Become an Usher at the Nex-Tech Grandstand
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Become an Usher at the Nex-Tech Grandstand

Ushering at the Fair is a volunteer position. To be a part of this opportunity, all you need to do is let us know where you would like to help. The Kansas State Fair website has a lot of information about the concerts and events and even a page for Volunteer opportunities.

Please return the sign-up form as this will start the process. Your information will be reviewed, and you will be notified of your acceptance as a Volunteer Usher.

Volunteer Job description:

Main function is to direct concert goers to their seats.

  • Watch for concert goers having health concerns.
  • Watch for concert goers smoking or vaping in the Grandstand, partying too much or having issues with other concert goers.
    • Volunteers should be friendly but directive when needed.
    • Volunteers will ask for assistance if there is a problem with concert goers.
      • Usher Supervisor, Highway Patrol or any KSF staff
    • Volunteers are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages while ushering or wearing the usher’s vest. Doing so is reason for dismissal.
    • If an intermission is scheduled, the usher should return to their assigned station.
    • Each concert has some general admission seating. The Motor Sport events are entirely general admission.
  • If needed, the usher duties for these sections are to ensure that ADA customers have seats available to meet their needs.
  • Personal items or any Fair “goodies” you may have picked up can be left in the check-in building; however, this is not a secure location and KSF is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Ushers are required to wear a State Fair vest while ushering (available at check-in).Flashlights will also be available (or you may bring your own if you prefer).All vests and flashlights must be returned to the Ushers’ check-in location each evening.

Ushering assignments will be posted in the check-in building. Check-in times vary by event and are listed on the sign-up sheet.

General Ushering “how to”:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Sections and seat numbers.
  • Concert goers should sit in the seat listed on their ticket. Be firm but polite. Tickets continue to be sold even after the concert starts, so it is important to seat people correctly. It is also important that concert goers already seated retain their ticket stubs in case there is a problem.
  • FYI: Children 2 and under can sit on a parent’s lap. Older children needing a seat will need to purchase it.
    • You should discuss this with the attendee but may need to refer this to your supervisor.
  • Once the performance starts, you need to find a place to sit. If possible, try to remain in the same area you have been ushering.
  • If there is an intermission, you should return to your designated ushering location. Sometimes, this is a little “tricky” since people are mingling and chatting, but you need to be visible.
  • Do not leave until you are told it is okay. If you choose to remain and watch the show, you need to always keep your Usher vest on.

Volunteer benefits:

  • The main benefit is the ability to see a concert for free.
  • Free gate admission for yourself + one extra gate admission for a friend or relative for each event you usher. This does not include entrance into the concert/event.

If you have any questions, please call 620-663-3835

Usher Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

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