Super Cow/Calf Show
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Super Cow/Calf Show

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SUPERINTENDENT: Kent McKinnis, Hutchinson, KS (620) 899-0025

SHOW DATE: Wednesday, September 11, 2:00 pm


Entries are subject to the Kansas State Fair General Information and Rules


ABS, Sandra Utter, Pratt, KS

Reno County Farm Bureau, South Hutchinson, KS

Valley Vet LLC, Arnold Nagley, Marysville, KS

ENTRY FEE: $25.00/Pair if entered by September 1. If entering on-site, the entry fee is $35.00

  1. Open to any Kansas cow / calf producer. All animals will be judged as commercial livestock.
  2. All animals must be exhibited in pasture condition. Absolutely no fitting will be allowed. Absolutely no bull calves allowed.
  3. An entry will consist of one cow and her natural calf.
  4. Both divisions (Open & Youth) will not allow halters or fitting. No exhibitors are allowed in the arena. Youth will be ring side for possible questions from the judge.
  5. Age of cow and birth date of calf must be known.
  6. All cows and calves will be weighed upon arrival at the Kansas State Fair. These animals will be housed and shown in the Livestock Annex.
  7. All pairs must be unloaded and processed by 11:00 am on, September 11. Show will begin at 2:00 pm. All animals must arrive and leave on Wednesday, September 11.
  8. Animals will be judged on type, structure, muscling, natural fleshing,soundness of udder, eyes, feet, and legs. The calf at side will be evaluated on the same criteria.
  9. Cow weight and the calves projected 205-day adjusted weight will be given to the evaluators at time of judging.
  10. A two judge system will be used and each judge will score each cow and calf independently and the total score of both judges will be used to rank the pairs in each division. The final score will out of a possible 200 points, 100 possible with the projected 205-day score and 100 possible for the judge's scores of each pair.
  11. Entries MUST be done online by Sept 1(after this date, entries can be made the day of with a late fee) - if you give the complete registration information, it will be printed in the Show Book
  12. If entries are sufficient, the classes will also be divided by age of Dam.
  13. 80% of entry fee will be paid back in each class on a 40%-30%-20%-10% basis. Payback is determined by divisions.
  14. Calf birth date must be on or before April 15 of current year.
  15. Exhibitors to bring a copy of the pedigree if known.
  16. Any Cow that is deemed to be a danger to animal handlers, exhibitors, spectators or other animals by the event staff will be asked to be removed from the Livestock Annex.
  17. All animals must be individually identified by official USDA-approved ear tag - if not tagged at arrival, they will be tagged during check in and entered into the Kansas State Fair entry system with identification.
  18. NEW - Youth Division - Exhibitor must be under 19 as of January 1. Youth division will have a champion and reserve champion. There will be prizes for these placings within the youth division.

Division 1110 - Open Classes


Super Cow / Calf- Straight Bred English Steer


Super Cow / Calf-Straight Bred English Heifer


Super Cow / Calf-Straight Bred Cont. Steer


Super Cow / Calf-Straight Bred Cont. Heifer


Super Cow / Calf-Crossbred Steer


Super Cow / Calf-Crossbred Heifer


Super Cow / Calf- Brahma Cross Steer


Super Cow / Calf- Brahma Cross Heifer

Super Cow / Calf- Grand Champion Pair

Super Cow / Calf- Reserve Grand Champion Pair

Super Cow / Calf- Third Place Overall

Super Cow / Calf- Fourth Place Overall

Super Cow / Calf - Fifth Place Overall

Division 1111 - Youth Classes


Super Cow / Calf- Steer


Super Cow / Calf- Heifer

Super Cow / Calf- Grand Champion Pair

Super Cow / Calf- Reserve Grand Champion Pair

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