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Kansas' Largest Classroom Lesson Plans
Kansas State Fair

Level: Intermediate Grades 3-5

Topic: Reading

Objectives: Indentify homophones and suffixes,
Gain experience in reading directions and reading schedules and lists.

Materials: Copies of the Daily Schedule of Events for each student.

Before the Fair
1. Search the Daily Schedule of Events for
a. Homophones
b. Words with the suffixes; -tion, ion, ation, and ment.
2. Devise a worksheet (appropriate for the abilities of the students) which asked them to use the schedule to locate information.
Sample items might be:
a. What direction is the Pride of Kansas Building from the Eisenhower Building.
b. How much does an adult have to pay for admission to the fair?
c. What times are the Bretz Law Arena shows on Monday?
There are as many possibilities as there are words in the schedule.
At the Fair
1. Locate building and directions by using the maps in the Daily Schedule.
2. Compile a list of words to add to the homophone and suffix list.
After the Fair
1. Compile a master list of all homophones and suffixes collected. Set a target number before going to the fair; see if the students can reach the target.
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