full service kitchen. It is commonly used now for fundraisers, weddings, banquets and other family events.
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