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Kansas' Largest Classroom Lesson Plans
Kansas State Fair

Level: Elementary School, Grades 2-3

Topic: Managing Money

Objectives: Develop the ability to purchase food at the Fair with food allowance
Practice ordering food from the concession stands
Managing wants and needs by having enough food for lunch without going
over the food allowance.
Materials: Prepare "food cards" with pictures of Fair food and approximate prices.
Before the Fair
1. Teach lessons for money awareness for coins and bills
2. Set up a concession stand with food and play money for change. A parent volunteer may help with concession stand. Teacher will have students practice counting change.
3. Students will pre-plan their lunch menu by reading the possible food choices by completing an order form (teacher made form).
  • Students will be given $5.00 in play money (four ones and change).
  • Students will go to the concession stand, order food, and give clerk the correct change or near correct change.
  • Student should purchase:1 meat dish, 1 drink and 1 dessert.
  • Teacher will give the students the pictured food and count change.
  • Students will be allowed to order a snack later if there is money left.

4. Teacher will put students' real money in plastic bags with students' names for the field trip.

At the Fair
1. Students will decide on the desired food for lunch. Parent (supervising the group) will give each student their money bag (prepared by teacher prior to field trip.)
  • Student will approach the concession stand and purchase lunch.
  • Student will hand the clerk the money for purchased food and receive change
  • Student will give the supervising parent his/her money bag, then eat lunch. If there is money and time remaining, student will be allowed to purchase and eat a snack before boarding the bus.
  • Parent will return money bag to teacher, who will distribute the money upon returning to the school at the end of the day.
After the Fair
1. Students will complete the bottom of the pre-planning form.
2. Teacher and students will discuss the experience.

Lunch at the Fair

Name: _______________________________ Date: ________________

Before the Fair:

For lunch, I want to buy…

Food: Cost:
1. ____________________________ $ ______________
2. ____________________________ $ ______________
3. ____________________________ $ ______________
4. ____________________________ $ ______________
5. ____________________________ $ ______________
Total: $ ______________

After the Fair:

I bought ________________________________________________________________

I had $ ______ left.

I did or did not have enough money.

I did or did not get enough to eat.

I did or did not have a snack.

I did or did not plan well.

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