Supreme Drive
The Kansas State Fair is full of new events and activities for 2018! Come Find Your Fun September 7-16.
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Supreme Drive


SUPERINTENDENT: Anne Lampe, Scott City, KS (620) 874-4273

BEEF OFFICE: Sept. 7 - 16 (620) 669-3806

SHOW DATE: Saturday, September 15; 6:30 PM

SUPREME BULL - $1000.00 * sponsored by LIBERTY, INC - TRAVALUM

SUPREME FEMALE - $1000.00 * sponsored by TITAN WEST



3rd Overall Supreme - TBA


*any additional premium will be announced during the Supreme Drive

  • Titan West – use of an OK Corral for 1 year, winner selected from all participants
  • Jensen Genetic Center – 1 free collection


Continental Siding

Titan West

Liberty, Inc – Travalum

BLUE RIBBON SPONSORS - $100.00 TO $300.00

Charolais Breeders of Kansas

Kansas Hereford Association

Circle S Gelbvieh

Kansas Limousin Breeders Association

Cross Country Genetics

Kansas Simmental Association

Shorthorn Breeders of America

Kansas Angus Association

Schilling Limousin

Kansas Gelbvieh Association

  1. Twelve breeds will show and will include: Angus, Charolais, Gelbvieh, Balancer, Hereford, Limousin, Lim-Flex, Shorthorn, Shorthorn Plus, Simmental, Foundation Simmental and AOB.
  2. If the champion of the breed elects not to compete, the reserve will be eligible to compete. NO other substitutions allowed.
  3. If possible at least one of the judges that evaluated the breed shows during the Kansas State Fair will serve on the panel of 3 judges. Judges are not announced until the evening of the Supreme Drive.
  4. Each of the 3 judges rank all entries independently from 1 – 12. No discussion will be allowed.
  5. From the rankings, the “ranking place” of each judge will be added on individual participants with the lowest ranking score to determine the winners.
  6. Breaking ties- Prior to the start of the Supreme Drive one panelist will be selected the referee judge. In the case of a tie within the top 3 final rank the referee’s ranking with serve to break tie. In the case that the tie is not broken as outlined, the panel will be allowed discussion. A different referee will be designated for the bulls and for the females.
  7. A supreme champion, reserve champion and 3rd will be announced.
  8. Judges will be asked to make comments during the score adding.

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