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Kansas' Largest Classroom Lesson Plans
Kansas State Fair

Level: Elementary School, Grades 2-3.

Topic: Insects

Objectives: Identify insects
Observe entomology displays at the Fair
Record the sizes and kinds of insects
Note the award by entomologist
Develop an awareness of insects and their importance

Before the Fair
1. Teacher will introduce:
a. The Characteristics of insects: 3 body parts, 6 legs, mouth parts (biting, chewing, lapping, sucking)
b. Difference between butterflies and moths
c. The characteristics of spiders (to know the difference)
d. Life cycle and stages of insects
e. Habitats of insects
f. Foods of insects
g. Examples of insects
At the Fair
1. Students will complete teacher-made worksheet. Be sure to have pencils! Parent supervisor may help students with writing. Groups will go to the 4-H Centennial Building to find the entomology display, where students will find displays to answer the questions on the worksheet.
After the Fair
1. Students and teacher will review the completed worksheet and discuss the displays and insects.
2. Students will complete a graph or chart to show the kinds of insects observed at the entomology displays.


Name: ______________________________ Date: ___________________

Look at one (1) display case. Fill out the blanks on this worksheet.

1. List two kinds of moths.

1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

2. List three kinds of swallowtails

1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

3. ______________________________________

3. List two kinds of beetles

1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

4. List an insect that has large clear wings. _________________________________

5. What is the name of the largest insect? _________________________________

6. What is the name of the insect displays? ________________________________

7. What color ribbon did the entomologist win? _____________________________

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