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Kansas' Largest Classroom Lesson Plans
Kansas State Fair

Level: Intermediate Grades 3-5

Topic: Math:

Objectives: Gain knowledge of place value and number use.

Materials: Copies of the Daily Schedule of Events for each student.

Before the Fair
1) Use the Daily Schedule of Events to look for use of numbers and for places we may find numbers at the fair.
2) List numbers by their uses: To Count, to Order, to Name, or to Measure. Have students develop a simple chart for keeping track of these uses at the fair.
3) Students will look for the largest number in hundreds, thousands, and millions.
At the Fair
1) Using the chart that the students developed, hunt for and keep track of each use of numbers, Record each on the chart.
2) Search for the largest number that their group can find.
After the Fair
1) Share each group's results and evaluate the winners.
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