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Kansas' Largest Classroom Lesson Plans
Kansas State Fair

Level: Intermediate Grades 3-5

Topic: Science

Objectives: Gain knowledge of insects
Gain knowledge of Kansas' geological forms

Materials: Paper and pencils for at the fair

Before the field trip
1. Present or review knowledge of insects and Kansas' geological forms.

At the fair
1. While viewing the insect displays, students will
a. List the 3 main parts of the insect.
b. Find the name of 3 butterflies and 3 moths. Identify the differences between butterflies and moths.
c. List at least 3 interesting and new facts you learned from the displays.
d. Identify what the different colors of ribbons mean? Purple, blue, red, and white?
e. Find at least one person who has a display from your home town. What color ribbon did this person win?
2. While viewing the geology displays, the student will:
a. Discuss the differences between rocks and minerals?
b. List the 3 main rock types.
c. List at least 3 different minerals.
d. Find the fossil displays. List at least 3 names for different classifications of some fossils.
e. Identify the time periods listed for the fossils?

After the fair
1. Small groups of students will develop oral reports from the information gained by viewing the exhibits.
2. Each student will develop a timeline of the periods of history when fossils began.
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