Draft Horse Team Pull
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Draft Horse Team Pull

ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT: Larry Clark / Contact: starrynights@sktc.net

SHOW DATE: Saturday, September 7, 4:00 pm **There is one class for draft horse team pull
KANSAS STATE FAIR OFFERS...............................................$3,300.00

Entries are subject to the Kansas State Fair General Information and Rules

1. The Kansas State Fair Board reserves the right to test and/or inspect any animal entered in Kansas State Fair competition for illegal substances. Exhibitors found in violation of this rule may be subject to disqualification. If an exhibitor is disqualified due to a positive test for illegal substances, the KSF Board reserves the right to ban future entry.
2. Gate and parking should be purchased on the entry form. Entry can be done online by August 15.
3. Registration is $35 per team. On-site registration is discouraged. Late fee assessed after Aug 15. An additional $25 late fee will be assessed if not pre-registered and a W9 will need to be completed for on-site registration.
4. Weigh in time 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Saturday, September 7. No early weights taken and no late weigh-ins allowed. No exceptions.
5. This is a twenty foot overload pull. The driver will ride sled and remain seated during entire pull or otherwise will lose the pull.
6. Each team has three pulls: longest pull counts.
7. All pulls must be made within a twelve foot lane.
8. No striking or whipping of the horses will be allowed or jerking of the sled.
9. Use of profanity and/or intoxicating beverages will disqualify entry/driver.
10. Drivers furnish doubletrees and helpers; helpers stay behind doubletree. One driver only.
11. No heading will be allowed.
12. No open bridles or changing of sides will be permitted.
13. In case of break down, sled goes back to starting point if driver desires another pull. Reasonable time will be allowed for repairs.
14. Three attempts to hook equal one pull.
15. Sled will be furnished by the Kansas State Fair.
16. A driver may pull more than one team.
17. If for some reason a driver is unable to perform his duties after sending in entry form, another driver may fill in.
18. Premium money will be paid to the owner after the Fair. W9 info was done online when entering or doing stalling. If entering late on site, you will be required to do a W9 or no premiums will be paid out.
19. Any movement of the sled will be considered a pull.
20. After sled is spotted, if team steps over line, sled will be pulled back to starting point. Live judge has discretion to decide pull; decision is final.
Division – 1510 Pull Contest
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
$675.00 575.00 475.00 400.00 375.00 325.00 275.00 200.00
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